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The Benefits of Each Adjustable Position

10 Health Benefits of Adjustable Beds

Adjustable base beds allow you to customize your sleep position to give you the most personalized sleep experience possible. BedInABox® offers two MotionInABox™ Adjustable Beds (MotionInABox™ 1.0 and MotionInABox™ 2.0) which you can pair with any of our mattresses to build your best sleep. Most adjustable base beds come with various presets to make adjusting your position effortless. Below we will discuss different positions of adjustable bases and their benefits.

Head Lift

The head lift feature on adjustable bases allows you to lift or lower the head section of your bed. Sleeping with your head elevated opens up your airways which will not only help you breathe better but will improve breathing related sleep issues such as snoring, sleep apnea, and some cases of insomnia.

Foot Lift

The foot lift feature on adjustable bases allows you to lift and lower the foot section of your bed. Elevating your feet while you sleep can improve blood circulation in the body and can help decrease swelling in the legs and feet.


The sync feature on adjustable bases allow you to lift or lower both the head and foot sections of the bed simultaneously. You may find benefits in sleeping with both your head and feet in elevated positions.


The flat feature on adjustable bases allows you to easily flatten the bed back into a standard mattress from whatever adjustment you had it on.

Head Massage

Many adjustable base beds include a massage feature, including the MotionInABox™ 2.0. The head massage preset allows you to activate the head massage setting on your adjustable bed for extra soothing sleep.

Foot Massage

In addition to a head massage feature, the MotionInABox™ 2.0 has a foot massage preset. Activate the foot massage zone in addition to the head massage zone to experience the full 2-zone massage feature.


Both massage features are programmable with a timer button. The timer allows you to set the massage feature for 10, 20, or 30 minute massage intervals. Pressing the timer button a fourth time will turn off massage.

Memory Presets

With your adjustable bed, you will find that certain sleep positions are preferable for your sleep needs. The MotionInABox 1.0 remote allows for two memory presets and the MotionInABox 2.0 allows for three. The memory preset buttons can be programmed with preferred sleep positions so that you can easily achieve your optimal sleep settings without having to adjust the head and foot zones perfectly night after night.

Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity (sometimes labeled as ZG or Zero-G) is a popular adjustable base preset that will adjust your legs to a higher level than your heart. The zero gravity setting helps relieve pressure from your lower back and improves blood circulation for optimal comfort.

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