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How Big Is A California King Mattress?

How Big is a California King Mattress?

California King mattresses are a great option for your master bedroom or any large bedroom with enough space to accommodate an oversized mattress. The extra sleeping space that a California King mattress provides can contribute to a better sleep experience for couples, families who share the bed with littles, or someone who sleeps with a pet. Measuring 72 inches wide by 84 inches long, the California King is a mere 4 inches shorter in width than a standard king size, but makes up for that loss in width with an extra 4 inches in length. This mattress size is often used by taller adults or families who like to gather before bedtime. Not sure if a California King mattress is the right size for you? Keep reading to learn if this oversized mattress is suitable for your sleep needs.

Room & Budget Requirements

Fitting with the name, the California King size was developed with large California homes and rooms in mind. The recommended room size for a California King mattress measures anywhere from 13 feet by 12 feet, to 15 feet by 12 feet. Rooms larger than either of these sizes can also accommodate a California King mattress with plenty of room to spare, however, rooms smaller than 13 feet by 12 feet might not. When deciding whether or not to purchase a California King mattress, it is important to keep room dimensions in consideration. We recommended maintaining at least a 24-inch gap between your bed and your walls or any bedroom furniture to allow sufficient space to move around in your bedroom. Because of their dimensions, California King mattresses are a great option for rooms that measure longer than they do wide. Most California King mattresses work best when placed in the center of the longest wall in your room. This gives you access to both sides of the bed, which makes moving around your room and making your bed easier. This configuration will also ensure that you are not blocking off any closets or doors. A platform bed frame or bed risers are great ways to maximize the storage space in your room if you are working with a smaller space. If you don’t quite have the room size or shape to accommodate a California King size mattress, we suggest looking at standard king mattresses as the next alternative.

Below are common bedroom configurations and how you can maximize your space in each with a California King size mattress.

How to Maximize Bedroom Space with a California King Size Mattress

Square Bedroom

One easy way to maximize your bedroom space with a California King size mattress in a square room is to minimize furniture. For example, using a chest of drawers as a nightstand serves two purposes: it gives you the storage that you need, and it reduces the amount of furniture in your room so you have more space for your mattress. Additionally, if the room is smaller, reducing the height of the mattress and bed can help make the room feel bigger. BedInABox® offers many mattresses of varying heights to help you achieve this, including the Tranquillium® which has a 12” profile. If you are looking for a firmer mattress, the Tranquillium® may be right for you.

Rectangular Bedroom

California King mattresses are narrower and longer than King mattresses, so rectangular shaped bedrooms tend to work well with this mattress size. Rectangular bedrooms create natural zones within the space: one zone for sleeping and another zone for storage, working or moving around. In a rectangular bedroom, your mattress will typically live on one end of the room and your other furniture will live on the other. Any of our BedInABox® mattresses would be perfect for a rectangular room. If you aren’t quite sure you are ready to try out an all foam mattress for your sleep space, BedInABox® offers two hybrid constructions, the Original Hybrid and the Dual Hybrid®.

L-Shaped Bedrooms

L-Shaped bedrooms can be challenging to work with, especially if they are smaller. When trying to maximize space in an L-Shaped bedroom to accommodate a California King mattress, we suggest arranging the room in the same way that you would arrange a square bedroom. The most efficient configuration is to place your bed in the center of your longest wall and arrange your furniture around that placement. Typically, the smaller end of your L-shaped room is the best place for other furnishings and storage. Like the square room, if you want to make your room feel larger, it may help to take into consideration the height of the mattress and bedframe. The Azul® mattress is a great option at 11” thick, especially if you tend to sleep hot. The Azul® is infused with CoolRest® and UltraCool® technology to keep you cool at night.

