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Bradley Select Adjustable Bed

A exclusive, this base has it all. Head and foot adjustment with Wallhugger technology and dual massage with ultra-quiet motors. It also features a wireless stand-up remote with programmable positions and convenient control to activate built-in under-bed lighting.
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The Oasis Adjustable Bed

Create your personal haven. This base has head and foot articulation, stay-close function to keep you beside your nightstand, dual massage with 3 speeds/intensities, an amazingly quiet 700 lb. lift capacity motors, under-bed lighting, and a wireless remote with built-in flashlight.
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S-Cape Classic Adjustable Bed

The Scape Classic is our most popular adjustable bed. The base offers head and foot adjustment as well as dual massage with wave function and includes the wall hugger feature to keep you right by your nightstand in any position. It has a powerful, yet quiet 700 lb. lift capacity and a wireless remote.
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S-Cape Modern Adjustable Bed

The S-Cape Modern is everything the Scape Classic is, but better. The base features head and foot adjustment with wallhugger function as well as dual massage. It has a wireless stand-up remote as well as an upgraded, ultra-quiet motor with 700 lb. lift capacity.
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Pro-motion Adjustable Bed

The Pro-motion can adjust head and foot position with a wired remote for an attractive price. Non-wall hugger and a Whisper Quiet motor with 550 lb. lift capacity per base.
Starting at: $785.00

Prodigy Adjustable Bed

The Prodigy brings the adjustable base into the 21st century with optional iphone or ipad control. It has head and foot adjustment, an advanced wireless remote with built-in clock and alarm, a whisper quiet 700 lb motor, dual massage with wave function, and wall hugger technology.
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Simplicity II Adjustable Bed

Anything but simplistic, this base offer a great combinations of features at a great price for a non-wall hugging base. The Simplicity II can adjust both head and foot positions with dual massage. It also has a Whisper Quiet motor with 550 lb. lift capacity and a wireless remote.
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Bronze Adjustable Bed

The Bronze is the base model in the classic series. It has a simple, wired remote with head elevation for customers who want to read or watch TV in bed and an easy to use base without all the added features.
Starting at: $695.00

About Adjustable Beds

Improve your 'your' time

Position your bed to the way you live in bed - read, work, watch TV, eat - and yes, even sleep! Adjustable beds conform to your needs. Make it easier for you to RELAX while you are doing your bills, surfing the net, or reading to the kids or grandkids. No need to get your neck in a kink or try to pile those pillows up in 'the perfect way'. Your ideal position can be attained with just a push of a button.

Customize level of comfort and relaxation

A flat bed gives you only one option. You can customize your adjustable bed to your perfect comfort setting. Higher-end models can be set it to automatically go flat or turn off massage after you fall asleep and even store your 'ideal' position in memory. The Prodigy Power Foundation can optionally use your iPhone as a controller.

Relieve Pain

Only an adjustable bed can be put in a zero-gravity position (some models) - and help eliminate lower back pain. Elevate your feet, improve your circulation and let the massage feature work on those aches and pains. The numerous health benefits have been documented by owning an adjustable bed and getting deep, restful sleep.

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