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FLASH SALE: Use code UNBOX50 for an extra $50 off!
FLASH SALE: Use code UNBOX50 for an extra $50 off!

The Best Mattress Topper for Post COVID-19 Life at Universities

The surreal complexities of the COVID-19 pandemic have had disorienting, earth-shattering effects on the entire world, leaving us all left to navigate uncharted waters, while wholly uncertain about the state we are in. Medical professionals and first-responders concentrate on saving patients and scientists actively investigate vaccine options and antiviral medications, as the rest of us try to figure out how to avoid risk while maintaining some element of normalcy - including us here at BedInABox®. 

Uncertain Times

As we continue to endure these completely unprecedented times, it is important to remain mindful of our health and wellness. As sleep specialists in the mattress industry, we at BedInABox® are thoughtful about how sleep has never, ever been more critical. Good sleep, in particular. A good night’s sleep is essential to our survival -- our circadian rhythms, mental health and dreams all depend upon it for its restorative, problem-solving and sanative nature. This is all especially true during the pandemic, our current global state that has the hallucinatory quality of a dream.

Despite uncertainties about the future and life as we know it, many university campuses are reopening and nearly 40% of colleges are welcoming their students back to campus this fall for either hybrid or in-person classes. Because returning students are uncertain about what public study spaces such as libraries and dining halls will be like for post COVID-19 life at Universities, many students will focus on what they can control - their own personal living space. One rising junior at Yale stated, “I know that I’m going to be spending more time than usual in my room and in my house, so I’m trying to focus my energy on cultivating the kind of space and community that I want there,”. In addition to bringing hand sanitizer, Clorox spray, wipes and a stash of masks, college students will need to get creative in how they will convert their dorm spaces into cozy, multifunctional areas for studying, eating and unwinding.

Meet the Copper Topper™

Copper Topper with Bed In a Box Logo

Our mattress company can help with the management of the virus and the comfort surrounding personal living spaces, by offering products that sanitize and purify your sleep spaces. As stated in a previous BedInABox® blog, while many mysteries exist about the life of the Coronavirus, one thing is scientifically certain: “the COVID-19 pathogen dies soon after touching copper surfaces.” After further research and consultation with knowledgeable affiliates, the BedInABox® team developed a mattress topper that is made with Memory Lux® Copper foam – memory foam infused with real copper. Our Copper Topper™ contains 20 times the amount of copper in any other copper mattress or mattress topper on the market. The magic of real copper in our Copper Topper™ is in the element’s antimicrobial properties, which allow it to naturally fight germs and repel common bacteria. 

Scientifically, the copper element facilitates oxidation-reduction reactions such that when a germ lands on copper, the ions attack it and accelerate the pathogen’s death. This prevents viral mutations, and means that COVID-19 and other viruses cannot develop resistance to copper. The best part - these atomic properties never wear off, not even when copper tarnishes.

Our Copper Topper™ offers incredible support, comfort, cooling qualities, and natural disinfecting properties all in one perfect product. The Copper Topper™ is an affordable way to keep college and university sleep spaces clean while improving the comfort of campus mattresses, and is now available for purchase on our website. Because copper has properties that disinfect naturally, students don’t need to worry about cleaning their mattresses as regularly, either. Rather, they can save the water and soap to disinfect their hands.


As made clear, BedInABox® is committed to fighting the current pandemic, not only by facilitating the contactless online purchase of new beds, but also by developing products that function to bar bacteria and viruses in order to keep our customers sleeping safely. Available now in Twin Extra Long, Queen, and King sizes, the Copper Topper™ will help college students purify and soften their sleep. The real copper in our product naturally repels germs, allergens and common bacteria and prevents their build-up and the build-up of odors on mattresses. Our mattress topper is guaranteed to provide the same support and pressure relief as our mattresses, while extending the life of current ones. For families of students returning to universities post-COVID-19 – sleep soundly knowing that you and your college student are getting shut-eye safely, every single night.