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Father's Day Sale: Save up to 25% sitewide
Father's Day Sale: Save up to 25% sitewide

A Step-by-Step Guide to Purchasing a BedInABox Mattress

Ordering a Bed in a Box

You have decided to purchase your first BedInABox mattress. Congratulations! We know that choosing the perfect mattress is not an easy decision, and we are so excited for you to be our next satisfied sleeper and to join the BedInABox family.

But what’s next? Here at BedInABox, we want the process of purchasing your mattress to be super easy. We have created a step-by-step list to help to simplify the process. All you will need to complete this list is a measuring tape, and then you’ll be well on your way to experiencing the unmatched comfort of your new BedInABox mattress.

1. Decide what size mattress you want to purchase.

Have you given some thought to which size BedInABox mattress you are looking to purchase? Our mattresses come in six different sizes, all of which can be shipped right to your door. To make this process easier for you, we have created a Mattress Size Guide, which provides some insight into which BedInABox mattress will be best suited to your needs. It considers room size, number of persons sleeping, and even pets! Download the Mattress Size Chart here, and read the blurbs about each of the mattress sizes to help aid in your decision!

2. Measure your space.

So, you have either decided which mattress size you want or are currently considering two or three different mattress sizes. Either way, you will need to measure your space. If you already have a bed frame or bed foundation, measuring that will give you a better idea of which mattress to purchase. Simply compare those measurements to the measurements listed on the Mattress Size Chart to find out what mattress size will fit best on your bed frame or bed foundation.

However, if you are still deciding on what size would best fit your space, we recommend measuring your room or even taping out the dimensions of our mattresses on your floor with masking tape or painter’s tape to see how much space they would take up in your bedroom. Once you have a better idea of the true size of your space, it should be easier for you to decide what size BedInABox mattress will be best for your needs.

3. Decide which model of BedInABox mattress is right for you.

Explore the BedInABox online store to read about the many mattress options we offer!

4. Purchase your new BedInABox mattress.

Add your BedInABox mattress selection to your online cart and proceed to checkout. You can pay in full, or choose to pay in increments for 3, 6, or 12 months with affirm®. Checking your eligibility for affirm® payments will not affect your credit score, so see if you qualify for this option to make your BedInABox even more affordable.

5. Wait for your BedInABox mattress to arrive.

After purchase, your BedInABox mattress should be delivered to your door within 2-5 business days.  Sit back, relax, and wait for your new mattress to arrive.

6. Receive your BedInABox mattress and enjoy!

You have received your new BedInABox mattress. Welcome to the family – we are so excited for you to be our next satisfied sleeper.

NOTE: Unbox your BedInABox® mattress upon arrival at your home.  Your mattress is ready to go to bed when you are – our mattresses are ready to use within minutes of opening. (If you need to wait to unbox your new bed, it can remain roll-packed and boxed for no longer than 30 days. We ask that you unbox within this time frame so that you do not void the warranty.)


Information on Returns and Exchanges

BedInABox has eliminated any risk to you with our 120-Night Sleep Trial. If after trying our mattress for 60 days, you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may simply call us for a RMA number (Return Merchandise Authorization number) and we will begin processing your mattress return. We do not charge a restocking fee or a reshipping fee on our mattresses. You have from the 60th day to the 120th day to request a RMA number. Please take the full 60 days to get used to your new mattress. We don’t accept RMA requests until after a full 60 day trial, nor do we accept exchanges for another mattress. The return policy is designed to make sure BedInABox delivers a high-quality mattress that will fit your specific needs and help you get a better night’s rest. Ordering the correct size, model, and thickness of a mattress is the responsibility of the customer. Please measure your bed frame or platform and make sure you order the correct size. We do not accept returns for incorrectly ordered mattresses. BedInABox reserves the right to NOT sell a mattress to a customer who has previously returned one.


NOTE: BedInABox.com will only sell new mattresses. It is unlawful to resell a used mattress.

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