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10 Health Benefits of Using an Adjustable Bed Frame

Woman on Adjustable Bed

Adjustable bed frames are designed to elevate the quality of your sleep and have been widely praised for their sleep benefits. In fact, you don’t need to be experiencing discomfort or sleep disruptions to benefit from an adjustable bed. An adjustable bed with a motorized base can be adjusted into a number of custom sleep positions to fit your body perfectly to meet the needs of all types of sleepers. Not only can adjustable foundations improve your overall level of comfort, they can also benefit your health. Let’s take a look under the covers to learn more about the numerous benefits of adjustable beds.

1. Ease Back Pain

Many sleepers experience back pain because of improper spinal support while they sleep. This can lead to pressure on the sciatic nerve which results in noticeable back pain. An adjustable bed can help ease back pain by allowing your mattress to adjust at both the head and foot to better match your body’s natural contouring. Adjusting your bed frame for optimal spinal alignment will help alleviate any pressure on your sciatic nerve. Many adjustable bed frames, such as our MotionInABox™ Adjustable base, come pre-programmed with a zero-gravity position that is designed to eliminate any unnecessary pressure on your body.

2. Helps Insomnia

Are you an insomniac? Then you know how challenging it may be to find the perfect sleep position. While an adjustable bed frame is not exactly a cure all, it does offer a number of various sleep positions that can improve insomnia caused by anxiety, restlessness or discomfort. Finding the perfect sleep position can be the difference in falling asleep and staying asleep versus a night of endless tossing and turning.

3. Alleviates Breathing Problems

An adjustable bed frame can help alleviate snoring, sleep apnea, and asthma, all three of which are issues induced by lying flat on your back. Snoring occurs when the neck blocks the windpipe, but can be relieved by elevating the head of your adjustable base. Our MotionInABox™ adjustable foundation comes programmed with an anti-snore position that elevates just your head to relieve your windpipe of any extra weight that would cause snoring. Sleep apnea, however, is prompted by obstructions blocking airflow through your nasal passages. This can cause pauses or interruptions in your breathing while you sleep. Lying flat can also enable post-nasal drip, which can even lead to asthma flare-ups. Sleeping at a more upright position with the help of an adjustable base will open your airway and prevent both breathing obstructions and the tickling sensation of post-nasal drip.

4. Lessen Acide Reflux

Acid reflux is an intense burning that can occur in your chest and often worsens when you sleep in a flat position. Lying on a flat mattress can allow stomach acids to travel back up the esophagus, causing discomfort that may disrupt your sleep. By inclining your head 6-8 inches, you should be able to keep that acid in your stomach and improve both sleep and digestion.

5. Improve Digestion

While you sleep, your body is digesting and processing foods. Sleeping on a flat mattress can actually disrupt the body’s ability to digest. By pairing your mattress with an adjustable bed, you elevate the head of your bed the recommended 6 to 8 inches to achieve healthier digestion.

6. Enhance Circulation Throughout the Body

Adjusting your sleep position can help relieve pressure and promote relaxation throughout your entire body, which can be extremely beneficial for the circulatory system. By customizing the elevation of your head or feet while you sleep, you are reducing pressure, which allows blood to flow through your body to circulate and drain fluids that might otherwise pool. Keeping your circulatory system functioning optimally will help the quality of your sleep night after night.

7. Helps With Swelling

The pooling fluids in the body, or fluid retention, from sleeping flat can actually lead to the swelling and inflammation of certain limbs. The accumulation of fluid between the cells and soft tissues is called Edema, which is a condition that can lead to serious health concerns. Many doctors recommend that patients with Edema sleep in a position where their legs are elevated above the level of their hearts to relieve excess swelling. An adjustable bed makes consistent foot elevation through the night easier to achieve.

8. Relieves Pain in the Body

Anyone who suffers from stiff or achy joints or chronic pain or arthritis can find relief with an adjustable bed. By positioning the bed in a way that pressure is taken off of any achy areas, your discomfort can be alleviated throughout the night. There are also ways to adjust your mattress to make it easier to get in and out of bed.

9. Accessibility & Independence

People with mobility problems, such as the elderly, disabled, expectant mothers, may struggle to get out of bed or need to stay in bed for extended lengths of time for the sake of their health. An adjustable bed is the perfect bedroom accessory to help sleepers with mobility restrictions achieve more independence by adjusting the bed in a way in which they can get in or out on their own. For those who are restricted to a bed, an adjustable base can allow these individuals to write, eat, and complete other daily tasks while maintaining proper back and neck support.

10. Enhance Sleep & Lifestyle

All in all, an adjustable bed frame allows for healthier positioning and promotes an enhanced lifestyle in bed. You can play with your adjustable bed’s settings until you find the most comfortable sleeping position, eliminating the need to stack or shift pillows throughout the night. Everyone requires different needs from their mattress, and pairing yours with an adjustable base can customize your sleep setup to meet your unique sleep and lifestyle needs.

Try MotionInABox™ for Improved Sleep

Whether you are looking to relieve nighttime discomfort or watch TV more comfortably from bed, an adjustable bed can be elevated to nearly any position to maximize your level of comfort. At BedInABox®, our Bluetooth®-enabled MotionInABox™ adjustable foundation is exactly what you need to take your sleep to the next level. You can effortlessly personalize your sleep position for any occasion with an easy-to-use large-button Bluetooth® remote. Not only do you have full head and foot mobility, but you can program your two favorite settings as presets. Available in a range of sizes and compatible with all BedInABox® mattresses, your MotionInABox™ Adjustable Base will elevate your entire bedtime experience. If you have any further questions about the MotionInABox™, please feel free to reach out to our Customer Service team who is always happy to assist!

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