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I am the owner of two Tempur-Pedic mattresses of which I am a great fan. After much research and reading reviews on the Bed in a Box mattresses, I decided to give one a try. I ordered the pac bed with the two additional inches of foam along with the platform. It arrived three days later. My two sons-in-law put the platform together (it took them about 35 min.) and we opened the mattress box and placed the mattress on the platform. It instantly began to form to it's full shape. It is truly 11" thick and extraordinarily comfortable. I like it as much, if not more, than the Tempur-Pedic mattresses. I have been sleeping on it since the day it arrived. Great mattress that is less than half the cost of a Tempur-Pedic. Would recommend this mattress to anyone. I am so glad I found your website.

Mary Battles - Fulton, MO

The bed came quickly and there was NO smell. I'm extremely sensitive to any smells and was concerned, but I was able to sleep on this mattress the first night. It fits our frame perfectly, and we are sleeping great. The pain in my neck is getting better all the time and we are waking more refreshed.

R. Williams

Dear Bed in a Box,
Just wanted to thank you for the especially great customer service that we felt you gave to us. My wife and I ordered our first BIAB back in May, not really knowing what to expect, as we had never used a memory foam mattress before. But we knew our backs were hurting, and we had tried everything else, and with your no-risk, guarantee, decided to give it a shot. One of your reps there (I wish I had written down names) helped us pick out a tranquility gel mattress and really spent some time on the phone with us that was much appreciated. After two months, we wondered if we really should have ordered a softer version, because it just seemed a little harder than we were happy with. We decided to see if there was a way to swap mattress covers, rather than returning the whole mattress, and when we called your company to discuss what to do, another delightful and very helpful customer rep made the suggestion of trying the bamboo plush mattress cover as a way to make the current mattress a little softer. We were even more thrilled when she said that she could send it to us for free! Now THAT'S rare customer service, and has made us strong advocates of your company to anyone that we talk to, or cares to listen to us. And what's more, it was the PERFECT suggestion--we are absolutely delighted with how the mattress/cover feels now (as is the dog). We are full-time side sleepers, and this extra little bit of softness, was the perfect little touch for us. Thanks again for your extraordinary customer service. Keep it up, and you'll win over a whole bunch of happy and repeat customers.

Pat & Ann O'Connor

I am 69 years old and have had many mattresses in my life. All previous mattresses have been uncomfortable and even caused me pain. I've had my new Bed-In-A-Box queen memory foam mattress for several months and it is like a miracle mattress. I am so comfortable in my bed now that I don't want to get out of bed each morning plus all my back and even neck pain is gone. The mattress is super comfortable and allows me to finally get a good night's sleep. Plus it was easy to install with help from my sister to lift the mattress and foundation. I keep telling people about it and they always ask "isn't it hot?" I reply no, not at all. I'm sure they are thinking about negative comments they've heard about other memory foam mattresses. When I tell them the price, which is thousands less money than other memory foam mattresses, they are surprised. Thank you so much for your superior product.

Linda B. - California

Hello Matt!

We purchased our king size bed and wooden frame nearly two months ago. We chose the 13" bed with the bamboo cover. Customer service rep., Lisa, was so helpful with information that guided us to our final decision. By the way, we have spoken to several rep's. and all have been friendly and competent. Our bed arrived as scheduled and we were able to assemble everything ourselves and sleep on it that night. By the second night, we were hooked! We are both retired, arthritic and have back problems causing much loss of sleep. I was unable to sleep in one position for more than an hour and a half without waking up with pain in my neck, shoulder and hip. I'd change positions and go through the same ritual all night, every night. I researched mattresses on the internet, looking for comfort, durability, affordability, and a product made in the U.S.A. Up popped Bed In A Box! I read the reviews on your website, then reviews from an independent site. Honestly, it all looked too good to be true, but after Lisa reassured us the bed could be returned, at no cost to us, we completed the order.

