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How to Keep a Mattress From Sliding

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Have you ever dealt with the frustration of waking up to your mattress hanging off the foundation? Have you woken up from tossing and turning on an ever-shifting mattress? If you can say yes to either of these questions, then you understand how troublesome and inconvenient a sliding mattress can be. A sliding mattress can prove disruptive to the quality and amount of sleep you get each night. Fortunately, it is an easy problem to fix. Keep reading to figure out why your mattress may be shifting and sliding and what simple solutions you can employ to fix it.

Why is Your Mattress Sliding Around?

Before you can prevent your bed from sliding, you need to troubleshoot what could be making your mattress slide.

  • Lack of friction: A mattress is prone to slip if it cannot get an adequate grip on your foundation or bed frame. It is common for memory foam or latex foam mattresses to have less traction than innerspring mattresses, but at BedInABox®, we designed all of our mattress covers to provide more substantial grip to prevent this problem.
  • An old mattress: An aging mattress, or one that you have used for more than 8-10 years, may eventually become riddled with lumps and sags. The bottom of your mattress collects a layer of body oil and dirt over the years, making it harder to grip the mattress base.
  • Improper support: Your bed frame or foundation may be too big for your mattress. There may also be too much space between the slats or your foundation may not sit level, both of which can contribute to an uneven surface for your mattress. Slats can weaken and sag over time, causing a mattress to shift, as well.
  • Missing Rails: Mattress foundations or platform beds are often designed to keep your mattress sitting on top of the base without railing. Without bed rails to keep your mattress centered, it is more likely to shift while you sleep.

How to Prevent Your Mattress From Sliding

Now that you have figured out the cause behind your moving mattress, here are some simple solutions to keep it from sliding:

  • Non-slip pad: Adding a non-slip pad is a very easy and common way to prevent your mattress from slipping. Non-slip pads are made specifically to grip furniture or to keep area rugs in place and are usually available in a variety of sizes. You would simply place this pad in between your mattress and your bed frame so it sits securely, without changing the feel or support of your mattress. It is important to measure your mattress and bed frame before purchasing a non-slip pad to ensure you get the correct size.
  • Vacuum under the mattress: Again, body oil and dirt will accumulate underneath the mattress, creating a slick surface. Vacuuming your mattress may prove helpful in preventing this.
  • Velco Strips: Velcro strips have adhesive on one side that you would stick to the mattress and the bed base, allowing the Velcro pieces on both to align and keep your mattress in place.
  • Carpet Tape: Carpet tape is similar to Velcro strips in that an adhesive is used to keep the mattress from sliding. However, carpet tape works best as a short-term solution, especially if you don’t want to leave adhesive on your mattress cover.
  • Buy a new mattress: Sometimes the age of your mattress is the reason it is no longer gripping the frame so, the most practical solution is a new mattress. At BedInABox®, we offer six different mattress in a box options in both all-foam and hybrid constructions to meet all your sleep needs. Learn more about which mattress best suits your sleep needs if it is time for an upgrade.

Whatever the reason behind your sliding mattress, you deserve a good night’s sleep every night. If your bed is uncomfortable, too small for your bed frame or simply too slippery, we hope some of these simple tips help you get the sleep you need.

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