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What is the Difference Between a Twin & a Full Size Mattress?

Full Twin Size Comparison Chart

If you are deciding between a twin size mattress and a full size mattress for your next mattress in a box upgrade, it is important to understand that the most notable difference between the two sizes is their width. Although a twin size and a full size mattress are the same length, a full size bed measures around 15-16 inches wider than a twin bed. A BedInABox® standard twin mattress measures 38 inches wide by 75 inches long and a BedInABox® full mattress measures at 53-54 inches wide by 75 inches long. It is this contrast in width that gives these two mattresses almost completely different practical uses. Keep reading to learn more about each mattress size and how to determine which size meets your sleep needs.

Twin Size Mattress

Twin beds have been popular since at least the early 20th century. At one point, they were actually the staple of American households. Twin size beds were even showcased in the media, appearing as the standard mattress in many popular television shows, such as I Love Lucy. What made twin beds so popular - and still does - is how compact they are in size and their affordability. A standard twin mattress is the smallest mattress size on the market. It measures 38 inches wide by 75 inches long, making it a great option for small bedrooms or children’s rooms. Many parents purchase a twin size bed as a starter mattress for their growing children, or for use in bunk beds when children share a sleep space. The price of a twin mattress will vary depending on the type of mattress and the quality of materials used in your mattress, but at BedInABox® our all-foam twin mattresses start at $529.

While the amount of sleeping space a twin mattress provides may be perfect for some, it may not work for others. Once children reach their teenage years, they may outgrow a twin mattress pretty quickly, making the full size mattress a promising upgrade.

Full Size Mattress

A full size mattress, sometimes referred to as a double bed, makes up for what a twin bed lacks in size with 15 additional inches of width. Full beds may not be as popular as the traditional twin, but that does not change the fact they are still a great option. As previously mentioned, a standard full measures 53 inches wide by 75 inches long, making it a great upgrade for growing children or a perfect starter mattress for a single adult. There is generally a bit more versatility with full size mattresses- some bunk beds even call for the use of a full size on the bottom bunk. However, with the larger size comes a slightly larger price tag. BedInABox® offers five different mattress models in the full size option, starting at $749. While the price difference between a twin size and a full size is not astronomical, it is worth noting if your mattress upgrade must stay within a certain budget!

Pairing Your Mattress With An Adjustable Base

MotionInABox™ 1.0

The MotionInABox™ 1.0 adjustable base bed is a great way to customize and enhance your sleep each night. The MotionInABox™ 1.0 is available in many sizes and is compatible with all BedInABox® mattresses. This base can accommodate a Full mattress, but not a Twin mattress.

If you are interested in this base and are deciding between a Twin or a Full, the Full may be the way to go.

MotionInABox™ 2.0

The MotionInABox™ 2.0 is another fantastic customizable adjustable base bed. This base is unfortunately not available in either the Full or the twin size, so if you have either of those mattresses, the MotionInABox™ 1.0 is a better option. This base is available in twin XL, Queen, and Split King sizing.

Read Our Adjustable Base Buying Guide

Both Great Options

While both twin and full size mattresses have their pros and cons, your choice of mattress size comes down to your own needs and preferences. It’s not that one mattress size is better than the other, rather it is which size mattress is better for you? As you consider upgrading to a twin or a full size mattress in a box, simply keep in mind the size of your sleep space, who may be sleeping on the bed, and how your new mattress will accommodate your sleep needs.

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