We sleep all night, in one position! This seems like a miracle to me. We are so thankful for your company. The quality is beyond our expectations, the warranty is superb, and the cost is far less than anything even remotely comparable. Thank you seems so inadequate to express our gratitude for a great product that has changed our lives for the better. I tell everyone I can about our bed and how wonderfully we are sleeping. My husband says, laughingly, that next I'll be dragging complete strangers in to tell them about the wonders of Bed In A Box! It is so refreshing to find a company that actually lives up to the claims and more. Thank you for a terrific product and great customer service.

We do have one big problem to report - we can't walk into our bedroom without wanting to lay down on our comfy bed. Yeah, I know, tough problem to have.


Barb & Harley Lyttle - Greenville, PA

This is from Patti and Ron Rabie in St. Johns, Arizona. We received our king sized bed in two boxes this morning. The frame assembly was packed separately from the actual mattress. After reading a less than flattering review by someone, whom we now consider a moron, we found the materials of the frame to be first rate, the design is equally good and the assembly is utterly simple. We put the covered frame in a king size metal bed frame and opened the mattress on the assembled frame. The mattress expanded fully within ten minutes. While there is a barely discernible odor associated with the mattress we find that it is both very slight and not unpleasant. Our Rottweiler, with a much more sensitive nose than ours is asleep and snoring on the new bed as we write this. Our impressions are that this Natural Silk Elegance king bed and frame are a first rate product as delivered. We will write more after a week or two of sleeping on the bed. First impressions however, are great.

Ron and Patti Rabie - St. Johns, Arizona

Hi BedInABox, I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with my bed. It arrived exactly when you said it would .. My friends and I put it together and I have had great sleep every night... Something I haven't had in years!

Thank you so much for the great product! Ryan, Carolyn, & Tracy were all helpful and friendly every time I called!

Teresa Mele - New York, NY

I bought the king size 11" PacDown without the down cover (I guess that was an option then) in Oct 2010. I also got a water proof cover just in case I was going to have a warranty issue (but there was no issue). It came with two pillows also.

Prior to, my wife and I slept on a queen, old school, firm mattress with a cheap 2" memory foam topper on it for about 6 years. The topper smelled really bad when we got it and eventually the smell went mostly away. I decided to upgrade to a king due to my two year old jumping in bed with us at night and me losing sleeping room.

At the time, I researched everywhere on memory foam and concluded for me that this was the best bet for us. (I do not know what, if anything has changed since then in terms of "technology"). I wanted a Tempur-Pedic, but decided I would not spend that much. After looking on every legitmate website I could think of, I had narrowed it down to this one and one at Sears for just under twice the price. (The Sears one at the time was half the price of a Tempur-Pedic). I bought because the price was very fair and the sales pitch seemed logicly written. The fact that it was made in the US is why I pulled the trigger.

I was excited when it showed up and noticed the FedEx guy giving me the evil eye when I went to sign for it. After he left, I learned why. Small box, BIG weight (for one guy) I lugged it into the house and followed the directions exactly, then put the water proof cover on top. Very little smell at first, gone within 3 days, all the smell.

I am 6'3" and my weight bounces between 200 and 230. My wife is 5'4 and 125. I have back pain generally, and only on the BedInABox mattress do I wake up without back pain. The mattress is comfy for both of us and the kids (go to sleep only two people in bed, wake up with four).

I would get hot sometimes, (I get hot, not the matteress) and I put a synthetic down comforter on the cover, then 2 unfitted sheets, then the fitted sheet and I do not get hot anymore.

I would buy this again, and I will be buying the twin ones for the kids when it is time.

The biggest surprise was those goofy looking pillows that showed up with it. I have owned down and feather, down only, soft regular, and firm regular pillows. I loved my down pillow, but slowly over the last 2+ years I now only use the goofy pillow. I even travel with it. In fact, I logged in today to see if they have a king version of it.

