FLASH SALE: Use code FALLSLEEP35 for 35% Off Bundles
FLASH SALE: Use code FALLSLEEP35 for 35% Off Bundles
FLASH SALE: Use code FALLSLEEP35 for 35% Off Bundles

Our Best-Selling Mattress Bundles

Mattress & Yellow Blanket

Save more on your next sleep upgrade with one of our thoughtfully curated sleep bundles. Currently, we offer three different BedInABox® sleep bundles, each designed to provide the perfect introduction to BedInABox® comfort while meeting your individual sleep needs. Our bed bundles offer some of our best-selling sleep products at even better price points! Want to know more about what comes with your mattress bundle? Read about them below.

Cooling Bundle

Our Cooling Bundle is perfect for sleepers with temperature sensitivity. This bundle is designed to optimize temperature regulation while you sleep by pairing your mattress with sleep essentials that offer cooling properties. Research shows that a cool environment is essential for restorative sleep, so this particular mattress bundle will help provide cool, breathable comfort all night long. With our Cooling Bundle, you get to choose from one of the following mattresses:

Each of these memory foam mattress choices above are available in the following sizes:

Your mattress selection comes paired with our BedInABox® Cooling Protector that compliments the size of your mattress selection and a Glaciertex Cooling Pillow. The BedInABox® Cooling Protector is designed to protect the top of your mattress from everyday wear and tear while providing instant cooling comfort to help regulate your sleep temperature. The Glaciertex Cooling Pillow is also cool to the touch and engineered to provide the perfect support for your head and neck in any position. Please note that twin, twin XL and full size bundles receive 1 pillow, while queen, king and California king mattress bundles receive 2 pillows. The size of your Glaciertex Cooling Pillow(s) will also compliment the size of your mattress selection.

Trial & Warranty Specifications

The BedInABoox® Cooling Protector and the Glaciertex pillow do not qualify for a trial period nor do they qualify for returns. Your BedInABox® mattress is delivered with a 10 to 20-year limited warranty, while your Cooling Protector comes with a 10-year limited warranty and Glaciertex pillow comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

Starter Bundle

Our most popular sleep bundle is our BedInABox® Starter Bundle. This particular bed bundle is truly the perfect introduction to BedInABox® comfort and quality at a cozy low price. With our Starter Bundle, you can choose from our 5 most popular mattress models:

All of these mattresses are also available in the following standard sizes:

In addition to your choice of mattress, this sleep bundle includes 1, 8” Clever Connect Foundation with wooden legs. The foundation is designed to support memory foam and hybrid mattresses and assembly is super simple! With no tools necessary for assembly, your foundation will be ready for your mattress within minutes. Of course, the Clever Connect Foundation included in your bundle will be the same size as your mattress selection.

Trial & Warranty Specifications

Both your BedInABox® memory foam mattress and your Clever Connect foundation come with a 120-night trial period. However, the Clever Connect Foundation is subject to a $50 shipping charge and a $20 restocking fee should you choose to return. Please note that all parts must be included in any foundation returns. However, your Clever Connect Foundation does come with a 5-year limited warranty.

Custom Comfort Bundle

The Custom Comfort Bundle is our highest-rated BedInABox® sleep bundle. This bed bundle is perfect for sleepers looking to better personalize their sleep setup with an adjustable bed frame. This bundle pairs one of our two most popular BedInABox® mattress models with our MotionInABox™ Adjustable Base. The mattress options available for your Custom Comfort Bundle include:

The Custom Comfort Bundle mattresses are available in the sizes listed below:

Although this bundle is not available in every mattress size, the Custom Comfort Bundle definitely caters to customization. With the split king and twin XL size options, sleepers can choose to sync their adjustable bed frames to function as one unit, or enjoy very personalized sleep positions and adjust the bed according to their own individual sleep needs. Not only does your MotionInABox® Adjustable Bed Frame come with full head and foot mobility, but it also allows you to save your two favorite settings by programming them as presets. Note that your Custom Comfort Bundle comes with an easy-to-use remote and an assembly and operation manual for your adjustable base.

Trial & Warranty Specifications

While you receive a 20-year limited warranty on your BedInABox® mattress, your MotionInABox® Adjustable Base comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

When you order a BedInABox® mattress bundle, not only will your bundle ship within 2 business days, but you are also entitled to a 120-night risk free trial with every mattress. We want you to experience BedInABox® comfort with the setup that best suits your sleep needs for an even cozier price (currently 30% off)!

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