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How to Clean Memory Foam

Most beds that come in a box, if not all, are made of memory foam. Our company has dedicated years to perfecting the techniques and materials behind our comfortable, reliable mattresses. Customers prefer our memory foam because it is resistant to movement (a great plus if your partner gets up during the night or twists and turns a lot), it contours to your individual body shape, and it even helps maintain a cool temperature in bed while you sleep throughout the warm, summer nights that are quickly approaching. So, what do you have to do to enjoy these benefits? The answer is very simple: first, buy a memory foam mattress; second, properly maintain it. Now you might be wondering: why do I have to maintain my memory foam mattress? Easy: to ensure it lasts a long time.

Typically, memory foam mattresses last between eight to ten years… but that timeline will vary depending on how well you take care of them. For simple upkeep, you can use our BedInABox® Tencel™ Protector or our BedInABox® Cooling Protector to create a breathable barrier against dust mites, bacteria, and fluids. Remember, you spend at least eight hours a day in your bed, so we still suggest that you clean it every now and then. But, how exactly do you clean your mattress? Surprisingly, it is pretty simple!

The first cleaning method we recommend is to gently vacuum your mattress. Vacuuming will make the surface of your bed free of any loose particles. To do so, remove all blankets, sheets and pillows, then use a wide, clean vacuum nozzle to lightly brush the surface area of your entire mattress. Once complete, let your mattress air out for a couple of hours before dressing your mattress again.

Another tactic to clean your mattress is to create a cleaning solution using just laundry detergent and water and mixing it in a spray bottle. Shake the ingredients in the spray bottle to make sure they have completely blended together. Using this simple cleaning solution, spray the top and bottom of your mattress. For this method, you might need a cleaning buddy to help you hold the mattress in an upright position. Remember not to soak the bed and to keep moving as you spray - memory foam has absorbent qualities and too much exposure to liquids might lead to mildew or mold. If you find a stain on your mattress, use a soft rag and your cleaning solution to spot clean in a circular motion. If you scrub the stain too hard, the cleaning solution could damage the foam. Once the stain is gone, take a clean, damp rag and gently remove the solution by repeating the circular motion. The key to cleaning your bed is to be gentle. After the mattress has been sprayed clean, press a dry rag to any wet spots to absorb excess water. Then, let your bed dry under direct sunlight or under a fan. You can make your bed with linens as soon as the mattress is dry.

For tougher stains, repeat the aforementioned process - but use vinegar, instead of laundry detergent, and mix with warm water to create your cleaning solution. Using chemicals like hydrogen peroxide can affect the color of your bed or mattress cover and the quality of the fabric, so we suggest sticking to the good old vinegar trick. White vinegar solutions are great for removing those darker, tougher stains… You know, the ones that happen when you’re drinking coffee or wine in bed. Before applying your cleaning solution, absorb as much of the spilled liquid as possible with a towel. Then, mist the area with the white vinegar solution (use a spray bottle to avoid drenching your bed), and dry again with a clean towel. If needed, sprinkle a little bit of baking soda on top of the stain and let it sit for about eight hours. The baking soda will absorb any remaining moisture and remove the smell of vinegar. Vacuum the baking soda, let the spot air dry, and your bed should be good to go!

How Is BedInABox® Memory Foam Created?

BedInABox® memory foam mattresses and mattress toppers are some of the most durable memory foam products on the market because of the high-quality materials we use to construct them. Believe it or not, all foam starts out as a liquid. In our foam manufacturing “pour line”, various liquid ingredients are sent through a number of feed lines, delivering each component into a large central tank that holds the memory foam “mix”. This mix is used to create the foam. Nozzles, which distribute the mix, are positioned at the top of an incline where they uniformly pour the memory foam mixture onto a plastic-lined conveyor belt that measures approximately 7 feet wide and features raised sides. The sides of the conveyor can be adjusted to roughly 48” high.

As the foam mix travels along the conveyor, it undergoes a chemical reaction which increases the temperature of the liquid to over 140 degrees and causes it to expand and grow taller. It resembles bread that rises in an oven, expanding and growing up the sides of the conveyor. As the conveyor moves, the foam continues to bubble from the heat and grow taller.

The foam cools and becomes, what are appropriately called, buns. The sides of the conveyor are removed, the plastic is peeled away and the buns are sliced into 50 foot long sections. These buns are then stored in a location where they can "cure" (the foam we use in our mattresses cures within 48 hours). Once the foam has cured, they can be sliced into smaller blocks which we then cut down for our memory foam toppers and mattresses.

While we use only the safe, high quality memory foams developed in-house to build our BedInABox® mattresses, you still need to perform what we’ll call “routine maintenance” to lengthen the lifespan of your mattress. Cleaning your mattress will not only guarantee longevity, but it will also help defend bed bugs, viruses and those dreaded seasonal allergies. By vacuuming your mattress or sprinkling it with a mild cleaning solution, you are keeping your sleep space fresh and clean. Add one of our mattress protectors or our Copper Topper if you wish to minimize the need to clean your mattress while maximizing your bed preservation. If you have any questions about which mattress, mattress protector or topper might be best for your needs, or if you want to talk to a specialist about bed care - contact us today!