Andrew Logan - Locust, NC

To the wonderful staff of
All of you demonstrated the BEST customer service every time I called. I was very nervous ordering a mattress online, but you answered every question I had patiently and spoke of your own experience personally sleeping on your products. To my surprise you were even available on a Sunday night when I finally decided I was ready to order. No pushy sales, just kindness and professionalism every step of the way. I LOVE MY NEW mattress and am enjoying the restful sleep I had been lacking for years. God bless you all. I am telling all my friends to call you. Thank you again.

Sharon Bellitto - Worcester, PA

Hello Lisa,

I purchased a 13" queen size bamboo mattress and I just want to thank this company for this FANTASTIC bed. I have not been able to sleep good in years. Now, I get into my bed at night and don't move. The only drawback is that I don't want to get up in the morning! Every night I thank God for this wonderfully comfortable bed. So, this is just a thank you from my heart.

Believe me, I am a very picky person when it come to my bed and I did research all over the internet for the best mattress. I am so grateful for your company.


Margaret L. - Tehachapi, CA


We just got our new bed yesterday and slept on it last night. THANK YOU!!!!!
We haven't slept that well in years, we love the bed already :-). I have several friends that are asking me about the bed and your company. Hope to be able to send some more customers your direction soon.

Thanks again,

Tim Johnson - Brandon, MS

I just want to let you know how happy I am with my new bed. I have had back pain for years now and have not been able to find a bed for me. I have had at least 4 beds since 2004 and never happy with them. I am so glad that I found BedInABox. I am sure this will not only be my first but not my last bed I purchase form you either. Thanks Again for being the first to make my nights a peaceful and restful one!!!!

Laura Sievert - Manistee, Michigan

Hi Lisa,

I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for all your help. Everything worked out perfectly and we love both the mattress and the platform bed. Your customer service and attention to detail far exceeded our expectations and justified all the wonderful glowing reviews of BedInABox. You set the Gold Standard for service and quality of products and we will recommend BedInABox to anyone and everyone we know.

Thanks again and enjoy the long weekend,


Hi Matt,

I read through ALL the customer reviews on your BedInABox before we ordered ours in November of 2010. They were very helpful so I'd like to add my review to help others.

After extensive research we ordered a King size BedInABoxTM in November 2010 (almost 1 1/2 years ago). It remains the best mattress we have ever owned. All of our previous mattresses have been high end and expensive and they all developed big divits, depressions, or become lumpy within a short time. We are not heavy or large people (120 lbs & 160 lbs) so this should not have happened. Most uncomfortable!

We prefer a mattress that is firm. Not rock hard, just firm, but with a softness to the top. We do have a fluffy mattress topper on top but only because we already had it. The mattress would probably be just as comfortable without the topper.

We plan to purchase another one soon as a house-warming gift for our son's guest room in his new home. (Nice house warming gift PLUS we know we will have a great mattress to sleep on!).

We love that your mattresses are made in the USA and that there is no odor whatsoever. Plus, it's great fun to watch the mattress "fluff up" when you open it! It was nice to have it delivered right to our door. Even the King size mattress was not too heavy or awkward to bring inside. Set-up was simple and easy. (Note to future owners - be sure to read the instructions before you begin to open the packaging.)

I can't imagine anyone not loving this mattress. We are both in our late 60's so we've had a lot of mattresses in our time. This one is the best!


I just received my new mattress today, one day earlier than the anticipated arrival. I put it up all by myself and I am 65 yrs. old. I laid on the bed immediately and all I can say is WOW. I just cannot believe how comfortable it is. I cannot wait to go to sleep tonight. Thank you Sarah for being so helpful and kind to me. Thank you all for making such a fantastic mattress. I am sure that I will have many years of comfort on this great mattress and rest assured that I will be telling everyone I know about your company and the out of this world comfortable beds you manufacture. God Bless you all.

