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How Big Is A California King Mattress?

How Big is a California King Mattress?

California King mattresses are a great option for your master bedroom or any large bedroom with enough space to accommodate an oversized mattress. The extra sleeping space that a California King mattress provides can contribute to a better sleep experience for couples, families who share the bed with littles, or someone who sleeps with a pet. Measuring 72 inches wide by 84 inches long, the California King is a mere 4 inches shorter in width than a standard king size, but makes up for that loss in width with an extra 4 inches in length. This mattress size is often used by taller adults or families who like to gather before bedtime. Not sure if a California King mattress is the right size for you? Keep reading to learn if this oversized mattress is suitable for your sleep needs.

Room & Budget Requirements

Fitting with the name, the California King size was developed with large California homes and rooms in mind. The recommended room size for a California King mattress measures anywhere from 13 feet by 12 feet, to 15 feet by 12 feet. Rooms larger than either of these sizes can also accommodate a California King mattress with plenty of room to spare, however, rooms smaller than 13 feet by 12 feet might not. When deciding whether or not to purchase a California King mattress, it is important to keep room dimensions in consideration. We recommended maintaining at least a 24-inch gap between your bed and your walls or any bedroom furniture to allow sufficient space to move around in your bedroom. Because of their dimensions, California King mattresses are a great option for rooms that measure longer than they do wide. If you don’t quite have the room size or shape to accommodate a California King size mattress, we suggest looking at standard king mattresses as the next alternative.

Because a California King mattress is one of the largest mattress sizes on the market, it may require a larger budget. When budgeting for your new mattress, don’t forget to plan for sleep accessories, such as new sheets or a mattress protector. Good quality sleep accessories can not only enhance the luxury of your new mattress, but also protect it from daily wear and tear.

Recommended Accessories For Your California King Mattress

When planning on purchasing a new mattress, especially if you are upgrading from a smaller mattress to a California King, you will likely need to purchase new sleep accessories, such as sheets and pillows, to pair with it. Because the California King mattress size is a standard mattress size, you shouldn’t have trouble finding sheets and bedding to fit. BedInABox® offers most of the sleep accessories you might need. The following BedInABox® products are available in the California King size:

Sheets & Protectors


Does BedInABox® Sell California King Size Mattresses?

Yes, BedInABox® does sell California King mattresses. In fact, five out of our six mattress models are available in the California King size. The following mattresses are available in California King on our website:

The only mattress that is not currently available in a California King size is the Eco-Lux® mattress, which is our most premium mattress offered only in limited sizes. All of our mattresses, in every mattress size, are designed and manufactured entirely in-house, which allows our team to maintain the quality of our products to the highest degree to guarantee better sleep in every box.

Is A California King Size Mattress Big Enough?

While the California King is often thought of as the largest mattress size, it actually has slightly less sleep space than the standard king size bed, which measures at 76 inches wide and 80 inches long. The California King size provides 6,048 square inches of total surface area while the king size provides 6,080 square inches of total surface area. Because the California King mattress is narrower than the standard king, it may not be ideal for all sleeping arrangements. If you are not sure if a California King mattress is right for you, contact our team at BedInABox® who can make sure that you are selecting the right mattress for your sleep needs.