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Mattress Size Guide

Mattress Size Guide

Mattress Size & Dimensions Chart

Mattress Size Dimensions
Twin 38″ X 75″
Twin XL 38″ X 80″
Full 53″ X 75″
Queen 60″ X 80″
King 76″ X 80″
California King 72″ X 84″

Before you buy any standard size mattress in a box, there are a few things to consider, such as bedroom size and budget. Below, we outline the dimensions for six standard mattress sizes to help you determine which size suits you or your family’s needs. The general recommendation is that your bedroom offers 24-27 inches of walking space on both sides and at the foot of the bed.


Twin mattress dimensions: 38” x 75”

Twin size mattresses are the smallest on the market, being well suited for kids, bunk beds or extra sleeping space in guest rooms.

Room Size: The ideal room size for a twin mattress is 63-80 square feet. To fit a twin bed, a 7 x 9 ft room is recommended at a minimum. In order to fit a twin bed plus some furniture, a room that is 8 x 10 ft or larger is recommended.

Budget: A twin mattress is the most affordable mattress option on the market and is ideal for shoppers with a smaller budget. BedInABox® twin size mattresses start at just $529.

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Twin XL

Twin XL mattress dimensions: 38″ x 80″

Twin XL beds provide five inches of additional length for single sleepers who need that extra room. Twin XL mattresses are great for single sleepers who are taller or for college dorm room beds.

Room Size: A twin XL mattress is the same width as a twin mattress but has more length. Because it is slightly longer, a room that is 80 square feet (8 x 10 feet) is the minimum recommendation for a twin XL mattress. Twin XL mattresses also work well for rooms that are narrow but longer in size.

Budget: Twin XL mattresses are similar in price to twin mattresses. Our twin XL mattresses start at $649, which makes it a good size option for sleepers with a smaller budget.

Twin XL Mattress Shop Twin XL Mattresses


Full mattress dimensions: 53″ x 75″

Full size mattresses are great for a child’s first standard size bed - not too big, but still big enough for snuggles with mom or dad - or for your teenage child. The additional width of a full size makes it suitable for guest rooms, as well.

Room Size: The ideal room size for a full size mattress in a box is a minimum of 100 square feet (10 x 10 ft).

Budget: Full size mattresses are one of the most commonly purchased mattresses for growing kids or single adults and start at just $749.

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Queen mattress dimensions: 60″ x 80″

Queen size beds are six inches wider than full size, providing just enough breathing room between you and your partner. Queen size mattresses are the perfect size for couples or adults who simply like the extra space.

Room Size: Queen mattresses are the most popular mattress size on the market. Queen size mattresses fit best in bedrooms that are a minimum of 110-120 square feet. A larger space is ideal if you want to accommodate other bedroom furniture, as well.

Budget: The higher quality your mattress construction, the more expensive your queen size mattress will generally be. BedInABox® queen size mattresses start at just $849.

Queen Mattress Shop Queen Mattresses


King mattress dimensions: 76″ x 80″

King size mattresses are 16” wider than queen size beds, allowing enough room to not only share the bed comfortably with your partner, but also with your toddler and maybe even your pet!

Room Size: A king size mattress fits best in a spacious bedroom that is at least 144 square feet (12 x 12 ft).

Budget: Since king size mattresses are one of the largest mattress sizes, they do tend to require a larger budget. A king size mattress from BedInABox® starts at $949, one of the more affordable prices on the market.

King Mattress Shop King Mattresses

California King

California King mattress dimensions: 72″ x 84″

A california king mattress in a box is not quite as wide as a standard king bed, but measures at 84” long - the longest mattress on the market. California kings are ideal for taller adults, but can also benefit families who like to share the bed.

Room Size: A California king mattress is the largest mattress size on the market, and it requires a large bedroom. A room that is a minimum of 144 square feet is required (similar to a King), but if you plan to have furniture in the room, additional square footage is recommended.

Budget: Our California king size mattress starts at $949, just like our standard king. But if you are upgrading your mattress size, you may want to consider budgeting for bedding and other mattress accessories, as well.

California King Mattress Shop California King Mattresses

Which size is right for you?

When the time comes to bring home a new mattress from BedInABox®, we want you to rest easy knowing that you picked the best memory foam mattress for you. Before clicking checkout, make sure you have evaluated who your new mattress is for and how large the sleep space is for this new mattress in a box. Your budget can also help you choose what size mattress is best for you. We hope sleep comes even easier with free matttress delivery, a 120-night risk free sleep trial and a 20-year warranty with your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most popular mattress size?

With dimensions 60 inches wide by 80 inches long, the queen size mattress is the most popular mattress size on the market and is generally used in the master bedroom or primary bedroom. At 60 inches wide and 80 inches long, queen size beds measure six inches wider than full size beds to give you plenty of space to stretch out.

What mattress size is best for couples?

The mattress size that is best suited for couples who share the bed is the queen size. Queen size beds can comfortably accommodate you and your partner with room to spare. The next best mattress size for couples is the king mattress, which is large enough to provide ample room for couples who share the bed with children or pets.

What size bed is best for an individual?

Twin, twin XL, or full size mattresses are all great options for individuals.

Twin size mattresses are the smallest on the market, measuring 38 inches wide by 75 inches long, making them great for kids or for use in guest bedrooms. In comparison, twin XL mattresses have five inches of additional length, which is great for growing children or individual adults with limited bedroom space. The full size mattress is also a great mattress for growing children, and can also be a suitable mattress size for individual adults or for use in guest bedrooms.

Where do mattress size names come from?

During the early-to-mid 1900’s, mattress sizes were largely standardized, and the twin mattress was the most popular. Over time, mattresses became a sort of status symbol, and larger and more luxurious mattresses were developed and given the names of “queen” and “king” size. Now, the twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and California king mattress sizes are all standard in the US.

Are mattress sizes the same throughout the world?

No, mattress sizes are not standard globally. There may be similar mattress names and mattress dimensions across countries, but because different countries use different measuring systems and have different lifestyles, mattress sizes tend to vary. For example, a double mattress, or a full mattress, measures 54 inches wide by 75 inches long in the United Kingdom and the United States. In contrast, a double mattress measures 55 inches wide by 79 inches long in continental Europe.

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