Uniquely-Shaped Bedrooms

Regardless of your mattress size, uniquely shaped bedrooms can be harder to work with. When you have a larger size mattress, such as a California King, it is helpful to keep bedroom furnishings to a minimum. Generally, uniquely-shaped bedrooms have less wall space, so it is you are often working around doors, windows and closets. Being creative with your space, such as utilizing under bed storage or vertical storage systems, can definitely help maximize your space in your uniquely-shaped bedrooms. The BedInABox® Clever Connect Foundation is a perfect solution for uniquely-shaped bedrooms, as it comes with the option of low-profile or standard profile legs. If your uniquely-shaped bedroom is on the smaller side, it may be best to opt for the low-profile legs so that your room appears larger. The Clever Connect Foundation is compatible with any BedInABox® mattress, including the Original mattress. The Original mattress is one of our most popular and budget-friendly mattresses. It is built with 11” of supportive memory foam for a medium-firm feel to accommodate all sleep positions.

Because a California King mattress is one of the largest mattress sizes on the market, it may require a larger budget. When budgeting for your new mattress, don’t forget to plan for sleep accessories, such as new sheets or a mattress protector. Good quality sleep accessories can not only enhance the luxury of your new mattress, but also protect it from daily wear and tear.

Recommended Accessories For Your California King Mattress

When planning on purchasing a new mattress, especially if you are upgrading from a smaller mattress to a California King, you will likely need to purchase new sleep accessories, such as sheets and pillows, to pair with it. Because the California King mattress size is a standard mattress size, you shouldn’t have trouble finding sheets and bedding to fit. BedInABox® offers most of the sleep accessories you might need. The following BedInABox® products are available in the California King size:

Sheets & Protectors


Does BedInABox® Sell California King Size Mattresses?

Yes, BedInABox® does sell California King mattresses. In fact, five out of our six mattress models are available in the California King size. The following mattresses are available in California King on our website:

The only mattress that is not currently available in a California King size is the Eco-Lux® mattress, which is our most premium mattress offered only in limited sizes. All of our mattresses, in every mattress size, are designed and manufactured entirely in-house, which allows our team to maintain the quality of our products to the highest degree to guarantee better sleep in every box.

Is A California King Size Mattress Big Enough?

While the California King is often thought of as the largest mattress size, it actually has slightly less sleep space than the standard king size bed, which measures at 76 inches wide and 80 inches long. The California King size provides 6,048 square inches of total surface area while the king size provides 6,080 square inches of total surface area. Because the California King mattress is narrower than the standard king, it may not be ideal for all sleeping arrangements. If you are not sure if a California King mattress is right for you, contact our team at BedInABox® who can make sure that you are selecting the right mattress for your sleep needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a California King mattress ideal for?

A California King mattress is ideal for taller adults with large bedrooms, families who share the bed with their kids or pets, or couples who want a longer sleep space.

How can I maximize my bedroom space with a California King mattress?

In general, it’s advised to place a California King bed in the center of the longest wall in the room. If you have a square bedroom, a tall mattress or a lot of furniture may make the room feel smaller, so one idea is to use fewer pieces of furniture for multiple purposes. In a rectangular bedroom, California King mattresses fit especially well because there is generally enough space to have one side of the room for sleeping and one side for all your furniture and storage. For L-shaped and uniquely-shaped bedrooms, which tend to be more difficult to configure, consider the space similar to a square-shaped room. In other words, minimize furniture, choose a less thick mattress, and try to place your bed in the center of the longest wall. For uniquely-shaped bedrooms in particular, using under bed or vertical storage systems can help maximize space.

Does BedInABox® sell California King mattresses?

Yes, BedInABox® sells six out of our seven models in California King size! These include the Essential, Original, Original Hybrid, Tranquillium®, Azul®, and Dual Hybrid® mattresses.

What's the difference in size between a California King and a standard King mattress?

California King mattresses are slightly shorter in width than a standard King mattress, but they are a bit longer, measuring 72” wide by 84” long. In comparison, standard King mattresses measure 76” by 80”.

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