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FLASH SALE: Use code UNBOX50 for an extra $50 off!
FLASH SALE: Use code UNBOX50 for an extra $50 off!

Delivering a Mattress in a Box During Covid-19

As the world confronts the ongoing host of unimaginable challenges brought upon us by the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we at BedInABoxⓇ would like to highlight some of our considerations, preparations, and actions taken to directly protect you: our customers, our stores and our delivery teams - in effort to ensure your safety, health, and comfort in these unprecedented times. 

BedInABoxⓇ has always given the utmost priority to the safety and well-being of our associates and guests. Therefore, in an appropriate fashion, we have been monitoring the progression of the present circumstances and making decisions in compliance with the health and safety recommendations proposed by the CDC, WHO, local, state, and federal governments regarding the virus. 

 couple on bed in a box mattress delivery

Our Steps to Slow the Spread

Specifically, the new steps we are taking to address COVID-19 are as follows: we have increased our push to cleanse, sanitize and decontaminate our manufacturing premises and shipment systems in order to support the safest atmosphere possible for our workers and customers. We have advised our associates to adhere to published protocol to diminish the spread of the virus, through practices of increased hand-washing and maintaining proper distances apart. Our adept delivery shipment associates and service specialists have been directed to wear protective gloves and have been prepared in proper hygiene tactics to prevent the spread of germs. If any associate does not feel well, we recommend that they remain home until having been tested negatively for COVID-19. 

The beauty of the BedInABoxⓇ concept is our contactless delivery service, through which we make shipments of pristine mattresses directly to your door, untouched and untested by any other person. This convenient, affordable, innovative method clears the air of any doubt, worries, or concerns about the spread of the virus through in-store marketing purchases; as we know, no one wants to buy a mattress that someone has already tested, especially during a pandemic. Additionally, we have continued to adhere to the CDC’s understanding that transference of the Coronavirus through our products is unlikely. For more information, you can visit the Center for Disease Control website. 

During COVID-19, BedInABoxⓇ has procured extra measures to maintain health and safety for our customers and employees while adapting to the CDC’s guidelines. As of March, in the advent of the virus, the president of BedInABox’s foam manufacturing company, NCFI, explained in a letter to the community workforce that certain newly implemented health protocols regarding sanitation, social distancing, and non-critical presences would be adjusted and monitored in a suitable manner to address the current concerns of the pandemic. Luckily, the integrity and continuation of raw materials essential to foam and mattress production remained undisrupted, and NCFI divulged that they would continue to monitor the evolving situation and take the appropriate measures within their control to ensure, ‘continuity of supply to our customers and to maintain the health and wellness of all our associates’ (COVID19 CONTINUITY PLAN, Chip Holton).

We have always practiced safe and hygienic delivery practices, but more so now than ever, it is apparent how mattress delivery with BedInABoxⓇ has never been more expertly executed. Caution and integrity are our goals. We have taken further precautions to ensure the safety of our drivers and customers within their home space. Specifically, each of our mattresses is delivered in a sealed, plastic bag; our delivery team cleans the trucks more frequently; workers are responsible for being proactive about using gloves when making a delivery; devices and materials are wiped down with alcohol; and, as always, there is thorough and meticulous cleaning of our centers for distribution. 

During these times of intense anxiety and uncertainty, we at BedInABoxⓇ emphasize how essential high-quality sleep is to physical and mental health. We consider sleep to be the critical means for combatting any hardship and stressors during such times, and for supporting a healthy way of living. As supported by numerous health experts, our immune systems, brain functioning, moods, and memory are improved by high-quality sleep. Both psychologists and sleep experts agree that beds should be reserved for two activities only... meaning working-from-bed, laptops, briefcases, and artificial light should be avoided as much as possible. 

Not to mention, the virus-related changes from our daily life concerning social distancing, school and workplace closures, quarantines, and increased time spent working from home have offered us the opportunity to examine our home spaces a bit more intimately. Perhaps, this has inspired a redecorating splurge or a creative outflow of interior design, especially in our bedrooms, where comfort and ease is increasingly needed. Given the nature of these stressful circumstances, now is the time to create the most comfortable and inviting bedroom space for a better sleep, with the most perfect mattress possible. Investing in a brand new mattress for home life health, cozier cat naps, and much-needed stress-relief with BedInABoxⓇ will ensure wide-ranging health benefits - so catch some Z’s and sleep tight! 

Prioritizing Health

As you can see, BedInABoxⓇ prioritizes the health and wellness of our customers and employees - maintaining their wellbeing is our greatest concern. From day one, whether faced with simple or challenging times, we will continue to do everything in our power to provide you with the superior mattress-purchasing experience you deserve. As we continue to monitor the status of the virus, we will keep our website updated with the most current information or measures taken to maintain the safety of our products, customers, and personnel. You, as our customer and most central priority, deserve the safest and healthiest possible experience finding a mattress that meets your every need, and that is something we will continue to provide. Our online services are available 24/7 and our excellent Customer Support team is reachable by phone Monday – Friday to answer any questions you may have about our products or our sanitation procedures. We thank you for your loyalty to BedInABoxⓇ.