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Customer Survey indicates less tossing & turning at night

We surveyed our customers and asked them to compare their BedInABox.com mattress to their previous mattress. The results below indicate a significant decrease in tossing and turning. Many customers now report they get the best sleep of their life

Tossing & Turning

Results showed that 86% of Non-BedInABox™ owners tossed 5 or more times per night compared to 22% of BedInABox™ memory foam mattress owners. Tossing and turning at night directly impacts the quality of sleep you get. It is caused by pressure buildup in your body due to your mattress. Once your body exceeds .6 psi your body will experience capillary inclusion, the cutting off of blood flow. Your brain then sends out a signal to adjust your position allowing proper blood flow. This repositioning interrupts your body's desired sleep pattern and will lower your quality of sleep. Our mattresses are designed to help prevent this from occurring.

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Better Sleep on a BedInABox

An impressive 99% of BedInABox™ owners said they TOSS & TURN LESS on their BedInABox™ mattress than their previous mattress. Survey respondents report previously sleeping on innerspring, air, waterbed, latex, & NON-BedInABox™ memory foam mattresses. BedInABox™ memory foam mattresses help overcome the main obstacle of getting the sleep your body needs by cutting back on the number of times you toss at night.

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Mattress Comfort

Lastly, we asked BedInABox™ owners and Non-BedInABox™ owners to rate the comfort of their mattress. As you can see in the graph to the left, the results again weigh heavily in favor of the BedInABox mattress. Comfort is, of course, subjective to each individual. To back this claim on a scientific level we pressure-mapped our mattresses. The result proves what we believe to be the world’s ideal sleeping surface for 98% of people.

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