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How to Keep Cool at Night

Man sleeping in cool bed

Feeling hot while you sleep, or even nighttime sweating, is actually very normal and something that many people experience. However, a high body temperature can make it difficult to sleep. Why, you ask? Because lower body temperatures help signal our bodies that it is time to rest and reset. We curated this guide to unbox the importance of sleeping cool and provide simple tips on how you can do just that.

The Importance of Staying Cool

The human body is actually designed to sleep in a cooler environment. The ideal temperature for a sleep environment is between 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit. Research has also proven that your body temperature naturally drops at night. Not only is a cool body temperature natural, but it also improves your overall sleep quality. Deep sleep, or REM sleep, is linked to a cool body temperature. During REM sleep, cellular repair and memory consolidation take place, important functions that are promoted by cooler body temperatures. Keeping cool can even boost the production levels of melatonin and the human growth hormone while you sleep. Furthermore, late-evening insomnia and early morning awakenings are generally associated with disruptions in the body temperature rhythm, meaning a higher body temperature can ultimately foster sleep interruptions. All in all, staying cool at night is essential to quality sleep.

How to Keep Your Body Cool

Keeping cool at night is usually easier said than done. Although our bodies naturally drop in temperature, that may not be enough to promote a consistently cooler body temperature or sleep environment. Below, we have listed some simple ways to cool your body down before bed:

  • Take a warm shower or bath: Surprisingly, a lukewarm shower or bath can actually lower your body temperature. At first, your body temperature will rise, but once you get out of your shower or bath it will almost immediately fall to a cooler temperature. It may also be worth noting that taking a warm shower or bath before bed can encourage your body and mind to relax, helping you fall asleep faster.
  • Use a frozen washcloth or water bottle: People commonly sweat around their head, face, and neck when they sweat during sleep. A trick to cool down these areas before bed is to freeze a washcloth or water bottle and then use either of them as a cool compress.
  • Place ice packs on pulse points: Cooling off your pulse points can actually extend a cooling effect throughout your entire body. The pulse points include your ankles, wrists, the backs of your knees, and the crooks of your elbows. Place an ice pack on these various points for about 20 minutes at a time for full body cooling.
  • Limit consumption of alcohol: Contrary to popular belief, consuming alcohol before bed can inhibit your sleep. Alcohol consumption late in the evening can also cause hot flashes and night sweats. It is advisable to avoid alcoholic beverages directly before bed.

How to Cool Down Your Sleep Environment

The temperature of your sleep environment can play as big a role as your body temperature when it comes to your sleep quality. You want to sleep in a room that feels relatively cool, as well. Some simple ways to cool down your sleeping environment include:

  • Use a fan: While this may be one of the simplest and most common measures you can take to cool down your sleep space, it is important to use your fan strategically. A box fan should be placed in a window so that hot air will be pushed out. If you have a ceiling fan, the blades should be adjusted to move counter-clockwise so that the airflow will create a wind-chill breeze effect.
  • Creat a cross-ventilation: A natural cross-ventilation will increase air speed and have a strong cooling effect in your sleep space, as well. In doing so, less heat will accumulate in your room. You can create cross-ventilation by opening windows that are directly across from each other to allow air to come through one window and exit through the other.
  • Change your bedding: You want to sleep on bedding that is breathable, moisture-wicking and cool to the touch. BedInABox® Tencel sheets are a particularly great option with natural temperature regulation properties and moisture wicking designed to keep you cool in warmer temperatures, and warmer during cooler months.
  • Upgrade to a cooling mattress: If you’re still having trouble keeping cool at night, this may be a sign you need a new mattress. Mattresses can absorb the heat your body gives off at night, including memory foam mattresses (depending on their foam constructions). Mattresses with cooling technology, like BedInABox®'s Azul® mattress, are designed to feel cool to the touch and regulate body temperature during sleep. The Azul® is constructed with a top layer of CoolRest® Gel memory foam that is coated with another layer of phase changing material to provide longer periods of cooling. In addition to using multiple PCMs, our Azul® is topped with an soft cover knit with UltraCool® technology.

Sleeping cool throughout the night is just as important as sleeping comfortably and your body temperature has a lot to do with your sleep environment. Any of the tips in this guide should help you create a comfortable sleep environment that will also keep you sleeping cool. Although we encourage you to try our thoughtfully designed Azul® mattress, our goal at BedInABox® is simply to ensure our customers get the sleep they deserve with the sleep products that meet their needs. You can try your BedInABox® mattress, risk-free with a 120-night sleep trial in the comfort of your own sleep space. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to connect with our Customer Service team via phone, email or chat!

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