Margaret Lorelle

As a 67 year old guy who had botched spinal surgery in 1991, I have tried, without success, so many mattresses to aid my back problem. I actually stumbled across the web site a few months ago and figured I'd try it. I couldn't sleep at all with the highest priced spring types. The very first night I tried the 11" Bed in a Box mattress type, I had the best sleep I've encountered ever! It has been like that ever since. It supports the proper areas of my back and body no matter my position on the bed. I really can't thank you enough for your mattress. By far it is the best I've ever had, even prior to that terrible surgical debacle.

Steve Kralick - Dozier, AL

I ordered the queen-sized mattress in January, and it was delivered within two days. I was relieved to have the assistance of my two daughters to help me get the boxes in the house and the mattress set up. After wrestling it onto the foundation, we laughed ourselves silly trying to get it out of the box. Once we did, it looked all shriveled up and I thought I'd have to spend the night on the couch until it got back to its original shape. However, after returning from taking the shipping materials to my garage, the mattress was ready to go! I'd been lusting (only in my heart!) after a memory foam mattress ever since I slept on one about six years ago, but haven't wanted to pay the price. After one night, I knew I'd made the right decision - the mattress is wonderful! I admit I haven't realized exactly how wonderful until I spent last week at the beach in a rental unit. I couldn't wait to get back to my "bed in a box" mattress.

I've had the mattress for five months and highly recommend it. I would characterize sleeping on the competitor's expensive memory foam mattress as being "planted in" the mattress - it's very difficult to shift positions during the night And it's HOT! You won't have that trouble sleeping on a Bed in a Box mattress; it's extremely comfortable. So, stop procrastinating and order one!

Kathleen Waindle - Atlanta, GA saved my marriage! Two years ago, Handsome developed periodic limb movement disorder. Sleep studies, prescription meds, rotating and flipping the innerspring mattress -- nothing seemed to help. Instead of sweet dreams, it was kung fu fighting each and every night. I finally issued an ultimatum: buy another bed or go sleep in another bed. Thus began the hunt. Wow! The fine-print warranties! The pushy salesmen! The prices!!! No way could we afford the Queen Mother of memory foam adjustable beds but we really needed one. There had to be a better alternative, and thank goodness, I found it: After checking out the company's reputation and reading all the customer reviews, I called and spoke with just the most polite, helpful young man who answered my questions and even volunteered some really great news, that the mattresses and frame I was considering are made in the USA. That did it. I ordered the split king adjustable bed with the PacBamboo 13" mattresses and the Prodigy adjustable frame. (I say mattresses because it comes with two extra long twins, thus the name split king.) Oh, my goodness! How I love it. The first night we had it, I slept like a log. Truly, I don't think I moved all night. It was the first uninterrupted night's sleep in years, and it's been that way every night since. No more trying to get comfortable. No more stuffing pillows under the knees. This mattress and frame adjust to you -- head up, knees up, whatever you need. We both enjoy the massage feature and he thinks it may be helping his PLMD. Actually, he sleeps so soundly, he doesn't know if it's bothering him since I've quit complaining about it. I know it's really helped my sciatica which had reached the point where I could not sleep on my right side at all without pain. I sleep on my right side every night now and poof! no pain. We really enjoy our king size memory foam contour pillows, too. They're heavier than the department store versions and don't go sliding around, even with the head elevated. Better yet, they span the entire twin mattress. If you're going with a king mattress, go with the king pillows, too. Now, for the $64,000 question: Doesn't an adjustable bed interfere with your love life? Happy to say, it most certainly does not. And if you're worried about it, Leggett & Platt sell lots of accessories, including brackets to hold the two frames firmly together. So what are you waiting for? Call, order an American-made mattress and an American-made adjustable frame, and get a great night's sleep knowing you, too, have saved your marriage and possibly even the United States of America, one job at a time. Then be sure to write your own rave review for other would-be BIAB customers.

