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BedInABox®: How Delightful Our Reviews Are

We at BedInABox® take pride in our reputation and our special distinction as the first and foremost original mattress-to-door company of its kind, since 2006 and still today.

As an honorable and devoted company of mattress-makers and sleep specialists, we pride ourselves in quality customer service and professionalism, with high quality products as our objective and a strong backbone of seasoned mattress performance experts to stand behind them. 

Our product line consists of mattress models that have been around for over a decade, alongside newer, more innovative mattress constructions. We are owned by a company that makes both our mattresses and the foams used in our mattresses, which saves you money by cutting out the middleman - quite the rare exception to the game, indeed. An unbiased review video by GoodBed.com, claims that we are “the most time-tested compressed and rolled mattresses”, that we essentially started it all. Over time, our production process has more or less remained the same – our team making improvements only where necessary. Essentially, we offer our customers the same products BedInABox® families have known, loved and reviewed since 2006.


We want to take the time to celebrate the distinguished spirit that makes BedInABox® what it is today. At the very core of this company is a striking, unbeatable stamina for quality - we are the oldest, and the boldest of our nature - rooted in originality. Not only are the qualities of our foam mattresses one of a kind – plush, adaptive, supportive - but our manner of customer service and model of operation also make us unique.


"Heaven in a Box"

A key feature of our business is our interaction and rapport with BedInABox® customers - our family, patrons and valued clientele like yourself - which matters to us above all else. It is fulfilling to know that we have contributed to the lives of our sleepers in so many ways - from remarks about a good night’s sleep with no aches or pains, to literally, “heaven in a box” (Sarah G., 04/24/20). The number of such positive and transparent consumer reviews truly communicates the reliability and credible reputation our brand and our products uphold.


"This is My Second Bed in a Box"

In evaluating what some of our customers have to say, we better understand how our products are received by honest buyers like yourself. Most of our reviews tend to illuminate a sense of satisfaction and bang for the buck” (Mark H., 05/18/20). Many of our verified buyers, such as Carol A., love BedInABox® so much that they come back again and again! This is my second Bed in a Box. The first one lasted close to 10 years and has now been passed down to my grandson.


"The Softer Feel is Incredible"

Another satisfied buyer, Tyler A., commented on the comfort and ease of the Azul™, both in practicality and aesthetic. After three weeks of sleeping in it, Tyler states, I can say with certainty this is equal if not better than the bed we sleep on at home [the predecessor to this mattress, the “Natural Silk Elegance”]. The softer feel is incredible for my wife and I, who are both primarily side sleepers. It is sooo comfortable and had almost no off gassing. We actually slept on it the first night” (Tyler A., 7/19/20). What becomes radically clear, here, is the reliability and convenience of our products, as this mattress is not only suitable to side-sleepers, but has no off-gassing upon unboxing, so you can sleep on it the first night delivered!


"I...actually sleep in now!"

On Azul™ Debi D. says, I sleep better, actually sleep in now! I’m still off from my job because of COVID-19, so getting a decent night's' sleep means a lot to me. Especially when I go back to work. The instructions were easy to go by, too easy” (Debi D., 07/01/20). This customer touches upon the ever-relevant and real challenges of getting adequate sleep during the COVID-19 pandemic, and just how much more important proper rest becomes with such added stressors. BedInABox® has your back during these times of strife, bringing a sense of comfort and ease to your home. 


In comparison to Tempur-Pedic, Mark H. asserts that “We were looking to replace a Tempur-Pedic after 12 years and we didn't want to spend that much money again. After sleeping on this for 5 months, we can say that the BedinaBox performs equivalent to the Tempur, at a fraction of the cost. Other reviews have mentioned odor but we didn't notice any odor after 24 hours” (Mark H., 05/18/20). Mark’s comments outline the nature of the BedInABox® standard - high quality mattress performance and diligence in the details.


"This is our Third Purchase from Bed in a Box" 

On the BedInABox® Original mattress, valued customer Geoffrey B states that he and his wife were two very different sleepers, but we both find it very comfortable” (Geoffrey B., 7/17/20) further supporting the feel of ease and comfort you can find in a BedInABox® mattress, even for different sleep preferences. Jonathan F. reiterates the same sentiment in his review on the Essential mattress, expressing that from day one it was a hit for my co-driver as well as myself. This is our third purchase from bed in a box. It won’t be our last” (Jonathan F. 7/19/)


Sue M. says, Quality is top notch! Customer service is exceptional! Price is reasonable! Our family are repeat customers!” (Sue M., 7/06/20).


In comments on delivery, Jarod T., verified buyer, reinforces that his Original Mattress BedInABox® purchase was not only a great mattress at a great price, but also delivered right on schedule!” (7/12/20).


"Truly the Best Mattress I've Slept on" 

For a detailed review on the Dual Hybrid™,  valued customer Peter B. posits his opinion: truly the best mattress I've slept on and worth the price over $1000-1500 mattresses. First impression, it's different from a spring mattress or a foam mattress (we've bought five different foam mattress brands) and we weren't sure about it at first. We bought it based on recommendations. Of all the mattresses I've slept on or owned we both fall asleep faster with this (truly amazed on this), stay asleep, and don't wake up sore wanting to get out of bed. It took about a week for our bodies to adjust to it but it's worth the money. It feels "medium" on the surface from a handprint, but once you settle into it there is a deceptively lot of support after the top cushioning layer” (Peter B. 7/03/20).


Mattress review websites have taken the time to review some of our products, as well. In response to the question ‘Are BedInABox ® mattresses good?’, Consumer Affairs declared that “BedInABox mattresses are good. Their memory foam and cooling properties make them comfortable mattresses to sleep on. The foam absorbs almost all movement and makes for a silent sleep, even if you are tossing and turning”, giving an overall mattress rating of four and a quarter stars - just under five stars!


“The Best Mattress Ever!!!”

The bottom line is, we are what we say we are: high quality, reliable and true. As customer Lisa F. verifies, a BedInABox® bed is certain to be the best mattress ever!!!”, caliber and value guaranteed (7/18/20).

 bed in a box reviews 5 stars

From the bottom of our hearts, the BedInABox® family thanks you for the support you give us, so we (our comfy mattresses and dedicated associates) can support you.


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11” multilayer foam construction designed with CoolRest® Gel memory foam to bring you cool, comfortable memory foam support.
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