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High Quality vs Cheap Memory Foam

When buying a new memory foam mattress, it is important to make sure that it is constructed with high-quality materials because a mattress is an investment that will likely be with you for many years. A quality memory foam mattress is comfortable, supportive, durable and safe. These are qualities you likely will not find in inexpensive, imported memory foam mattresses. One of the best ways to ensure that your memory foam mattress is high-quality is by making sure it is made in the USA, like the premium mattresses manufactured right here at BedInABox®. There are also several quality certifications to look for when researching new mattresses, such as the USDA Bio-Preferred and CeriPUR-US® certifications. Imported memory foam mattresses or mattresses made from imported foams are less likely to hold these certifications, and thus more likely to be cheaper in quality or contain potentially harmful chemicals.

Hand on High Quality Memory Foam

Made in the USA

All BedInABox® memory foam mattresses are 100% American made. The cornerstones of our business are high-quality products backed by high-quality service, which is why we make all of our mattresses and mattress toppers in the USA. These business goals are also why we work so hard to meet the rigorous production, handling, and labeling standards required to sell a product that is USDA Bio-Preferred approved. In fact, the BedInABox® Eco-Lux® mattress model is the only memory foam mattress on the market made with Bio-Preferred certified memory foam. Manufacturers who do not meet these certification standards may be producing cheap memory foam or mattresses overseas, then importing them to later ship from warehouses in the USA.

USDA Certification

One of our best examples of innovative, renewable thinking is our Eco-Lux® mattress. The Eco-Lux® is constructed only with foam that meets the USDA BioPreferred Certification. The goal of the Bio-Preferred Program, managed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), is to increase the purchase and use of biobased products. Biobased products are derived from plants and other renewable agricultural, marine, and forestry materials and provide an alternative to conventional petroleum derived materials. In order to earn the USDA BioPreferred product label, a product must contain a verifiable amount of renewable materials. In our case, the Eco-Lux® mattress has been certified to contain 34% renewable materials, making it not only environmentally friendly, but also an incredibly safe mattress for the whole family to sleep on.

CeriPUR-US® Certification

In addition to the USDA Bio-Preferred certification, all memory foams used in BedInABox® mattresses are CeriPUR-US certified. This means that the foams used to make our memory foam mattresses have been tested for content, emissions and durability by accredited labs. In layman’s terms: All of our memory foam mattresses are safe to sleep on. Cheap memory foam mattresses that do not hold this certification may actually be constructed with foams made with ozone depleters or other potentially harmful materials.

The Dangers of Cheap Memory Foam Mattresses

Some mattress companies strictly import their mattresses or memory foam in order to cut production costs or sell less expensive products. Memory foam mattresses constructed with lower quality, imported foams are not likely to hold up well to the everyday wear a mattress gets. These cheap memory foam mattresses are often less comfortable, less supportive and significantly less durable. This is true even for those mattress brands who assemble memory foam mattresses in the USA with imported foams..

For many consumers, it may be tempting to purchase a low cost memory foam mattress to save money in the short term, but these cheaper mattresses simply do not meet the high standards that most buyers expect and deserve. The price tag of these more “affordable” memory foam mattresses may be appealing at first, but the lack of support and durability they provide will have you spending even more on another new mattress much sooner. Most importantly, these cheaper mattresses may be hazardous to your health because there is no guarantee that they have been made without harmful or potentially toxic materials.

Buy High-Quality When You Buy BedInABox®

When you purchase a mattress in a box from BedInABox®, you can rest easy knowing that we deliver only high-quality memory foam and hybrid mattresses that are supportive, comfortable, long lasting and safe for the whole family. In fact, the Eco-Lux® mattress is the most certified mattress on the market. We uphold the quality of our mattresses by making both the memory foam and the mattresses under the same roof, by maintaining the foam and mattress quality certifications, and by delivering each mattress with a 20 year warranty and a risk-free sleep trial to guarantee sleep you can rely on.


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