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FLASH SALE: Use code UNBOX50 for an extra $50 off!
FLASH SALE: Use code UNBOX50 for an extra $50 off!

How Affordable is a BedInABox® Mattress?

Affordable Mattress in a Box

Mattresses today range between $200 and $5,000 (or more). Many people believe that the more expensive a bed is, the better quality of sleep it will offer to its buyer. While it is true that price many times equals product superiority, we at BedInABox® have found the perfect formula to counteract that old saying that “you get what you pay for”. You see, transportation and convenience are not the only two pros for BedInABox®; lower costs, while maintaining the comfort and quality of our product, are what we are all about. But, exactly how are we able to cut down prices without sacrificing our mattresses’ quality? Easy. We cut the middleman.

When you buy a mattress in a traditional showroom, chances are those prices are inflated. Materials and/or technology has very little to do with this. The prices are overestimated to make up for costs that we, an online business, don’t have to worry about. Examples of this are: the rent of the showroom, employees working in said store, and the importing of their products. Typically speaking, an in-store mattress passes through the hands of dozens of people before getting to your home: manufacturing factories, shipping houses, airport hangars, distributor and retail warehouses, showrooms, and delivery vehicles. It is no wonder mattresses can get so expensive if you have to account for all of those paychecks. At BedInABox®, we eliminate most of those transportation steps. Once the client places an order, the mattress -made 100% in the United States- gets produced, boxed, and shipped directly to its new owner.

As mentioned before, mattresses can be found anywhere between $200 and $5,000. How exactly do our prices compare? Well, below are our starting rates for our different mattresses.


Our BedInABox® Prices:

  • Essential: Starting at $449.00, it is a 9-inch multilayer foam mattress that provides comfort and support with CoolRest Gel memory foam.
  • Original: Starting at $441.65, our original product uses the same memory foam as our Essential line, providing comfort with its 11- inch foam layers.
  • Tranquillium: our soft and cool mattress is 12-inches and three layers of support infused with CoolRest technology. This line starts at $764.15.
  • Azul: Our 11-inch medium-soft multilayer memory foam covered with an UltraCool soft knit starts at $679.15
  • Dual Hybrid: Starting at $934.15, this mattress is 13-inches of luxurious comfort featuring the highest coil count in the industry.


All of our mattresses’ prices vary not only by style but also according to size: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and Cal King. Let’s take, for example, our most expensive mattress: Cal King Dual Hybrid ($2,039.15). The cost for this bed is still cheaper than many other competing mattresses. Usually, hybrid Queen-sized mattresses average over $2,200.  Plus, to make it even more economical, you can pay for your new mattress in monthly installments. Our company has made a partnership with affirm to guarantee affordability for all. You can make easy payments over 3, 6, or 12 months (you can visit our website to see the rates for each model).

Additionally, we offer free shipping to every client, as well as a very generous trial period of 120 days and a great return policy (we do not charge any restocking or reshipping fees). And as a bonus, we constantly offer special promotions and discounts around the same holidays that traditional retailers do.

Affordability is not only found at the moment of purchase, but also in the longevity of a product. Thanks to the foam that we use to build our beds, we guarantee that your mattress will respond slowly to your body pressure. BedInABox® mattresses are durable and they last for an average of 10 years, so your pocket will be protected long after your purchase.

Don’t stretch out your budget or sacrifice your lifestyle and invest in one of our BedInABox® mattresses ASAP! We carry five different types of mattresses in six different sizes. Contact us today and let us help you figure out which one fits your needs and your pockets. BedInABox® has perfected the manufacturing, packaging and shipping procedures, reducing this way the costs of our products. We guarantee the utmost quality and comfort, as well as the better prices competing with traditional retailers and other mattress-in-a-box companies. Leave the “you get what you pay for” mentality and your old mattress behind, and trust us to take care of you. Take advantage of our prices, free shipping, warranty, and discounts right now! Pay less and save on better sleep.