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FLASH SALE: Get an extra $50 off mattresses with code BOOM50!
FLASH SALE: Get an extra $50 off mattresses with code BOOM50!

BedInABox vs. Leesa

bedinabox vs leesa mattresses

Memory foam was first developed in the 1970s by NASA for spacecraft use. Now, thanks in part to BedInABox®, memory foam is one of the most popular materials used to construct mattresses that are sold online and delivered to your home in a convenient box. Over the last ten years, the online mattress industry has grown exponentially, every year bringing new competitors. Among them, we find Leesa, a company that shares our mission of offering mattresses in a box made 100% in the USA. Torn between which company to go with for your next bed? In this post, we compare how our mattresses differ from Leesa’s based on 5 key-elements.



In 2004, we began brainstorming how we could build a machine that compressed and packaged memory foam mattresses. By 2006, BedInABox® was in full operation, becoming the first company to sell mattresses that are compressed, rolled, packed into a small-scale box, and then delivered directly to your doorstep. On the other hand, Leesa was founded in 2015 – nine years after we pioneered the industry, which means they only have five years in the business. Because we were the first company to develop and sell affordable, luxurious mattresses in a box, we have more experience and a better understanding of the industry than our competitors, allowing us to deliver you and your family the best boxed mattress experience.


Number of Options

Our team has listened to and carefully read through all of our customer reviews, and has taken them into consideration when brainstorming how to improve our current products and develop new ones. Throughout our many years in the industry, one of the biggest takeaways has been that every sleeper has different needs. In order to accommodate these individual sleep preferences, we have developed a selection of six different mattresses. Our goal at BedInABox® is to make sure every customer finds their ideal bed, which explains why we offer six mattresses with varying heights and levels of firmness. Leesa, on the other hand, only offers four different mattress models on their website. That being said, both companies do provide a great selection when shopping for the whole family, by offering mattresses in six different mattress sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King.



At BedInABox®, we promise that your mattress will be comfortable and will have a lifetime of at least eight years - if not longer. We even stand behind the quality of our mattresses with a 20-year warranty. Based on customer reviews found on our website and on other review sites, BedInABox® sleepers can go to bed confident that their mattress will maintain its quality, firmness, and shape for at least the eight years promised. According to internet reviews, Leesa is a competitive brand when it comes to product durability. Customers find that Leesa mattresses also seem to maintain their quality for up to eight years, which is a great lifetime average in comparison to other brands in the market.



Ranging from $509 for a twin size bed to $2,124 for a California King, our competitor’s products are priced slightly higher than ours. In comparison, our beds start from $449 for a Twin to $2,039.15 for a California King. Not only are our mattresses less expensive, but we also offer regular discounts! You can save 10%, 15%, and even 20% on your purchase depending on when you visit our site.  However, BedInABox® and Leesa do have two things in common! Shipping and delivery are free when purchasing mattresses from both companies. You can also purchase your mattress from either company and pay in monthly installments with Affirm! Buying a new, quality mattress shouldn’t break the bank and better sleep isn’t something you should have to wait for. At BedInABox, we are committed to making your purchase as easy and affordable as we can.


Trial Period and Warranty

Our company is 100% confident that you’ll love our mattresses, which is why we offer one of the most generous trial periods - 120 nights, risk-free. Similarly, we offer a 20-year warranty with each mattress purchase. In contrast, Leesa offers a 100 night sleep trial period and only 10 years of limited warranty coverage. At BedInABox®, we are committed to delivering a high-quality mattress that will fit your specific needs and help you get a better night’s sleep, and that can only happen by allowing every shopper to test out his or her mattress and make sure it sleeps how they need it to.

Still trying to choose between these two brands? Look at it this way: while both BedInABox® and Leesa offer great mattresses, our product is the better overall choice. BedInABox® guarantees a larger variety of mattress options along with a longer trial period and extended warranty coverage to reassure our sleeper’s that we’re delivering the product their bodies need. What are you waiting for? Choose BedInABox® today and join our legacy as the best mattress in a box on the market, delivered right to your door.