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FLASH SALE: Get an extra $50 off mattresses with code BOOM50!
FLASH SALE: Get an extra $50 off mattresses with code BOOM50!

BedInABox vs. Nectar

Bedinabox compared to Nectar mattress

Finding the right mattress is not an easy task. Thankfully, shopping around in a mattress store no longer needs to be part of that process. Not only can you buy your mattress in a box online, but you can also find thousands of testimonies and reviews on the internet to ensure you buy the perfect bed. If you have ever considered buying a new mattress online, you’ve probably discovered many different brands - including BedInABox® and Nectar. These companies are two of the most popular brands in a very competitive market of online mattress retailers, and for good reason. Not sure which brand you should go with? This blog post will dive into the differences and similarities between our products and Nectar’s mattresses, and will highlight the key points shoppers should consider before buying a new bed.



BedInABox is the first company to sell mattresses that have been compressed, rolled, packaged into a small-scale box, and delivered to your doorstep. We began brainstorming how to build a machine that could compress and package a memory foam mattress in 2004. By 2006, BedInABox was in full operation.  Because we were the first ones to create and sell affordable and luxurious mattresses in a box, we have more years of experience than our competitors. Nectar, for example, was founded in 2016 - that’s only 4 years in business and 10 years after we launched the industry.



Back sleepers have given strong reviews to both BedInABox and Nectar mattresses, commenting on how supportive they feel during rest. However, if you are looking for a firm mattress, think twice about purchasing from Nectar. Users agree that, over time, this competitor’s product feels like it is slowly but surely sinking. This sinking feeling is largely due to the construction of Nectar mattresses, which features a 1 inch top layer made entirely out of their memory foam as compared to BedInABox’s 3 inch top layer. This lack of firm support can also affect how comfortable side and stomach sleepers feel throughout the night. People who consider themselves to be combination sleepers (you alternate between back, side, and stomach sleeping), should consider a hybrid mattress – made of memory foam and springs - like our BedInABox Dual Hybrid™ option.


Motion Transfer

Both of these brands are top considerations when it comes to eliminating motion transfer. According to internet reviews and customer testimonies, both BedInABox® and Nectar are great at isolating motion thanks to their memory foam layers. If you’re looking for a way to avoid waking your partner up when you toss and turn, investing in either of these two brands is the way to go. 


Number of Options

The BedInABox team has listened to and carefully read through all of our reviews, and has taken them into consideration when brainstorming how to improve and develop even better products. We acknowledge that every sleeper has diverse needs, so we have developed a selection of six different mattresses in order to accommodate these individual sleep preferences. Our goal as a company is to provide a better sleeping solution for every customer,  which is why we offer six mattresses with varying heights and levels of firmness. By comparison, Nectar only offers two different mattress models on their website. That being said, both companies do extend a broad selection of mattresses for the whole family by offering their products in six different mattress sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King.



You’ve probably heard (or read) that we are incredibly proud of the fact that all of our beds are 100% made in the USA. If our #1 priority is that you sleep in a luxurious and affordable bed of the highest quality, then our second priority is supporting our country’s economy by generating work here. In fact, this has been a distinguishing characteristic for BedInABox since our conception. A lot of competitors in the e-commerce mattress industry can not make the same claim. Nectar, for example, manufactures their product in a diversified pool, sourcing from places such as Malaysia, Vietnam, China, and Mexico, among others.

 mattress made in the USA

BedInABox has been in the mattress in a box business longer than anyone else because we created it! We have significantly more experience than anyone in the market, which has allowed us to truly learn what our customers want and need from their mattress. We offer a larger variety of mattress models than most of our competitors- making sure our sleepers can choose the size, firmness, and support that their bodies need.  We guarantee that our products are 100% made in the USA and 100% built under our supervision, so that we can always deliver your most comfortable sleep, too. At least one-third of your life is spent sleeping, so rest assured that you are sleeping on the best mattress for you. Check out our options, talk to one of our sleep specialists, and invest in better sleep with BedInABox today!