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FLASH SALE: Use code FALLSLEEP35 for 35% Off Bundles
FLASH SALE: Use code FALLSLEEP35 for 35% Off Bundles

Consider Gifting a Mattress this Holiday Season

Consider Gifting a Mattress this Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us once again, and we have the perfect gift for everyone on your list! From silky sheets to plush mattress toppers to supportive mattresses, give the gift of comfort with the ones you love. Thinking about gifting a new mattress in a box but not sure which one? This Mattress Gifting Guide will outline the perfect BedInABox® mattress for every type of sleeper. Keep reading to learn more about what mattress will help your loved ones get their best year of sleep yet.

Best Mattress for Those Wanting a Medium-Firm Feel

Mattresses range from soft in feel to firm, and, of course, mattress comfort is even more subjective. However, the most popular level of mattress support is a medium-firm feel. For sleepers who prefer this middle-of-the-road level of firmness, we recommend the BedInABox® Original mattress. As one of our most loved mattresses, with many five star reviews to prove it, the Original is an 11” multi-layer all foam construction at an affordable price point. The top layer of memory foam, also known as the comfort layer, is 3 inches of plush CoolRest® foam that provides the perfect amount of contour to pressure points. The support layer is 8 inches of SureAlign® high density support foam, which provides that medium-firm level of support and minimal motion transfer.

Best Mattress for Those Looking for Extra Support

For sleepers who need all of the firm support they can get, we recommend the BedInABox® Tranquillium® mattress. The Tranquillium® is our firmest mattress, designed to lend unbeatable support. What makes this multilayer mattress stand out are the transition layer and the soft knit Tencel® cover. The 2 inches of Pluralux® foam serve as a transition layer between the comfort and support layers, which helps maintain the cushioning and pressure relief of the comfort layer while building support. Moreover, the soft Tencel™ top cover has natural moisture management properties and breathability, which is especially helpful for hot sleepers.

Best Mattress for Hot Sleepers

For anyone who sleeps hot, most memory foam mattresses are not conducive to air flow, which means your night sweats just got worse. However, our BedInABox® Azul® mattress has been designed with an advanced cooling system to prevent that from happening! This 11” medium-soft mattress is constructed with a comfort layer of CoolRest® Gel memory foam, which is infused with CoolRest® technology and topped with a layer of UltraCool® phase changing material to keep your mattress feeling cool to the touch. To top it all off, your mattress is covered with a soft knit UltraCool® mattress cover to add an extra layer of phase changing material which ensures a longer period of cooling. Underneath the comfort layer, the Azul® is built with a transition layer of Pluralux® foam, which lends to the medium-soft feel.

Best Mattress for Pressure Relief

If you know someone who wakes up with aches and pains or wants the comfort of memory foam with the support of a traditional innerspring mattress, we suggest our BedInABox® Dual Hybrid™. By combining pocket coil technology with memory foam layers, we were able to develop our most advanced model of pressure relief. The Dual Hybrid™ has the highest coil count in the industry, offering just enough firmness to provide lift and support, combined with our Pluralux® foam for instant pressure relief. Thanks to the alternating layers of foam, micro coils and pocket coils, our Dual Hybrid™ maintains a medium-firm feel for long lasting comfort and relief.

Best Mattress for Those Practicing Sustainability

Our newest, most sustainable Eco-Lux® mattress is a perfect gift for any sleeper looking for cleaner, more sustainable sleep. The Eco-Lux® is a medium firm, multilayer memory foam mattress made with renewable materials and topped with a breathable, organic cotton cover. This is the most certified mattress on the market, being the first and only green memory foam mattress to hold the USDA Bio-Preferred® designation. The 34% renewable foam construction blends both sustainability and luxury without sacrificing quality or support.

The Best Bed Frames for Enhancing the Overall Bedroom Experience

If you find yourself gifting a new mattress, you may want to pair it with a new mattress foundation! For a truly customized sleep experience, we suggest pairing our BedInABox® mattresses with one of our top of the line adjustable beds.

MotionInABox™ 1.0

Our MotionInABox™ 1.0 adjustable bed frame allows sleepers to effortlessly customize their sleep set-up at the touch of a button via a Bluetooth® remote. The MotionInABox™ 1.0 elevates the sleep experience with full head and foot mobility and a zero-gravity setting that provides the perfect amount of pressure relief. The MotionInABox™ is available in a range of sizes and is compatible with all BedInABox® mattresses. The adjustable base can even be paired with our Azul® or Tranquillium® mattresses.

MotionInABox™ 2.0

If you want to really spoil that special someone this year, gifting them with the MotionInABox™ 2.0 adjustable base bed can’t be beat. The MotionInABox™ 2.0 adjustable base bed frame allows sleepers to elevate their sleep experience with a full suite of customizable features for one-of-a kind sleep. The MotionInABox™ 2.0 provides full head and foot articulation, a single massage setting, under bed lighting, and dual USB ports to charge or power your devices. The MotionInABox™ 2.0 is compatible with all BedInABox® mattresses.

Upholstered Platform & Headboard

Our easy-to-assemble upholstered platform bed frame and matching upholstered headboard adds comfort and style to any room. This platform base and its matching cozy, lightly cushioned headboard make the perfect gift. It is simple, solid, easy to assemble, and is compatible with all BedInABox® mattresses.

BedInABox® mattresses are uniquely designed with various types of sleepers in mind. With over five unique mattress configurations, you are sure to find the perfect mattress for any type of sleeper. Check out our Gift Shop for awesome gift ideas for everyone on your list! Have more questions? Our Customer Service team is here to help you find exactly what you need.

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11” multilayer foam construction designed with CoolRest® Gel memory foam to bring you cool, comfortable memory foam support.
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11” medium-soft multilayer foam construction with an UltraCool® soft knit cover and our most advanced cooling system to keep you sleeping comfortably.
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12” and three layers of memory foam support infused with CoolRest® technology for those seeking maximum support and comfort.
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