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Spring Mattress Sale: Save up to 25%!
Spring Mattress Sale: Save up to 25%!

How Our Mattresses Are Delivered

For our community here at BedInABox®, the mission is clear: deliver unrivaled comfort directly to your doorstep. We take this vision of comfortable, affordable sleep for our customers to heart, and believe in it with conviction. BedInABox® is the only major U.S. based e-commerce mattress company with foam-pouring, mattress-assembly and customer service all under one roof! To call it anything less than authentic, home-grown American business would be an understatement. But how do we continue delivering such satisfaction behind such an enduring legacy?

While most online mattress marketers have a way of pretending the products and processes of their companies are comparable to ours in caliber and quality, they seldom spare a word about how BedInABox®, the inventors, the original designers of the very concept of memory foam mattress compression technology and delivery, revolutionized the mattress industry for good. However, our business is so deeply rooted in original, American-made methodology, and kept to the finest quality control, that it continues to shine through.

We Were The First

It is part of the online mattress marketers’ convention to withhold that, long before companies like Casper and Tuft & Needle came along, BedInABox® invented the processes and machinery that make the concept of boxed mattress delivery possible in the first place. Through extensive knowledge of hydraulics and engineering, Bill Bradley, CEO and founder of BedInABox®, invented the machine that compresses mattresses into boxes, and took the risk of selling mattresses directly to customers via the Internet before anyone else.

Here, however, we take the liberty to defy that marketing convention by divulging how BedInABox® has been making and delivering high-quality mattresses since 2006 using this methodology. We still make our memory foam mattresses using a very similar process, guaranteeing our sleepers the most time-tested compressed and rolled mattresses on the market to date.

Let's take a quick look behind the zzz's of the delivery process:

How We Fit a Mattress in a Box

In a world where subscription services for any number of products are endless, it was inevitable that mattress companies would find a way into this doorstep delivery market. Enter BedInABox® mattresses - a phenomenon taking over the mattress industry. BedInABox® mattresses are compressed, vacuum-sealed, packaged in a shipping box and delivered directly to your door through a common carrier. Until this development, the only way to deliver a mattress was to schedule and wait for in-home delivery, a process that was expensive and time consuming for both the buyer and the mattress store. Mattress delivery through BedInABox® is significantly easier than transporting a non-compressed mattress in the back of a truck or - heaven forbid - strapped to your car.

BedInABox® delivery involves a series of creative steps to essentially stuff memory foam and hybrid mattresses into cartons small enough to ship directly to your front door. In simpler terms: once a BedInABox® memory foam or hybrid mattress is built, it rolls down a conveyor belt into, what we call, a roll-packing machine. The mattress is sandwiched between packing material, then advances to a press which compresses the entire mattress so that it can be sealed into the packing plastic. The machine then folds the now “flat” mattress in half and rolls it up tightly, adding an additional layer of plastic while it’s being rolled to seal it even tighter. The now roll-packed mattress is then dropped into a box and taped up at the end of the conveyor. Essentially, a 12 inch tall mattress is compressed to about 2 inches in height, which conveniently takes up less space on a shipping truck. Once packaged, mattresses generally have about a six-month shelf life, meaning they can only be rolled up for about six months before they no longer retain their original shape or height. Aside from the novel packaging process, a BedInABox® mattress construction is similar to any traditional memory foam or hybrid mattress.

As mentioned in many customer reviews, shipping itself is quite fast. On average, your mattress will ship from our facility within two days after ordering, and will be delivered directly to your doorstep within another 2-5 days. No need to be nervous about the box being difficult to carry inside upon delivery, either; two people can bring it in without much, if any, struggle. Your BedInABox® mattress is easy to set-up and completely expands within minutes after unboxing, meaning it is ready to go to bed when you are. In total, it only takes about five minutes to get your new mattress out of the box and onto your bed. Another concern surrounding the concept of mattress delivery might be any potential smells or off-gassing: fortunately, according to customer reviews, the bed, the box and the packaging materials have virtually no odor, meaning you can sleep on your new mattress the first night after unboxing.

Delivering Better Sleep In Every Box | Video

Every BedInABox® mattress is 100% made in the USA with our customer’s needs in mind. We take special precautions in our production facility to keep your mattresses sanitized from start to finish. Our team is passionate about what they do and is proud to help deliver better sleep in every box.

