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FLASH SALE: Use code FALLSLEEP35 for 35% Off Bundles
FLASH SALE: Use code FALLSLEEP35 for 35% Off Bundles

The Benefits of Adjustable Beds

Adjustable Mattress in a Box

Are you in the market for a new mattress and considering the transition to an adjustable bed? Are you a loyal BedInABox sleeper that is looking to take your mattress to the next level? BedInABox makes an adjustable bed that may be the solution for you: MotionInABox.

MotionInABox is a Bluetooth-enabled adjustable bed foundation designed to be compatible with all BedInABox mattresses. Experience the scientifically proven health benefits of adjustable beds with MotionInABox, our popular adjustable bed, and discover the ergonomic way to resolve the issues affecting your nightly rest, like snoring, back pain, sleep apnea, and sinus congestion.

The MotionInABox foundation paired with a BedInABox mattress provides a truly customized sleep experience for all of our satisfied sleepers. The MotionInABox adjustable bed foundation has a heavy-duty 880-pound lift capacity motor, offering full mobility of both the head and foot of your mattress. You can elevate the head of your mattress to watch television or read a book or magazine in bed before tucking away for the night. You can also lift the foot of your mattress to independently elevate the legs, a popular style of sleeping with proven benefits for circulation and back pain! With full mobility of both ends of the mattress, the possibilities for comfort are endless, and the MotionInABox adjustable bed is ready to cater to what you need. Once you’ve found the positions that work for you, there is the option of programming two customizable preprogrammed memory presets with MotionInABox, making quick, easy, and accessible comfort our priority for you.

With the zero-gravity setting on your new MotionInABox adjustable bed, the foundation raises the head and legs to a specific angle to prevent unnecessary pressure on the body, encouraging increased circulation and providing an incomparable feeling of weightlessness. The zero-gravity position is scientifically proven to alleviate back and neck pain, reduce snoring, promote better heart health, ease heartburn, and promote better breathing throughout the night! Invented by NASA to make astronauts comfortable enough to sleep in space, zero-gravity is the earthly way to experience weightlessness without ever leaving the comfort of your bedroom. Alleviate stress on your body and wake up feeling rested and ready to tackle your day after a night of zero-gravity sleep.

Operating your new MotionInABox is incredibly easy with our large-button Bluetooth remote control. There are four buttons that control the full mobility of your adjustable bed (head up/head down, legs up/legs down). Simply press the zero-gravity button and feel your bed adjust to weightlessness. The “flat” button brings your mattress back to a flat position. There is even a massage option, offering you steady vibrations through your mattress for additional comfort and relaxation. If you are one to lose your remote controls, there is also a compatible connectivity app available for iPhone and Android, making it easy to adjust your bed from your smartphone.

Are you sleeping with a partner and looking for a solution to sleepless nights? MotionInABox King Split adjustable bed is a great choice to improve your sleeping relationship, allowing both partners to experience true, customizable comfort. You and your partner can have separate controls for each of your designated sides of your adjustable bed – while they’re laying flat, you could sleep in zero-gravity weightlessness, maintaining closeness and intimacy without compromising comfort. They could sleep with their legs up and you could sleep in one of our customizable memory presets. You will never again wake up to your partner’s restlessness, and they will never wake up to yours.

MotionInABox is an invaluable bed option for those who may need to be in bed for longer than 8-10 hours per night. Individuals confined to bed or on bed-rest can create varied rest positions with just the touch of a button, and MotionInABox is ready to fully support the body through the movement between all of those positions. Expecting mothers can benefit greatly from an adjustable bed, as it offers fully-mobile comfort to support both mother and baby through all trimesters of pregnancy and beyond. An adjustable bed can be a great support for individuals with mobility issues who may have difficulty moving from one position to the next, or who need additional supporting entering or exiting their bed.

MotionInABox adjustable bed foundations are a perfect addition to your bedroom, ready to promote new levels of relaxation and rejuvenation to make your mattress the true centerpiece of your bedroom. With just the touch of a button, your bed will adapt to whatever position you desire, creating endless opportunities to increase your comfort and improve your sleep. Watch your health and wellness improve with each night’s sleep: stop snoring, defeat acid reflux, ease back pain, clear your congestion. Let MotionInABox be your solution to a better night’s sleep.

If you are interested in learning more about the MotionInABox adjustable foundation, click here to learn more.


MotionInABox® Adjustable Bed Foundation Sizes

Twin XL Adjustable Bed

Dimensions: 30’’ x 80” x 8”

Shipping Weight: 130 lbs


Queen Adjustable Bed

Dimensions: 60” x 80” x 8”

Shipping Weight: 150 lbs


Split King Adjustable Bed

Dimensions: 38” x 80” x 8” (x2)

Shipping Weight: 300 lbs

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