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How We Fit a Mattress in a Box

Ways to Make Over-the-Road Driving More Comfortable

With so many mattress options on the market, it can be a nightmare trying to pick the right one. Fortunately, the introduction of bed in a box mattresses has made choosing a mattress just as easy and stress free as getting a good night’s sleep. This blog will dive into the history and industry of bed in a box mattresses to help you decide if a mattress in a box is right for you.

The Evolution of the Bed in a Box Industry

BedInABox® started the mattress in a box industry when we launched our first boxed mattress in 2006. The mattress industry (and the bed in a box mattress industry particularly) has grown exponentially since then. Competition continues to grow each year which means that consumers not only have more options available to them, but also more mattresses to sort through to find the perfect one. Mattress in a box brands need to stay innovative and exciting to keep their customers engaged. BedInABox® continues to grow and innovate, bringing new products to market year after year. We are excited to watch this industry grow and keep delivering our customers their best sleep.

How Does a Mattress Fit in a Box

All of our BedInABox® mattresses are made of memory foam, which makes them easier to pack and ship than traditional spring mattresses. With packaging a mattresses in a box, the first step is generally to cover the mattress in plastic sheathing, which keeps it protected. Automated compression technology is then used to compress and fold the mattresses into a small enough size that they can easily be shipped in a box and delivered to your home.

Once your BedInABox® mattress has arrived at your home, it is just as simple to unbox and set up. The memory foam of the BedInABox® mattresses expands to its original shape and size once it is unboxed and is ready to go to sleep when you are.

Benefits of a BedInABox® Mattress

The traditional way of shopping for a mattress can be a hassle. It should be just as easy to buy a mattress online and have it shipped to your door as it is to buy a new pair of shoes. Traditional mattress buying includes finding a way to transport a large mattress, spending hours in a showroom with sales people, and paying a ton of money for no added convenience. The mattress in the box industry has changed that. You can buy your new mattress online from the comfort of your home, have it shipped directly to your door, and save money doing it.

Environmental Impact of Mattresses

Mattress construction, transportation, and disposal all result in a negative impact on the environment. By maintaining hands-on involvement in all of our manufacturing and distribution, we are able to constantly evaluate our environmental impact and be conscious about our materials, our mattress production, and the disposal of our mattresses.

Bed in a Box Mattress Trial Periods and Warranties

At BedInABox®, we are committed to helping you get a better night’s sleep. We feel that one of the best ways to help you sleep easier is to take some of the commitment out of the mattress buying process. Most brands in the mattress in a box space offer their customers sleep trials and warranties, but BedInABox® has one of the best in the industry. We offer our customers a 120-night trial period and a 20-year warranty on your mattress.

Choosing the Right BedInABox® Mattress for You

Invest in your well-being by picking a mattress that’s right for you! At BedInABox® we have several different mattresses available in a variety of sizes so that you can find the right fit for your sleep needs. Do you sleep hot? Try our Azul® mattress. Do you like a firmer mattress with plenty of support? Check out our Tranquillium® mattress. You can rest easy knowing that all of our mattress are made 100% in the United States and are CertiPUR-US® certified. If you are not sure which mattress size is best for your room, take a look at our Mattress Size Guide.

Still not sure what mattress is right for you? Read through our reviews to see what mattresses our customers love. If you still need some guidance, reach out to our team! Our mattress experts will help find the right BedInABox® for you and your space. Stop wasting your time and money buying a mattress the old-fashioned way and buy a mattress in a box with BedInABox® today!

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