Delivering a Mattress in a Box During and After COVID-19

As the world confronted the ongoing host of unimaginable challenges brought upon us by the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we at BedInABox® would like to highlight some of our considerations, preparations, and actions taken to directly protect you: our customers, our stores and our delivery teams - in effort to ensure your safety, health, and comfort moving forward.

BedInABox® has always given the utmost priority to the safety and well-being of our associates and guests. Therefore, in an appropriate fashion, we continue to monitoring the progression of the present circumstances and make decisions in compliance with the health and safety recommendations proposed by the CDC, WHO, local, state, and federal governments regarding the virus.

Our Steps to Slow the Spread

The measures we have put in place and continue to maintain are as follows: we have increased our push to cleanse, sanitize and decontaminate our manufacturing premises and shipment systems in order to support the safest atmosphere possible for our workers and customers. We have advised our associates to adhere to published protocol to diminish the spread of the virus, through practices of increased hand-washing, maintaining proper distances apart or vaccination. Our adept delivery shipment associates and service specialists have been directed to wear protective gloves (a practice we have always implemented to eliminate direct contact with your mattresses) and have been prepared in proper hygiene tactics to prevent the spread of germs.

The beauty of the BedInABox® concept is our contactless delivery service, through which we make shipments of our pristine mattresses directly to your door, untouched and untested by any other person. This convenient, affordable, innovative method clears the air of any doubt, worries, or concerns about the spread of any virus through in-store marketing purchases; as we know, no one wants to buy a mattress that someone has already tested, especially during a pandemic. Additionally, we have and will continue to adhere to the CDC’s understanding that transference of the coronavirus through our products is unlikely. For more information, you can visit the Center for Disease Control website.

During COVID-19, BedInABox® procured extra measures to maintain health and safety for our customers and employees while adapting to the CDC’s guidelines. As of March 2020, in the advent of the virus, the president of BedInABox’s parent company, NCFI, explained in a letter to the community workforce that certain newly implemented health protocols regarding sanitation, social distancing, and non-critical presences would be adjusted and monitored in a suitable manner to address the concerns of the pandemic. Luckily, the integrity and continuation of raw materials essential to foam and mattress production remained undisrupted, and NCFI continued to monitor the evolving situation and take the appropriate measures within their control to ensure, ‘continuity of supply to our customers and to maintain the health and wellness of all our associates’ (COVID19 CONTINUITY PLAN, Chip Holton).

We have always practiced safe and hygienic delivery practices, but more so now than ever, it is apparent how mattress delivery with BedInABox® has never been more expertly executed. Caution and integrity are our goals. We continue to take precautions to ensure the safety of our drivers and customers within their home space. Specifically, each of our mattresses is delivered in a sealed, plastic package; our delivery team cleans the trucks more frequently; workers are responsible for being proactive about minimizing contact when making a delivery; devices and materials are wiped down with alcohol; and, as always, there is thorough and meticulous cleaning of our centers for distribution.

During any time of intense anxiety and uncertainty, we at BedInABox® emphasize how essential high-quality sleep is to physical and mental health. We consider sleep to be the critical means for combatting any hardship and stressors during such times, and for supporting a healthy way of living. As supported by numerous health experts, our immune systems, brain functioning, moods, and memory are improved by high-quality sleep. Both psychologists and sleep experts agree that beds should be reserved for two activities only... meaning working-from-bed, laptops, briefcases, and artificial light should be avoided as much as possible.

Given the nature of this past year, now is the time to create the most comfortable and inviting bedroom space for a better sleep, with the most perfect mattress possible. Investing in a brand new mattress for home life health, cozier cat naps, and much-needed stress-relief with BedInABox® will ensure wide-ranging health benefits - so catch some Z’s and sleep tight!

Video Transcript

(00:00:07) My name is Wayne and I've been with BedInABox® for 14 years.
(00:00:11) My job is to produce the best mattresses in the market in a safe and sanitary environment.
(00:00:17) My name is Stephanie and I've been with BedInABox® for 6 years.
(00:00:22) I ensure that all of our mattresses meet our strict quality standards.
(00:00:31) All team members are fitted with gloves and masks to prevent direct contact with your mattress.
(00:00:36) Because we have a small crew, we are able to minimize human contact with our products before they go out the door.
(00:00:49) Every BedInABox® is proudly made in the USA.
(00:00:53) All of our proprietary foams are developed, tested and made in-house.
(00:00:58) I enjoy seeing the finished product going out and knowing that we are helping our customers in their daily lives.
(00:01:17) We want to deliver better sleep in every box.