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Sweet Dreams Sale: Save up to 30%!
Sweet Dreams Sale: Save up to 30%!

How Our Mattresses Are Delivered

For our community here at BedInABox®, the mission is clear: deliver unrivaled comfort in a mattress, directly to your doorstep. A portrait of the consumer as a serene, snug, satisfied purchaser comes to mind. We take this vision of comfortable, affordable sleep for our customers to heart, and believe in it with conviction. BedInABox® is the only major US based E-commerce mattress brand with foam-pouring, mattress-assembly and customer service all under one roof! To call it anything less than pure, authentic, home-grown American business would be an understatement. But how do we continue delivering such satisfaction behind such an enduring legacy?

Bed In A Box Box Next to Mattress

Online mattress marketers have a way of pretending the products and processes of other companies are comparable to ours in caliber and quality. Marketers seldom spare a word about how we, the inventors, the original designers of the very concept of memory foam mattress compression technology and delivery, revolutionized the mattress industry for good. However, our business is so deeply rooted in original, American-made methodology, kept to the finest quality control and so truly tied to our Tennessean roots, that it continues to shine through.

We Were The First

It is part of the marketers’ convention to withhold that, long before companies like Casper and Tuft & Needle came along, BedInABox® invented the processes and machinery that make the concept of boxed mattress delivery possible in the first place. It was our very own Bill Bradley, CEO and founder of BedInABox®, who, through extensive knowledge of hydraulics and engineering, invented the machine that literally got the beds into the boxes, and took a risk on the opportunity to sell mattresses directly to customers via the Internet before all else.

Here, however, we take the liberty to defy that marketing convention by divulging how BedInABox® has been making and delivering amazing mattresses since 2006 using this methodology. We still makes them today using a very similar process, guaranteeing us the most time-tested compressed and rolled mattresses on the market to date.

 The following highlights some behind-the-scenes of the delivery process, as no legacy is so rich as honesty.

How We Fit a Mattress in a Box

In a world where you can subscribe to numerous services that deliver a wide variety of products right to your door, it was inevitable that mattress companies would do the same - enter BedInABox® mattresses - a phenomenon taking over the mattress industry. The mattresses are compressed, vacuum-sealed, packaged in a shipping box and delivered directly to your door through a common carrier. Until this phenomenon, you had to wait at home for movers to deliver your new mattress, a process that was expensive and time consuming for both the buyer and the mattress store. Mattress delivery through BedInABox® is significantly easier than transporting a non-compressed mattress in the back of a truck or - heaven forbid - tied to the top of your ‘12 Nissan.

BedInABox® delivery involves a series of creative ways to essentially stuff memory foam and hybrid mattresses into cartons to then ship directly to your front door. In layman’s terms: BedInABox® makes a traditional memory foam or hybrid mattress, which rolls down a conveyor belt and enters a plastic bagging machine. The mattress then advances to a press which compresses the entire thing down to squeeze out all of the air. The machine then folds the mattress in half and rolls it up tightly, and as it rolls it adds a layer of plastic to seal it further. The now packaged mattress is then dropped in a box and taped up at the end of the conveyor. Essentially, a 12 inch tall mattress is compressed to about 2 inches in height, which conveniently takes up less space on a shipping truck. Once packaged, mattresses generally have about a six-month shelf life, meaning they can only be rolled up for about six months before they no longer retain their original shape or height. Aside from the novel packaging process, a BedInABox® is virtually the same as a regular memory foam or hybrid mattress.

As referenced by customers in reviews, shipping itself is remarkably fast - generally within two days after ordering, mattresses are delivered directly to your doorstep. No need to be nervous about the box being troublesome to carry inside upon delivery; two people can bring it in without much of a struggle, despite it being a good size box. Your BedInABox® mattress decompresses completely within ten minutes after unboxing, rather than a couple nights, and the set-up is relatively easy. It only takes about four-five minutes to get it out of the packaging, it on the bed and let it expand. Another concern for delivery might be the potential smell: fortunately, according to customer reviews, the box has virtually no odor - customers can sleep the first night and have a quality, deep sleep. BedInABox® is the first, and still the best.

Don't spend countless days in mattress stores when you could use that time for more important things, like… sleep. Try out BedInABox® mattresses for 120 days, risk-free. If, after trying your mattress for 60 days, you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may simply call us for a RMA number (Return Merchandise Authorization number) and we will begin processing your mattress return - no “springs” attached!