Mindy Taylor - Round Rock, Texas

Quite easy to write a review as my experience, both with the service and the product, has been exceptional. I ordered my first bed with frame for my Florida house and wanted it to arrive one day after we arrived. Sure enough, your company shipped right on time and the bed arrived right on time. I think that our opinion of the bed,(I'll quote my wife, "... like sleeping on a cloud"), was proven when we immediately ordered a second bed for our house in Pennsylvania. Again, shipped and delivered right on time. Great service, great product! I've already told several friends/family about your company and products.



My DH had been researching memory foam mattresses for quite some time. I refused to pay $3000 for a mattress and then he came upon BIAB. Then being me, I complained about paying "only $1500." He decided to purchase BIAB anyway and bought the 13" king Silk Elegance with gel foam. Set up was a breeze because there wasn't really any. We slept on it the same night. We both were having back/hip issues with our inner spring mattress, but they seem to have resolved. No odor issues, no sweating or hot feelings which I was concerned about. If anyone is undecided, keep the extra $1500 in your pocket and go with!!

Lisa Deptula - Townville, SC

Our bed arrived as promised. My husband & myself (we are considered senior citizens) set up the foundation & mattress with very little effort. Even though we are not YouTube (LINK TO OUR YOUTUBE PAGE) people, I am glad I watched the videos and knew what to expect, it really made it alot easier to have seen someone open a mattress like we ordered.

Thank you,

A. Rodriguez


I have had my king size 13" Natural Silk Elegance bed for one month now. I cannot begin to tell you how much my husband and I love this bed. It is so Lush and comfortable that I actually feel like I'm sleeping on a cloud. Cannot wait to crawl in it every night. I sleep through the night without waking up and I wake not wanting to get out of it because it is so Heavenly. Best mattress that I have ever owned and we had one of the expensive ones prior to this one. Cannot even begin to compare it. If anyone has any doubts like I did about ordering this without trying it first. Let me tell you best decision I ever made.

Love, Love My BedInABox!

Samantha Nivens - Huntsville, AL

We ordered our mattress at 6:00 a.m. on 11/30. The bed was waiting on our porch when I came home for lunch on 12/1. We had been shopping for a mattress for well over a year, unable to locate one we thought was right. We did discover the BedInABox web site but were leery of purchasing without being able to try it out. We tried every traditional mattress we could find, as well as both iComfort and Tempurpedic. When we realized that BedInABox has a local facility, we arranged a trip to the showroom. That did it. This is by far the best mattress that we have owned.

Thanks BedInABox!

Patrick & Tammy - Bulls Gap, TN

I just wanted to let you know that the bed arrived without problems. We had the foundation put together in less than half an hour. This is the most comfortable bed I've ever seen. I have a bad back and leg problems, but once I'm settled in the bed, the pains go away. Great bed, only wish I found it sooner. Once again Thank You for helping me with my health problems..

Michael Bright - Neoga, IL

When our bed arrived I wondered how in the world would this bed meet our needs in a box this size! We ordered a California Queen which you so kindly custom made up for us. Now here it was and we just had to trust you and open it as instructed. I must admit, I do not truly trust advertising at all - it seems in advertising sellers say whatever they think will convince you to buy their product. I must say, this certainly is not your ploy! I was SO tired of paying lots of money for beds that were not comfortable for both of us. Finally I decided to try a different way to find a good bed. I Googled "the best bed". Your company came up, and I am so glad it did. Nearly a year later, we are still so very pleased! We have thanked the Lord for our snuggy bed more than once! It is so comfortable. Every day it just pops back to its original looks - no sags or ridges. My husband who thought he had to have a hard bed, and me who thought it had to be soft are both very pleased. He is 81 and I am 73 and we both regret not finding you YEARS ago! Thanks for such a great product!!!! Also, I love the bamboo cover! All the testimonies I read on your site before buying proved to be honest to goodness testimonies from happy buyers - I appreciate them taking the time to share.

Dessa Fountaine - West Jordan, UT

We ordered a bed in the box near the first of the year and another one last month. Wow! We love our beds. I wrote about them in my personal blog. You can read it here:

Keep up the good work!


