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FLASH SALE: Get an extra $50 off mattresses with code EXTRA50!
FLASH SALE: Get an extra $50 off mattresses with code EXTRA50!

Meet Our New Mattress Topper

The entire world is focused on the same issue right now: mitigating the COVID-19 pandemic. Doctors are concentrating on saving patients, scientists are actively researching potential vaccines and/or antiviral medications, and everyone is trying to figure out how to minimize risk while maintaining a level of normalcy - including us here at BedInABox®. You might be wondering; how can a mattress company help with the management of this virus? Our solution: Investing in products that sanitize and purify your sleep spaces. While there are many unknowns about the life of this virus, one thing is scientifically certain: the COVID-19 pathogen dies soon after touching copper surfaces. After further investigating and consulting with professionals, our team developed a mattress topper made with Memory Lux® Copper foam – memory foam infused with real copper. Our Copper Topper™ contains up to 20 times more copper than any other copper mattress or mattress topper. The real copper in our Copper Topper has antimicrobial properties, too, that will naturally fight germs and repel common bacteria. But, how exactly does copper function as an antimicrobial agent?

 Copper Topper Exposed

Brief History of Copper

The antimicrobial benefits of copper have been known since early Egyptian civilization, where copper was used to sharpen and clean weapons after battle and filings of the metal were placed in wounds to speed up the healing process. In scientific terms, copper has a free electron in its outer orbit, which facilitates oxidation-reduction reactions. As a result, when a germ lands on copper, the ions attack it by suffocating its cells and making holes in the virus’ coat - accelerating the pathogen’s death. This quick and microscopic war also prevents viral mutations by destroying the DNA and RNA inside the germ with atomic bullets composed of oxygen. Why is this so important and impressive? Because it means that COVID-19 and other viruses cannot develop resistance to copper. And, the best part? These atomic properties never wear off… not even when copper tarnishes.


Ways Copper is Currently Being Used

In the last several decades, copper has been used for other medical research, including the manufacture of hospital beds with this material. The results have always concluded similarly: copper helps repel bacteria. The use of copper products in medical facilities has been trending worldwide, showing up to a 58% decrease in infection rates. While many companies are not yet aware of the natural benefits of copper, we are proud to be at the vanguard, once again, of the mattress industry by creating a product that uses this technology. So, how does our Copper Topper work?


About The Copper Topper

A mattress topper is a layer that sits on top of the mattress to provide additional support and cushioning. Because they are primarily used as an additional layer of comfort, mattress toppers are typically made out of feathers, memory foam, latex, and/or gel. Our toppers are designed with memory foam, not only to give support and softness, but also to keep your mattress and your body temperature cool. We offer an optional soft-knit TENCEL™ cover with all of our toppers, for those with sensitive skin who may want an extra, ultra-soft barrier. We developed our Copper Topper™ by simply adding copper to our already perfected topper technology. With the Copper Topper™ you get additional support, comfort, cooling qualities, and natural disinfecting properties in one product. The Copper Topper is an affordable way to keep your sleep space clean and is now available for purchase on our website. Because copper has properties that disinfect naturally by quite literally just being there, you don’t need to worry about cleaning your mattress as regularly, either. Save the water and soap to disinfect your hands, and apply copper to your current mattress.


BedInABox is committed to fighting the current pandemic, not only by facilitating the online purchase of new beds, but also by creating products that function as barriers against bacteria and viruses in order to keep you sleeping safely. Our new Copper Topper is made with three inches of Memory Lux® Copper foam and is infused with real copper to purify and soften your sleep. Available now in Twin Extra Long, Queen, and King sizes. The real copper in our product naturally fights germs, repels allergens and common bacteria and prevents the build-up of these allergens and odors on your mattress. Our new product is guaranteed to provide the same support and pressure relief as our mattresses, while extending the life of your current one. Want to purchase our new topper or learn more about it? Call, email, or chat with a BedInABox representative today! Sleep soundly every night knowing that you and your family are sleeping safely.


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