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Mattress Covers

We have a variety of covers for your mattress. We offer options from water proof or bed bug protection, to covers that change the comfort level of the mattress, to covers designed to help regulate your body temperature. Here are the differences between the varieties of covers we offer.


Mattress encasements work by surrounding the entire mattress. Think of them as a glove for your mattress, because like a glove they slide on from one end to the other for maximum protection.


Mattress pads usually have a layer of material that when placed over the mattress, change the feel of the mattress due to the amount or type of material they have in them. Depending on what that material is, they can also protect your mattress from water damage or help you maintain a more consistent body temperature with advanced materials.

Water Proof Protectors

We highly recommend using a cover or protector with waterproofing in it to protect your mattress. They are made from a variety of soft materials with water proof barriers, which means it won’t make the mattress sleep warmer, but liquid won’t get through it.