We've had our fantastic Queen size memory foam mattress from BedInABox for 8 months now, and words really can't describe how pleased we are! I found this website by accident on the Internet while browsing for new furniture for our beachfront guest studio apartment. It was the perfect size and weight for our new Murphy bed. Little did we know it would turn out to be the best mattress we've ever had! First of all, it arrived in 3 days from our order date, and in a box that made us think they sent something else by mistake, as it didn't seem possible they could fit a queen mattress in it! When we opened the box, it started to grow!!!!! It was amazing to watch. The next day it looked exactly like our Tempurpedic, which we have in our main apartment. Although we paid 4 times more for the Temperpedic, this one is much better for us! We sleep in the studio every chance we get as it's marvelous for our backs, and we sleep the whole night through! The Tempurpedic is good, but this one is much better! All of our guests rave about how great they felt in the morning, and how well they slept! And the people at BedInABox were so lovely and pleasant to deal with...and the best's totally made in America, by American workers, in North Carolina! YAYYYY! We are as happy as can be and recommend this company to everyone! Oh, by the way, their pillows and mattress covers are wonderful also!

Enzo and Candy Ortelli - Hollywood Beach, Florida

We purchased the 17" Natural Silk Elegance Adjustable Memory Foam King Size Mattress a little over a month ago. We purchased the adjustable mattress because my husband and I like different support. If I sleep on too hard of a mattress, my hips hurt. I do not have this problem with this mattress. I chose the silk because of its being cooler in hot weather. I definitely like the price over the cost of Tempurpedic. I like the fact the foam is made in the United States and much more environmentally friendly!! After sleeping on the mattress for almost a month we were out of town for a week. The night we returned it was so wonderful to be able to sleep on our new mattress. Soo comfortable! Thank you!

Linnie Davis - New Mexico, USA

After 30 years my waterbed gave out, on a Friday night. In Va Beach we must have 30 different mattress companies, the last thing I wanted to do was talk with those guys. I texted a good friend he said to go to bed in a box. He raved about the 3 months research he did, about your customer service and prices (too good to be true). I trusted him ordered bed on Saturday, I was home today (Tuesday) and it arrived about 10 a.m. That's impossible. I set up bed in about 10 minutes but will have to order a cover since my waterbed cover won't fit. Service has been incredible. I'll write again after sleeping on it but I had to send this review in since I expected to wait 5-6 days or more. Good job people! (in the Navy we say Bravo Zulu)

Dan M. - Virginia Beach, VA

We purchased our 13" memory foam mattress about 3 weeks ago and received it 5 days later. It was easy to set up and "inflated" very rapidly with no off gassing. We slept on it that same night and what a pleasant surprise. There was no getting use to the mattress, no adjustment period, no finding that "sweet spot" to sleep in. It was blissful. When we woke that next morning we both tentatively asked the other how we slept and were both elated. And still are. We love this mattress!!

Michael Pethoud - Stockton, CA

I just wanted to send a note to let you know how happy I am with our new mattress. We bought the PacBamboo in king size. I was so impressed with the high quality. It surpasses the high end memory foam mattress that we are all familiar with. Delivery was fast, and set up was super easy, not to mention fun. I had to promise to wait until the kids were home from school to unwrap it. They had watched some videos on YouTube of the set up process and to them it was something to look forward to.

Last night was the best sleep I have had in ages, I suffer from a chronic pain syndrome and believe it or not I had no sore hips or shoulders this morning. We had been looking at the pricey name brand memory foam for a while now but it was just out of our budget. Thank you so much for making such a wonderful product that is affordable. Getting a good night's sleep should be for everyone. I would also like to add that having it delivered by FedEx and not having to have to wait around for a delivery man was the icing on the cake. It's hard to believe that such a wonderfully made mattress can be shrink wrapped and delivered in such a small package but I'm here to say that it is not "too good to be true".

