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FLASH SALE: Use code UNBOX50 for an extra $50 off!
FLASH SALE: Use code UNBOX50 for an extra $50 off!
FLASH SALE: Use code UNBOX50 for an extra $50 off!

Which Mattress Size is Right for You?

Download our Mattress Size Chart so you can be sure the mattress you buy will be the perfect fit for your space.

Buying a new mattress, whether it is your first time or your fifth, is a big decision that is often accompanied by other major milestones in life’s journey. Are you or a loved one starting college and need a mattress to fit into a dorm room? Did you just close on a house and need a new mattress to complement your new space? Are your children transitioning out of their smaller beds and are ready to upgrade to something larger? Or are you simply tired of tossing and turning on your old mattress and need to experience something different? Look no further! BedInABox’s mattresses, coming in six different sizes and always made right here in the U.S.A., will deliver quality sleep right to your door, making this critical life decision easier than it has ever been.

Here at BedInABox, we know that while finding the perfect match is exciting, it can also be stressful or overwhelming. As such, we want to eliminate any risk that you feel may be associated with purchasing your new mattress. After your new BedInABox mattress is delivered to your door, within 2-5 days of purchase in the contiguous United States, we want to give you a full 60 days to try it out, totally risk-free. We think you will love it, and you can sleep well knowing that all of our mattresses have a 20-year warranty. After the 60th day, if you are still not completely satisfied with your new mattress, you can call us to let us know. You will receive a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number, and the team at BedInABox will begin processing your mattress return. Please take the full 60 days to get used to your new mattress, and if you are not satisfied, we will issue RMA numbers from the 60th day to the 120th day. We will never charge customers returning their mattresses a restocking fee or a reshipping fee.

 The Perfect Size Bed In a Box

Twin Mattress Size

Dimensions: 38 x 75

Shipping Weight: 53 lbs

Are you looking for a mattress to put in a guest room or child’s bedroom? Sleeping solo and don’t need much room? Trying to fit a mattress in a small space? BedInABox’s Twin Mattress may be the match for you! Our breathable soft-knit cover will mean sweet dreams for even the smallest sleepers.


Twin XL Mattress Size

Dimensions: 38 x 80

Shipping Weight: 60 lbs

A taller individual looking to fit a high-quality mattress into a small space will find comfort in BedInABox’s Twin XL Mattress. The go-to mattress size of most university dorms, the Twin XL Mattress provides ample, extended comfort without occupying precious real estate in your bedroom.


Full Mattress Size

Dimensions: 54 x 75

Shipping Weight: 74 lbs

Are you a solo sleeper that likes to stretch out or roll around at night? Do you have a small pet that likes to curl up with you at night? BedInABox’s Full Mattress Size is ideal for you, providing more sleeping space than a Twin without spending King Size coin. Are you shopping for two? Consider a Queen or King instead!


Queen Mattress Size

Dimensions: 60 x 80

Shipping Weight: 88 lbs

Close sleepers rejoice! If you and your partner want to save on bedroom space and like to sleep close by, BedInABox®’s Queen Mattress Size is a great fit for you and your bedroom.


King Mattress Size

Dimensions: 76 x 80

Shipping Weight: 110 lbs

Sleep like a king on a BedInABoxKing-Sized Mattress. The award-winning King Mattress Size, made in the U.S.A., provides tons of space for you and your partner to sprawl out at night to maximize rest and comfort.


California King Mattress Size

Dimensions: 72 x 84

Shipping Weight: 110lbs

Are you interested in a King but worried it may not be long enough for you? Taller individuals love our California King Mattress, delivered right to their door. This mattress is great for couples who need space at night, or couples who co-sleep with a larger pet.

Mattresses do come in sizes larger than this. Sometimes coming in custom sizes with custom frames as well. For more information on buying a giant-sized mattress click here. 

Don’t forget to measure your space and compare those measurements to our mattress size chart to make sure you are receiving the best mattress size for your space!

In the fall of 2004, a foam expert, a digital marketer and a machine builder with a wild idea got together in Johnson City, Tennessee to discuss the concept of putting a queen size mattress into a box that the freight companies would accept. Eighteen months later an industry was born from the imagination and leadership of Bill Bradley, the creator of that first machine used to put a BedInABox! Yep… Johnson City, Tennessee, made in the USA from day one!