Father's Day Sale: Save up to 25% sitewide
Father's Day Sale: Save up to 25% sitewide
Father's Day Sale: Save up to 25% sitewide

Rules & Instructions

Refer a Friend

All BedInABox® customers can refer as many friends as you like and for each one that makes a mattress purchase of at least $500.00, you get a $100 PayPal Cash Deposit. Here is how it works:

  1. Visit www.bedinabox.com/friends
  2. Enter your email and your name.
  3. You will be given a code- cut and paste it into an email and send it to as many friends as you would like!
  4. You can create your own referral account and send referrals to friends anytime someone asks you for a mattress recommendation!
  5. Your friend makes a purchase of at least $500.00 and once their 120 night sleep trial has passed, you receive your Paypal credit!
  6. Referrals are not valid for immediate family members within the same household nor for an order to be delivered to the same address as the original purchaser or referrer. Referral award is only valid on the first purchase made by the referred party.

Social Media Giveaway

Current BedInABox® customers are eligible to receive a one-time gift card when they post an appropriate experience with their new BedInABox® on Social Media. Here is how it works:

  1. Your new BedInABox® mattress comes with a welcome packet, keep it until you are completely finished with this process.
  2. Mattresses are the only items that qualify for this giveaway. Accessories, pillows, topper etc. are not eligible.
  3. Video or photograph yourself opening or enjoying your new BedInABox® mattress.
  4. Post your photo or video on your favorite social media platform (not on your story, on your permanent page), tell the world how much you love your BedInABox®. You must tag @Bedinabox and add #bedinabox on your post to qualify.
  5. Send us your order number and a public link via the form below and you are set! Your gift card will be emailed to the same email address used for your mattress order!
  6. By accepting the gift card, you give us the right to use your post on all of our platforms.
  7. Only one gift card per Bed In A Box order that includes a mattress.