I will be telling everyone I know about Bed in a Box.

Toby Smith

I have purchased 5 different brands of "memory foam" mattresses and can tell you they are so NOT all the same. The brand I kept is I did so because the quality of the mattress was unmatched even by the higher price brands, the price is fair for a lifetime product, and the company has customer service that is rarely available in USA these days. I completely love the 9" PacBed Original because it is just the right density for my taste. I weigh 150 and am 6 foot tall and have broken vertebrae in my back and neck 3 times and sleep with no pain on this mattress. I purchased a bamboo cover as well, but felt it took away the softness and support of the foam, my girlfriend loves it and thinks it makes the bed softer so there is some preference to these products that you may have to experiment with concerning the types of covers. I will say the quality of the bamboo cover is excellent, as I am sure are all the covers, I just prefer the basic mattress with the terrycloth cover. However you choose, start with this companies products and save yourself thousands of $$ and hours of time trying to find the best mattress at the best price. This is a completely unsolicited review and my phone number can be obtained from BedInABox by request if you want to talk to me personally.

Hope this helps,

Rick Smith - Independence, MO

Yesterday we received our mattress via FedEx. I have to be honest, I was expecting a 6' x7' package, so when I saw the 4 or 5 ft tall box that was about 2 ft square, I sort of thought, oh heck, did we get screwed buying this on line? But, the helpful FedEx driver carted the box all the way into our family room and we carefully opened the box, the bag and the plastic and were amazed to see this bed take immediate form, probably within 3 minutes. There was no particular odor or anything that we had been concerned about. We are in our 60's, but like a couple of kids we got onto the bed (still on the floor) and started "ohhhing" and "awwwing". It is really amazing. We put the bed together on our foundation and all those things and were looking forward to trying it out that night. I have degenerated disc disease in my lower spine, as well as having had multiple cervical and knee surgeries. Last night was the most comfortable night's sleep I have had in years. I slept 8 instead of 10 or 11 interrupted hours, and was ready to get up after 8 hours. My wife and I discussed our night's sleep, which was a god send. But more so, we discussed how much better we felt after getting up. No sore or stiff areas like we have had for so long. I am not easily impressed, but I am in fact very impressed with your product and would refer anyone who asks, to try your beds. Although, it is going to make my best friend somewhat mad to realize he paid over $3,000 for a Queen Size memory foam mattress through a retail store. Me? I'm sort of smug about the whole thing. You have a great product that I am more than just pleased about. Feel free to give my email address to anyone who wants to talk to a factual owner of your product. You guys have your act together and it's too bad more people don't know about you. I will definitely brag about you.

Thank you in a big way.


Dear BedInABox,

I am writing you after one full year of blisfully perfect sleep on my PacDown mattress. I did submit my happy thoughts a few weeks after receiving my mattress, but now that it's gotten some serious use, and as if I have all the spare time in the world, I am writing you again with my long term report.

I want you and your potential customers to know that buying your bed was the best bedding purchase I have ever made. I was skeptical about such an inexpensive bed, that came in a box no less, but with all the positive reviews and the outstanding return guarantee, I purchased your bed for my new home.

I sleep through the night, every night. No kidding. I even wake up sometimes without having moved all night. Unless a neighbor is making noise, or I'm sick, I sleep through the night consistently. It is unbelievable. I try to explain to others how the bed is so soft, but so obviously inexplicably firm and supportive. It just feels SO good to lay on and to wake up on. I have never once woken with an ache of any sort. And, this bed has NOT settled or begun to show my body's impression in any way after this year. I know that is some buyers' concern.

last month I traveled to the islands and had the worst sleeping experience of my life on their spring mattress. I am truly spoiled with my BedInABox.

My best friend also purchased your bed after hearing my happy tales and her and her husband are also still, now nine months later, loving their mattress.

