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FLASH SALE: Use code UNBOX50 for an extra $50 off!
FLASH SALE: Use code UNBOX50 for an extra $50 off!

Mattresses Made in the USA

Mattresses Made in the USAYou probably know that BedInABox created the mail-order mattress-in-a-box model, allowing high-quality mattresses to be shipped risk-free right to your door, but did you know that BedInABox also stands alone in our approach to manufacturing and our philosophy of providing the highest-quality mattress money can buy?

Since the first mattress was boxed in 2006, BedInABox has remained true to our initial philosophy of keeping all aspects of mattress manufacturing within the contiguous United States. In 2018, we merged operationally with NCFI, making BedInABox the ONLY major US-based e-commerce mattress brand with foam pouring, mattress assembly, and customer service happening concurrently all under one roof. This means that our quality control is virtually unmatched – we can closely monitor the manufacturing of your mattress before shipping it to your door, ensuring that your mattress will be everything you have dreamed of and more. BedInABox is proud to control the entire manufacturing process of your mattress from start to finish, and our associates are always here to help you through your purchasing experience.Let us explain. Here at BedInABox, we are proud to report that ALL of our mattresses are fully manufactured in the United States of America, and they have been manufactured here since the inception of our company in the fall of 2004. That’s when a foam expert, a digital marketer, and a machine builder got together to discuss a solution to a problem they had encountered in the hunt for a new mattress: what if a queen-sized mattress could fit into a box that freight companies would accept, allowing mattresses to be a regular e-commerce item that could be shipped right to your door? After 18 months of research, experiment, and discovery in Johnson City, Tennessee, a new e-commerce industry was born from the imagination and leadership of Bill Bradley, the creator of the first machine that put a BedInABox… The rest was history.

Nearly all of our competitors do not manufacture their mail-order mattresses themselves, never even touching the mattresses that they deliver. Many of them totally outsource their manufacturing, reducing their involvement to receiving orders from hopeful customers and then ensuring that the ordered mattress is shipped from the manufacturing facility to the customer’s door. Oftentimes, these mattresses are manufactured outside of the United States of America to reduce cost for the company selling the mattresses. This inevitably means that quality is also compromised, as the company cannot oversee the process of manufacturing directly. If there was ever a blip or error in the manufacturing process, our competitors would theoretically not know this before their product shipped, leaving the discovery of those mistakes to the customer receiving the product. The return process is never clear cut or simple if the mattresses were made overseas, and days and numerous fees could be spent waiting for a replacement mattress to arrive. As you can see, a simple manufacturing error could become a huge hassle for the customer, making the purchase of a new mattress even more stressful than it can already be.

Here at BedInABox, we do not believe that is acceptable customer service. We know that our customers will rely on our mattresses for comfort and rest for years to come. The average person sleeps 8-hours a night. That means that in one year, you spend on average 2,290 hours in bed! Every BedInABox mattress has a 20-year warranty. During that warranty period, you could spend 58,400 hours on your mattress. We know that your mattress is the single piece of furniture in your home that will receive the most intimate and important use, as you will spend hours and years of your life resting or making memories on it. Because of this, we will never waver on mattress quality. We will always remain true to our philosophy of keeping our manufacturing process close to home, ensuring that those years are spent rested and comforted by your BedInABox mattress, always.

In addition to the reasons we have mentioned above, there are so many other reasons why we choose to keep manufacturing in the United States.

  • Manufacturing in the United States creates jobs for the middle-class, which keeps the economy strong. We are able to create jobs right here in our community.
  • Manufacturing locally allows us to keep the shipping costs of your new mattresses low, making BedInABox an economical choice to keep your wallet happy.
  • Cutting down on transit and delivery saves energy as well, making local manufacturing an eco-friendly option. You can feel good about the impact that your mattress has on the environment!
  • The United States has some of the highest standards for safety and quality control. Not only are you receiving a mattress of the highest quality, our valued employees are staying safe during the production process.

Don’t wait – choose BedInABox today and become part of our legacy as the best mattress-in-a-box on the market, delivered right to your door.