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Sweet Dreams Sale: Save up to 30%!
Sweet Dreams Sale: Save up to 30%!

Why Choose Memory Foam?

Over the past few decades, the variety of materials used by mattress manufacturers to make mattresses has increased significantly. Consumers today have their choice of mattresses made with memory foam, latex, inner spring, or a hybrid of materials. Each of these materials and the quality of these materials greatly impact comfort, reliability, durability, and price of your mattress. Simply put, there are pros and cons to each material that could be used to make your mattress. At BedInABox®, we believe that our American-made, high-quality, memory foam mattresses are the best on the market. In this blog, we will discuss the pros and cons of some of the most popular mattress materials on the market. We will also reveal what makes a memory foam mattress the best on the market.

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Latex mattress come in two varieties: synthetic or natural. A natural latex mattress is an environmentally conscience choice, being sourced from the rubbery sap of rubber trees. Latex mattresses share some similarities with memory foam mattresses. For instance, they are generally just as flexible as memory foam mattresses, making them ideal an ideal mattress for adjustable beds.  One significant drawback to Latex is the fact that many people are allergic to latex- something that is not documented for memory foam. Lastly, latex mattresses are much more expensive than memory foam mattresses.



An innerspring mattress is the conventional material used in mattress production. In an innerspring mattress, steel coils are used for body support. These coils are available in two types: pocket coils and continuous coils. For an adjustable bed, an innerspring mattress with pocket coils is recommended because the coils are wrapped individually and provide more targeted support to the body’s pressure points. Innerspring mattresses are typically much less durable that memory foam mattresses. It is also hard to find one that is compatible with an adjustable bedframe.


Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid mattresses are made from a variety of mattress materials available on the market. Most hybrids are a blend of inner coils with memory foam or latex. These mattresses can provide the comfort of innerspring mattresses with the durability of foam or latex. It is a good way to have the best of both worlds. Also, because they generally have innersprings, a hybrid mattress must be designed for an adjustable bed in order to be compatible.


Why choose memory foam over other options?

Memory Foam mattresses are typically made by using a polyurethane foam, which creates a ‘matrix’ of air bubbles through which air can move. This material also softens as a reaction to body heat and can quickly reform to its original shape. Using dense layers, a memory foam mattress offers firm support, but allows for molding to an individual’s body to reduce tension points. Newer memory foam mattresses also allow for better cooling, competing with that of latex based mattresses.


Memory Foam Advantages

The most prominent advantage that memory foam mattresses have over the more traditional designs and materials is that they often have a greater comfort level. Memory foam is made specifically to conform to your body while you sleep, reducing pressure on your spine and helping to avoid tension that might make you awake feeing unrested or tense. Memory foam is also better at responding to pressure, meaning that your body is able to maintain better alignment while you sleep as your body weight is distributed more evenly across the mattress. This often helps correct poor sleeping posture. Long-term use of memory foam has also been shown to reduce chronic back and neck pain and can sometimes help with chronic respiratory problems, as it eases breathing during sleep.

At BedInABox®, all of the foams (which we make ourselves!) used in our mattresses are CertiPUR-US certified.  This means that you can count on the quality of the materials used to make our mattresses. Unlike cheaper, imported memory foam, our memory foam mattresses are guaranteed to meet certain standards that promote better health. Our memory foam is free from toxic chemicals, such as formaldehyde, that can cause health issues for people with respiratory or allergy-related health problems.

When it comes to certified memory foam products, BedInABox® offers a very unique mattress.  The Eco-Lux is the only memory foam bed that is approved by the United States Department of Agriculture.  Under their Bio-Preferred program, this revolutionary mattress is certified to contain 30% renewable material.  This is a feature that none of the other materials reviewed her can claim.

Memory foam is also quiet. This means little or no squeaks or creaks that you get with springs. Memory foam also dampens movement and vibration. These aspects are helpful for those who sleep next to a restless partner because they are less likely to be woken up by noise and movement.


High- Quality Memory Foam

When you buy a BedInABox® memory foam mattress, you are buying the best mattress on the market. You can sleep comfortably knowing that you have a long-lasting and comfortable mattress with a 20-year warranty. You can also feel at ease knowing that our mattresses are guaranteed to be well made because they were made completely by us, right here in the USA!