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FLASH SALE: Use code FALLSLEEP35 for 35% Off Bundles
FLASH SALE: Use code FALLSLEEP35 for 35% Off Bundles

Adjustable Base Buying Guide

Adjustable Base Buying Guide

Looking to elevate your sleep setup? While your mattress is an important component to the quality of your sleep, the foundation or base you pair with your mattress is equally as important. So, how do you maximize the comfort and support your body needs with a mattress foundation? Pair your mattress with an adjustable bed frame. Adjustable bases allow you to customize the position of your mattress from top to bottom with just the click of a button. This buying guide will explore the many benefits of sleeping on an adjustable bed frame, in addition to everything you need to know before you choose one.

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How Does An Adjustable Base Work?

The BedInABox® MotionInABox™ Adjustable Beds will introduce a new level of technology and customization to your sleep experience. Both the MotionInABox™ 1.0 and MotionInABox™ 2.0 adjustable bases require a power supply for their motorized lift systems, which allow you to raise the head or foot of your bed to the desired angle. The lift systems respond to a wireless, Bluetooth-enabled remote that comes preprogrammed with several controls to elevate the head and foot of your mattress based on your sleep needs. The MotionInABox™ adjustable bases are available in a range of sizes and are compatible with all BedInABox® memory foam and hybrid mattresses, making either model a great base for any age or occasion.

What Features to Look for in an Adjustable Base

We know everyone has unique sleep needs, but at the minimum, every adjustable base should come with full head and foot mobility, along with a convenient way to control mobility, such as a wireless remote. At BedInABox®, we offer two unique adjustable bed frames:

MotionInABox™ 1.0

Our best introduction to adjustable sleep, the MotionInABox™ 1.0 is packed with customizable sleep perfection. A wireless Bluetooth remote controls your base, comes pre-programmed with the popular pressure relieving zero-gravity setting, which mimics the sensation of feeling weightless, and offers two additional presets for your favorite sleep settings.

MotionInABox™ 1.0 Product Image

MotionInABox™ 2.0

Our most elevated adjustable base option, the MotionInABox™ 2.0, offers full body adjustability with 3 programmable presets and a single massage setting for additional comfort. It also offers under bed lighting and a flashlight on the remote for ease of mobility during the night, in addition to two USB ports for convenient connectivity.

MotionInABox™ 2.0 Product Image

Reasons To Buy An Adjustable Bed

Adjustable bed frames are great for reading, sleeping, lounging - really any bedtime activity. Their ability to customize mattress positions to suit any individual’s comfort needs makes them beneficial for every end user. An adjustable base is especially useful in these three specific areas:


As we age, it is only natural that our bodies change. Adults approaching the age of 60 may find that their bone density is beginning to decrease, their joints are experiencing more pain, or their oxygen levels are lower, causing more discomfort in their everyday lives. With the help of an adjustable base, getting in and out of bed can become much easier. By elevating your head, you can open up your airways to help with breathing (even snoring) during sleep. Adjusting both your upper and lower body with your adjustable bed frame can also relieve pressure from your lower back, hips and shoulders throughout the entire night.

Pain Relief

By offering full mobility, adjustable bed frames can promote pain relief caused by a number of conditions. Chronic sciatic discomfort can be relieved by raising the head of your mattress to a 45 degree angle. In doing so, lower back compression is reduced, alleviating pressure on the sciatic nerve. Arthritis and other chronic discomfort can be relieved with similar use of the adjustable base. By adjusting your mattress to compliment the contour of your sleep position, you are taking pressure off of afflicted areas to promote more restorative sleep.

Do you happen to suffer from restless or swollen legs? Lying on a flat surface will do nothing but allow fluids to pool, causing increased swelling and inflammation, leading to even more discomfort. Experts suggest that elevating your legs to a 45 degree angle can decrease swelling and pain, allowing your lower body to relax throughout the entire night.


An adjustable base is as convenient as it is comfortable. Long gone are the nights where you struggle to find a comfortable sleeping position. No more re-stacking, reorganizing or fighting with pillows for extra support. With an adjustable base, the incline of your mattress will hold in your ideal position. Furthermore, if a health condition impedes your mobility in any way, the convenience of simply raising the head of your mattress to help lift you out of bed can change the quality of your life.

Adjustable Bases: The Benefits

While there are many reasons to buy an adjustable base, are they worth the investment? They can be costly compared to traditional bed frames, you may even need a new memory foam or hybrid mattress to make your sleep setup compatible. However, we tend to find more benefits from sleeping with an adjustable base than setbacks. Checkout a list of some benefits below:

  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Eased pain
  • Reduced insomnia
  • Mitigated breathing problems, such as sleep apnea and snoring
  • Decreased digestive issues, including acid reflux
  • Relief from swelling
  • Accessible for all ages and people with disabilities

We can confidently say all sleepers could benefit from an adjustable bed. The ability to control the position of your bed, whether you want to elevate a swollen ankle or just reduce some pressure on your back, offers a new level of flexibility for your sleep in order to achieve maximum comfort.

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Care & Maintenance of Your Adjustable Base

Our foundations and mattresses are built to last, but with the proper care and maintenance, you can maximize the number of healthier, more comfortable years you get with our MotionInABox™ Adjustable Bases. It is important to keep in mind that since your adjustable base is connected to a power source in order for the electric motor to function, it would benefit you to choose a source that can handle the power supply required to operate the base. Otherwise, you may risk blowing a fuse or surging a circuit.

While the base itself does not need much maintenance once set up, you should keep an eye on your mattress. While BedInABox® mattresses are not meant to be flipped, we do suggest rotating yours every few months to maintain even wear over time. Anytime something stains the mattress cover, we recommend spot cleaning the area with a nonabrasive cleaner, as well. A mattress protector can always be added to any mattress for an extra layer of safety.

Try a MotionInABox® Adjustable Base to Elevate Your Sleep

Whether you are looking for a better work-from-home setup, a more supportive way to watch TV from bed, or just higher quality sleep, an adjustable base may be the answer you have been looking for. We understand that everyone has different needs from their sleep setup, which is why we offer two different MotionInABox™ Adjustable Base options. If you have any additional questions about our MotionInABox™ bases, or which mattress will pair well with your new adjustable base, our Customer Service team is happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions about Adjustable Bases

What is an adjustable bed base?

What are the benefits of using an adjustable bed?

One of the many health benefits that often results from using an adjustable bed is pain management for discomfort that might otherwise disrupt sleep. People who experience acid reflux, insomnia, digestive issues, back pain, narcolepsy, migraines, post-nasal drip or sleep apnea often notice improved sleep quality when they pair their mattress in a box with an adjustable bed. An adjustable bed can even prevent mouth breathing and mild cases of snoring, both of which can shorten your breath and leave you feeling tired even after a full night’s sleep.

Are adjustable bases compatible with all types of mattresses?

Adjustable bases are most compatible with memory foam and hybrid mattresses thanks to their durable and flexible constructions. Most traditional innerspring mattresses are not compatible with adjustable bases due to their predominantly steel spring construction that does not adapt well to the mobility of an adjustable base. All six BedInABox® mattress models are compatible with our MotionInABox™ adjustable bases.

How do I operate an adjustable bed base?

Both of our MotionInABox™ Adjustable Bases are operated with a wireless remote control. Because each base system comes with an electric motor, we suggest placing your bed near a power source for easy setup. The wireless remotes are preprogrammed but also come with customizable presets to save your favorite sleep settings.