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How Big Is A full Size Mattress?

How Big Is A Full Size Mattress?

Sometimes referred to as “double beds” or “standard double” beds, full size mattress dimensions measure at 54” wide by 75” long. Full size beds maintain the same length as a twin size bed but are 16 inches wider. A full mattress is ideal for single adults or teenagers who want a little extra room to spread out. The full mattress used to be a good option for couples, until the queen size was introduced. Now, many couples may consider the full mattress to be too crowded. At 54” by 75”, full size beds only allow for 27 inches (width) of space per person when a couple is sharing the bed. This is about the same width as a crib mattress.

In addition to being a great mattress option for teenagers, some parents prefer to put a full size mattress in the room of a smaller child, so that there is enough room on the bed to snuggle, read, or spend quality time with their child at bedtime. This is also a mattress that children can grow into, saving you the time and money of purchasing multiple new mattresses as your child grows. A full size mattress, if properly maintained, can last your child many years.

Room & Budget Requirements

In order to fit a full size mattress comfortably in your room, it is recommended to have a bedroom that is at least 120 square feet. If you plan on having furniture, such as a dresser, chair, bedside table, or desk, in addition to your bed, it is recommended to have a room that is at least 160 to 170 square feet. The average American bedroom ranges between 120 to 132 square feet, meaning that a full mattress might fit comfortably in most bedrooms, depending on the configuration and amount of furniture. It is recommended to have at least 10 inches of space on both sides and at the foot of the bed (30 inch total area) for comfortable walking space.

How To Maximize Bedroom Space with a Full Size Mattress

Square Bedrooms

Square bedrooms are the easiest configuration to work with, regardless of mattress size. In order to maximize space, in a square bedroom, it is recommended to place your full size mattress across from your door in the middle of the wall.

Rectangular Bedrooms

Rectangular bedrooms are also a great shape for full mattresses since they are narrow and long and since full mattresses are narrower than Queen and King sizes this works well. Within rectangular rooms the most recommended set up is to have your bed in one half and furniture and open space in the other half.

L-Shaped Bedrooms

In L-Shaped bedrooms it is best to create “zones” regardless of mattress size. Figure out which nook of the room is most accommodating for your full size mattress and that will be your “sleep zone”. Use the other zone of the room for furniture, dressing, and moving around.

Uniquely-Shaped Rooms

Full mattresses are one of the mid-to-smaller mattress sizes on the market, which makes them more accommodating for uniquely-shaped bedrooms. When maximizing your space in a uniquely shaped bedroom, be sure you are keeping outlets and doors into account. The position on those may help guide you to the best places to put your mattress, furniture, TV, and more.

Because a full size mattress is on the smaller end of mattress sizes, a full mattress is often more budget friendly than the larger size mattresses. Also, when budgeting for your new mattress, don’t forget to take sleep accessories, such as new sheets or a mattress protector, into consideration when determining your bedding budget. Good quality sleep accessories can not only enhance the luxury of your new mattress, but also protect it from daily wear and tear.

Recommended Accessories For Your Mattress

When planning on purchasing a new full size mattress, especially if you are upgrading from a twin size, you will likely need to purchase new sleep accessories, such as a mattress protector, sheets, pillows, and other essential bedding. We suggest pairing your full size mattress with one of our luxury sheet sets or a BedInABox® mattress protector. A mattress protector is a simple solution that will help maintain the quality of your mattress by protecting it from daily wear and tear, as well as from stains and spills. Many mattresses on the market, including most of our BedInABox® mattress models, are available in a full size. This means that you should have no issue finding the necessary accessories for your new mattress. You can find all of the full size mattress sleep accessories you need on our website, BedInABox.com.

Does BedInABox® Sell A Full Size Mattress?

Yes, five of our six mattress models are available in full size! The only BedInABox® mattress model that we do not carry in a full size is the Eco-Lux® mattress. The Eco-Lux® is, however, available in twin XL, queen, and king sizes, if you are interested in any of those mattress sizes. BedInABox® has several multilayer foam mattress options that are infused with CoolRest® Gel to support your body and give you the most comfortable night’s sleep possible, such as the Original, Tranquillium®, and the Azul®.

The Original mattress is a great, budget friendly option when in need of a mattress upgrade. This mattress comes in sizes from twin all the way up to California King. The full size Original mattress is the perfect mattress when upgrading your toddler from a toddler bed to a big kid bed or when giving your teen a little more space as they grow.

The Tranquillium® mattress is also offered in all sizes from twin all the way up to California King and is one inch thicker than the Original mattress giving it a bit more height which is great for low to the ground platform bed frames. This mattress in a full size is also great for teens needing a bit more space and single adults looking for a mattress upgrade.

The Dual Hybrid® also comes in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California King sizing. This unique mattress is made up of multilayer medium-firm foam & spring construction and is our thickest mattress at 13” thick.

Like the aforementioned mattresses, the Azul® mattress is available in twin size all the way up to California King. The Azul® is designed to keep you cool while you sleep, it even comes equipped with a UltraCool® soft knit cover to keep even the hottest sleepers cool and comfortable.

Is A Full Size Mattress Big Enough?

A full size bed is a very comfortable size option, measuring at 54” wide by 75” long. Full size mattresses are larger than twin mattresses but are smaller than queen mattresses. This mattress size is ideal for children, teens, and adults who want a little extra room when they sleep. They are also ideal for those who toss and turn a lot at night. Couples may find a full size mattress to be a bit crowded. If you start adding pets or children to the bed, a full size bed can get cramped quickly. Sleeping with a partner on a full bed is the equivalent of having the width of a crib size mattress to yourself in terms of individual sleeping space. If you feel that a full size mattress is not big enough, a queen mattress might be right for you.

Full Size Beds Are Good Options

Full size beds are a great option for single adults or teenagers who have outgrown twin beds. Couples may find full size mattresses to still be too small for their needs and may consider upgrading to a queen size. Larger bed sizes, such as a queen or king may have more sleeping space, but they are also more expensive than a full. Full mattresses are affordable, comfortable, and can fit into smaller bedroom spaces. If you are still not sure which mattress size is right for you, contact a BedInABox® Sleep Specialist today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dimensions of a full size mattress?

A full size mattress measures 53” x 75”

What are some recommended sleep accessories for a full size mattress?

If you’re in the market for a full size mattress, some recommended accessories include new sheets, a full size bed frame our foundation, and a BedInABox® mattress protector to prevent damage to the mattress and ensure that it lasts.

Does BedInABox® sell full size mattresses?

Every BedInABox® mattress, except the Eco-Lux®, is available in full size.

Are full size mattresses more budget-friendly than larger mattresses?

Full size mattresses can be more budget-friendly than larger mattresses sizes including queen, king, or California King mattresses. Full size mattresses are smaller and require less materials than these larger mattresses, which equates to a lower cost.

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