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FLASH SALE: Get an extra $50 off mattresses with code BOOM50!
FLASH SALE: Get an extra $50 off mattresses with code BOOM50!

BedInABox vs Casper

Bed in a box vs Casper Mattress in a box comparison

Boxed mattresses, mailed directly to the consumer, have become massively popular in the last decade. Compressing, rolling, and packaging a mattress into a smaller scale box, as well as selling and purchasing mattresses online, has become a much more practical process over the years.  BedInABox is the original mattress in a box that stimulated the ecommerce mattress industry and gave customers the ability to purchase mattresses from the comfort of their own home. Since our conception, a lot of competitors have joined the market, offering a variety of mattress options in terms of comfortability, overall quality, and cost. Known for being a trendsetter in our industry, Casper has been one of our strongest contenders in the market. In this post, we want to explore the differences and similarities between our products based on 6 key-points.


Number of options

Casper, just like BedInABox, offers six different mattress sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King. This diversity of options is great when shopping for the whole family. However, Casper offers three different mattress models, while we offer six. Our goal is to make sure every type of sleeper can find their ideal bed, which is why we have developed a series of mattresses with varying heights and levels of firmness.



Our mattresses are 100% made in the USA. Our commitment to generating and supporting our country’s economy is one of many things that has distinguished us from competitors since the conception of our company. Let’s take a look at Casper’s manufacturing process: Their top fabric, bottom fabric, and packaging are all made in the USA. However, their film (middle fabric) is imported from Taiwan and their mattress tags are made in China. Despite where both companies mattresses are built, BedInABox and Casper have one thing in common - they have mastered memory foam cooling technology. Even though the beds are constructed with memory foam, they keep cool and comfortable while sleeping on them.



At BedInABox, we promise that your mattress will be comfortable and will have a lifetime of at least eight years - if not longer. We stand behind our promise with a 20-year warranty. Based on customers’ reviews found on our webpage and on other review sites, our sleepers can go to bed confident that their mattress will uphold its quality for at least this length of time. On the other hand, when searching the internet for Casper reviews, Casper customers have identified that their mattresses hold up for only about five years. The difference in durability between our products and Casper’s is at least two years, according to our customers’ observations.



Both BedInABox and Casper have been showered with positive reviews from both back and side sleepers. You can rest assured that, regardless of your preferred sleeping position, both companies have designed products that will be comfortable and suitable for your sleep needs. BedInABox beds are also great for couples! Our motion transfer results prove that you won’t feel your partner getting up or tossing and turning throughout the night.



Shipping and Delivery are free when purchasing mattresses from both BedInABox and Casper. Ranging from $536 for a twin bed to $2,696 for a California King, our competitor’s products are priced slightly higher than ours. In comparison, our beds range from $449 for a twin to a $2,039.15 for a California King. Not only are our mattresses less expensive, but we also offer regular discounts! So, you can save 10%, 15%, and even 20% on your mattress order depending on when you visit our site.  Something that we DO have in common with Casper, is that you can purchase your mattress and pay in monthly installments with Affirm! We are committed to making your purchase as easy and affordable as we can!

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Trial Period and Warranty

How confident are we that you’ll love our products? BedInABox lets you try out your mattress for a 120 nights trial period, while Casper offers a sleep trial for only 100 nights. Similarly, our company offers a 20-year warranty on your mattress, while the competing brand offers 10. At BedInABox, we are committed to making sure we deliver a high-quality mattress that will fit your specific needs and help you get a better night’s sleep, and that can only happen by allowing our shoppers to test out their mattress to make sure it does just that.

 120 night trial on bed in a box mattresses

Looking for a change in your sleep routine? Do your research and purchase a BedInABox mattress! While both BedInABox and Casper offer free shipping and options suitable for different types of sleepers, it is no question that BedInABox has a larger selection of mattresses and a more generous sleep trial and warranty policy. Our beds maintain a high quality, but are available to you at a lower price point! Purchasing a new bed shouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket, so check out our options, talk to one of our sleep specialists, and invest in better sleep with BedInABox today!