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ENDS 3/4: Use code BUNDLE40 for 40% off bundles!
ENDS 3/4: Use code BUNDLE40 for 40% off bundles!

Neck Pain & Sleeping: How Adjustable Beds Help

BedInABox® adjustable base

Neck pain is one of the most common complaints upon waking up. Like any type of pain, neck pain can be disruptive to sleep and leave you feeling sore and fatigued in the morning. One solution to neck pain could be an adjustable bed frame, which offers multiple benefits including relief from aches and pain, swollen joints, snoring and acid reflux.

Understanding Neck Pain and Its Impact on Sleep

The Science of Neck Pain

As modern lifestyle demands more hours working and days hunched over computers, it’s no surprise that neck pain is a common malady. Neck pain occurs when the muscles of the neck are strained, which can be caused by a number of factors:

  • Poor posture during the day and night
  • Sleep position
  • Physical and emotional stress
  • Injuries
  • Worn joints
  • Nerve compression
  • Certain health conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, or meningitis

Neck pain most often occurs in the morning and can be particularly linked to sleep. Not only can your sleep position make you prone to neck pain, but insomnia or sleep apnea can cause neck pain.

Conventional Solutions for Neck Pain

While you may find yourself reaching for pain medication or booking a massage or physical therapy appointment when you feel your neck pain flare up, these conventional solutions can be avoided or minimized when you switch to an adjustable base. The way we sleep can significantly affect how we feel in the morning, so changing this up can often yield the same or improved results than conventional solutions alone.

How Adjustable Beds Offer Relief from Neck Pain

The Mechanism

The motorized power lift system that raises and lowers the adjustable base is your best ally to relieve neck pain. By using the wireless remote that comes with your MotionInABox® adjustable base, you can tailor the position of the bed frame to better support your neck and spine.

Proven Benefits

While there are a plethora of remedies to help alleviate the symptoms of neck pain, adjustable bases are one of the simplest ways to do so. By using your sleeping hours to your advantage, you can promote less pain and a better night’s rest. Experts recommend sleeping at an angle to promote circulation, airflow, and pain relief. According to Ergomotion, one of the main benefits people report with adjustable beds is back and neck pain relief. Sleeping on a flat surface, especially for back sleepers, may not provide enough support for your spine and neck.

Head and Foot Mobility

Adjustable bases allow you to raise and lower the head and foot of the bed to find an angle that suits your preferences. Commonly, tilting the head of the base at a 45-degree angle works wonders for people with a variety of health issues or joint pain, including neck pain, by relieving pressure and keeping the spine aligned.

Zero-Gravity Setting

Our two BedInABox® adjustable bases, the MotionInABox™ 1.0 and 2.0, each come with a preset zero-gravity setting for maximum pressure relief. Zero-G® works by adjusting your legs to a higher level than your heart. Utilizing this setting comes with many benefits and helps take the strain off the neck and spine by relieving pressure off the lower back and promoting circulation.

MotionInABox™ Adjustable Beds: Your Solution for Neck Pain

MotionInABox™ 1.0

MotionInABox Adjustable Base

Our original adjustable base, the MotionInABox™ 1.0, supports your lower back and keeps your spine aligned to maintain a pain-free sleep. With full head and foot mobility, this adjustable base is built to relieve neck pain and keep you comfortable. The MotionInABox™ 1.0 is hassle-free, allowing you to preset two of your favorite sleep positions so you can easily relax.

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MotionInABox™ 2.0

MotionInABox Adjustable Base

The MotionInABox™ 2.0 comes with advanced features for more comprehensive neck pain relief, including three programmable sleep positions, 2-zone head and foot massage options, and a wand voice control for hands-free mobility.

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Care & Maintenance Tips for Maximizing Neck Pain Relief

Just as it’s vital to clean and take care of your mattress, sheets, and other bedding, it’s crucial to exercise proper care and maintenance of your adjustable base to reap its benefits for years to come. We recommend choosing a power source that is reliable enough to handle the power required to use the base in order to avoid damage to your circuits or the bed frame.

However, taking care of the adjustable base alone is not enough to maintain its effectiveness for relieving neck pain. Proper care and maintenance of your mattress and other aspects of your bed are equally important, so be sure to clean your bedding and mattress routinely with gentle cleaners and to rotate your BedInABox® mattress every six months.

Our Thoughts About Neck Pain & Sleep

If you suffer from neck pain, it’s important to take immediate action, as neck pain can negatively affect your sleep quality and physical health. While conventional methods such as medication, physical therapy, or massages may work, these can get tiresome or expensive over time. By choosing to swap your traditional bed frame with an adjustable base, you can improve your posture and better support your neck and spine. Contact us today if you have questions or if you would like to learn more about how an adjustable base can benefit you and your sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my BedInABox® compatible with an adjustable bed?

All BedInABox® mattresses are compatible with our MotionInABox™ adjustable beds.

Is an adjustable bed right for my neck pain?

An adjustable bed could be one part of the solution to relieving your neck pain. Research has shown that sleeping at a stable angle comes with many health benefits, including minimizing neck pain.

What's the ideal adjustable bed position for neck pain?

Tilting the head of your adjustable bed to about a 45-degree angle or utilizing the zero-gravity setting are two of the best positions to mitigate neck pain.

Can I use my existing pillows with my MotionInABox™?

Yes, your existing pillows and bedding are likely compatible with your new MotionInABox™ Adjustable Bed. However, you may want to consider upgrading your pillow if it is no longer providing the support you need, or giving it a good clean to ensure the healthiest and most restful sleep possible. To promote proper alignment, we recommend using a relatively firm memory foam pillow that supports the natural curve of your neck.

How long does it take to experience neck pain relief?

Sleeping on an adjustable bases can begin relieving neck pain within as little as a few days. If the pain continues after trying an adjustable bed and/or using conventional methods of relief, consider incorporating other prevention methods into your daily routine, such as taking stretch breaks during the work day and exercising more often. If you still don’t feel relief after several days or if your neck pain comes with headaches, numbness, or tingling, consult a medical professional.

Is financing available for MotionInABox™ Adjustable Beds?

We partner with Affirm to offer flexible financing options. Choose from 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month repayment plans with no hidden fees. If you are interested in financing your adjustable base, simply select Affirm at checkout and follow the steps to get started.

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