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Memory Foam vs. Grid Technology

Memory Foam vs. Grid Technology

In order to get the sleep you need, it is important to understand the difference between the various mattress constructions on the market. While memory foam mattresses have consistently remained the most popular choice, there has been a surge in the popularity of mattresses that use grid technology. Purple, another player in the direct-to-consumer mattress industry, developed and patented what is called the Purple Grid. Given the novelty of this technology, consumers have a growing intrigue in this mattress construction. However, when you consider how new this grid technology is, memory foam tends to offer you a more extensive catalog of advantages. In this guide, we unbox what exactly grid technology means, some of its characteristics, and why BedInABox® memory foam mattresses are still the superior choice.

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What is Purple Grid?

The Purple Grid was developed as an alternative to memory foam. The grid construction uses hyper-elastic polymer, also known as GelFlex, in a repeated grid pattern to function as an adaptive material that can provide both support and pressure relief. Purple uses this hyper-elastic polymer grid to top their foam mattresses versus using memory foam, a high-density, polyurethane-based foam. The grid can be described as a super-stretchy material that adapts and recovers almost instantly, while a memory foam comfort layer offers similar properties, but is not as quick to recover. The grid mattress attempts to simulate many properties of a memory foam mattress, while also providing a few unique properties of its own.

Features of the Purple Grid

The design of the Purple Grid is ideal for back or side sleepers and individuals who sleep hot at night. Purple Grid offers pressure relief for high pressure points, such as your hips and shoulders, similar to the pressure relieving properties of memory foam. The Purple Grid generally sleeps medium-firm in feel and is able to provide support with the absence of pressure, through the crosshatched construction of the material.

The medium-firm Purple grid mattress does provide sufficient motion isolation. Like memory foam, movement on one side of your mattress should disturb only the grid cells surrounding that area of pressure and movement. The trouble with the grid is that one grid was developed to feel both soft and firm. Under pressure points, the grid’s flexibility allows it to give way for softer, pressure relief, but remains firm in support in zones without pressure. This consistent grid density does not make it a suitable mattress for all sleepers. The grid construction, with ridges and cells without material, can also make the level of support less uniform compared to a memory foam mattress.

The Purple Grid vs. BedInABox® Memory Foam

While Purple Grid has benefits, there are also some notable drawbacks. Grid technology is not one size fits all. The grid is not recommended for heavier individuals or stomach sleepers who need firmer mattress support. While grid technology is innovative and novel, memory foam mattresses tend to be compatible with a wider range of sleepers. Plus, memory foam has many of the same benefits as grid mattresses, without some of the disadvantages.

BedInABox® memory foam is built to provide conforming properties that will contour to our bodies and their pressure points. Unlike Purple Grid, memory foam will maintain a more uniform body weight distribution, reducing pressure on your spine, and often eliminating any unnecessary discomfort. Given the even weight distribution, your body will maintain better alignment and poor sleeping posture may be corrected.

BedInABox® memory foam mattresses are, also, constructed with multiple memory foam layers of varying densities to provide adequate contouring, pressure relief and spinal alignment for all sleep positions. Long-term use of memory foam has actually been shown to reduce chronic back and neck pain. And while the Purple grid touts coolness and breathability, BedInABox® has developed CoolRest® technology that is infused into the top layer of most of our mattress models, allowing our memory foam to sleep cooler than others. All that being said, memory foam has, without a doubt, set the standard for comfort.

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Still debating between a memory foam mattress and a grid mattress? Knowing how and where each mattress is designed and constructed may help your decision! BedInABox® designs, manufactures and assembles every mattress entirely in the United States. We maintain our entire production process under one roof so that we can monitor every step of the process and ensure we deliver only the high-quality products our sleepers expect and deserve. Purple mattress does manufacture their own grids and assemble their mattresses, but they do not manufacture the memory foam they use with the grid in their mattress constructions. Since we have been building memory foam mattresses since 2006, we can also speak to the longevity and durability of our products. Contrary to memory foam, grid technology has only been around for 4-5 years, so the long-term durability of the Purple grid cannot yet be upheld. Because a mattress is a huge investment, you want to commit to a mattress that is durable and meets all of your sleep needs. If you have any further questions regarding BedInABox® memory foam or hybrid mattresses, please feel free to reach out to our Customer Service specialists, who will be happy to help you find the best mattress in a box for you.

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