I just wanted to thank you. Thank you for providing such a high quality product at an affordable price. I am so glad that I found your site when I was bed shopping. I couldn't imagine to still be sleeping on an outdated coil spring mattress. Tossing and turning and aching and waking up unrested. Everyone deserves to have sound, comfortable sleep and you are making that possible.

I sound like a walking advertisement. Well I suppose I am. I brag to everyone about my good nights sleep on your mattress!!


Rachel A Knauss - East Bangor, PA

I received my mattress yesterday and had the best night sleep in a long time! I had tried out a friend's mattress and fell in love immediately. I have lower back problems and this morning I awoke without pain. Thanks for such a great and ecomonical product!

Rosemary Leonard

We have had our bed about a year now. We can not be happier. Whenever the subject of beds, mattresses, backaches, etc. comes up I tell people - check out Bed in a Box. I just told a repairman about it today in fact.

I had previously owned the best most expensive inner spring mattress. It was terrible. I kept it tooo long to get my $$ out of it. Big mistake.

Then I researched and researched for my next bed. I had planned to go for the Sleep Comfort, but the reviews raised too many questions. When read about people having mold issues with the Sleep Comfort I said forget about it.

Then I found reviews about Bed in a Box. I was wary at first. But now that I own it - - -IT IS THE BEST.

I get great sleep and no more pain. Thank you.

Gerald Smith - Harrisburg, PA

Customer Care & Sarah,

We spent our first night on our new bed last night and had the best night of sleep in a long, long time! A special thanks and pay raise or bonus to Sarah who I talked to about your product. Sarah was more than helpful and answered all of my questions and concerns-to top it off, we received our bed 2 days early. Employees like Sarah are hard to find. Thanks again-we will spread the word about BedInABox.

Jim and Sandy Okonek - Shelton, WA

Ordered late on a Wednesday; received at noon on Friday. Now, that's service! Our King-size 13 inch mattress has been in use now for over 3 weeks & we are totally pleased with it as well as the free pillows. Assembly of the platform was a breeze. The ratchet wrench you included was a touch of class. I am 84, my wife 82, but we were able to wrestle the mattress onto the base, loosen it's wrap, & watch it rapidly inflate to its full size. We also ordered the 1500 count sheet set which are a pleasure to sleep on. I would highly recommend you company to anyone. Thank you for making a great product at a reasonable price.


OMG. First night on it, I slept all night long. First time in years. Only problem is I have to fight the dogs for space. The lay down, and I have to check them. They don't move all night. I would recommend this company to anyone. It is the best product I have ever bought.

Ellen Dolka - Depew, NY

I purchased the 13" PacBamboo queen size package and I am very impressed and happy with this bed.

We purchased a sleep number bed 4 years ago at my husband's insistance to replace an old composite foam mattress and he hated the bed once we got it. We should have spent more time rolling around on the bed and would have realized that it is like sleeping on a balloon, you bounce when they roll and when someone gets up their side sags and you roll into it.

We decided to get another bed and to get foam again because we knew we both liked foam. I was hesitant to pay the high price of temperpedic because of the off gassing and other reviews I read and then I ran into your company almost by chance.

Your prices were good, but the reviews are what sold me on it and your guarantee. I am sure I annoyed your chat folks for a while with all my questions, but at the end I decided to buy the package.

It arrived within a week, my husband had the bed together when I got home and the quality of the ticking and sewing is exceptional. The first night sleep was great and didn't have to get used to the mattress. I am no longer up wandering from bed to couch to bed to couch all night trying to get some decent sleep. My husband can toss and turn and roll over all night and I am not bounced out of my side of the bed and when he gets up his side does not deflate to the point I have to hang on to my side of the mattress to stay out of a sink hole.

There was NO odor, no off gassing, no waiting for the mattress to expand and air out. I rarely review any products but I am so impressed with this bed I decided to write you. I used to work for mattress manufacturer and these beds are very well manufactured also. The quality of the ticking and padding is excellent. Didn't really need the pillows or sheets.

Maryanne Peaslee