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snugbug - Beaverdam, VA When we made the decision to buy a new bed because my back hurt. I wanted to buy a Tempurpedic, but they are so expensive and I just couldn't justify the cost. I always have to research everything to the point of driving myself a little crazy so off I went on the mission of finding the best mattress with the best value. I looked everywhere on the internet for a foam mattress that was affordable. I finally found it at Bedinabox and ordered the 11 inch, which was also on sale! They are the same cost as a box spring type mattress, just much more comfortable. PLUS, they don't charge shipping and include the mattress covers for the bed, either the goose feather or bamboo fabric. It was delivered in less than a week and really comes in a box! My back rarely hurts on this mattress and it's very comfortable. It also barely moves when either I or my husband tosses and turns. One of my work colleagues, who wanted to replace a water bad, bought one on my recommendation and loves it too. My husband and I love our bed.
snugbug - Beaverdam, VA
I own two beds from Bed in a Box and love them. My dogs especially love them! I have family that owns Tempur Pedic beds and I think are a waste of money. I sleep on it when I visit with them and my back hurts every morning when I get up. It doesn't even compare to Bed in a Box's bed and the cost was a lot cheaper!! I recommend this bed to all of my friends.
CISCOKD - College Grove, TN
I am a salon owner and as a stylist I am on my feet most of the day. I also suffer from chronic fatigue, so between back and hip pain and sleep issues, I have long been searching for the "perfect mattress."

I had been looking at the posturepedic brand of mattresses, but we have a king-sized bed and the cost seemed prohibitive, so I took a chance on our BedinaBox mattress. It sounded as if it offered all of the same features at a much lower cost.

My husband was skeptical, but it arrived quickly and he easily put it on the bed. We placed a padded mattess cover over the top of the bed-in-a-box mattress and settled in for our first night's test.

Amazing! Even my skeptical husband has to admit that the form-fitting texture of the BedinaBox mattress gives him uniform support from head to toe. I sleep like a log. I don't experience any back or sciatic nerve pain; I'm not tossing and turning all night. Before we had our BedinaBox mattress, I typically had awoken several times during the night trying restlessly to fall back to sleep. I haven't had that experience nearly so often on my new mattress.

If there is a down side, I suppose the insulating quality of the mattress might be troublesome to some people; it tends to capture your body heat. But I love a warm bed, so this isn't a problem for me.

All in all, I am very happy with my purchase. It is a quality product which has stood up for several months now without losing its shape or texture; it was affordably priced; and best of all, with the addition of my BedinaBox mattress, I finally have the comfortable bed I had always dreamed of-when I could sleep.
nellijean - Mc Cook, NE
I have never written a testimonial for a product ever, but this mattress is truly everything it is claimed to be. I have Fibromyalgia and would spend most of the night tossing from one side to the other, waking up aching and still tired. No more. I was afraid to get my hopes up that this mattress would really make a difference, but it does. What a relief. The fact that it didn't cost a fortune is just frosting on the cake. This is one of those rare cases where you actually get more than you pay for.

Thank you so very, very much.
Linda Craun - Citrus Heights, California
I have had my PacDown mattress from for over a year, and it is the most comfortable thing ever. When I stay at a hotel, it takes longer to fall asleep and I wake up with a backache. This mattress cost only half of what I paid for my last bed, but is so much better.

It is a little awkward to move, just because the foam is so heavy. To get the mattress into my new apartment, I rolled it into a cylinder and secured with ratcheting tie-downs to act as handles which made it easy to carry.
saccade - Charleston, WV
I did not think I could afford a memory foam mattress, but I heard so much about how good they were for your back, that I thought I would at least see how much they cost. The Bedinabox foam mattress was affordable and such a great improvement over my old innerspring mattress that I will never go back to innerspring again.
aheller - Glenside
Hello Matt!

We purchased our king size bed and wooden frame nearly two months ago. We chose the 13" bed with the bamboo cover. Customer service rep., Lisa, was so helpful with information that guided us to our final decision. By the way, we have spoken to several rep's. and all have been friendly and competent. Our bed arrived as scheduled and we were able to assemble everything ourselves and sleep on it that night. By the second night, we were hooked! We are both retired, arthritic and have back problems causing much loss of sleep. I was unable to sleep in one position for more than an hour and a half without waking up with pain in my neck, shoulder and hip. I'd change positions and go through the same ritual all night, every night. I researched mattresses on the internet, looking for comfort, durability, affordability, and a product made in the U.S.A. Up popped Bed In A Box! I read the reviews on your website, then reviews from an independent site. Honestly, it all looked too good to be true, but after Lisa reassured us the bed could be returned, at no cost to us, we completed the order.

We sleep all night, in one position! This seems like a miracle to me. We are so thankful for your company. The quality is beyond our expectations, the warranty is superb, and the cost is far less than anything even remotely comparable. Thank you seems so inadequate to express our gratitude for a great product that has changed our lives for the better. I tell everyone I can about our bed and how wonderfully we are sleeping. My husband says, laughingly, that next I'll be dragging complete strangers in to tell them about the wonders of Bed In A Box! It is so refreshing to find a company that actually lives up to the claims and more. Thank you for a terrific product and great customer service.

We do have one big problem to report - we can't walk into our bedroom without wanting to lay down on our comfy bed. Yeah, I know, tough problem to have.

Barb & Harley Lyttle - Greenville, PA
Hello, Matt!

We purchased our king size bed and foundation nearly two months ago. We chose the 13" bed with the bamboo cover. Customer service rep., Lisa, was so helpful with information that guided us to our final decision. By the way, we have spoken to several reps. and all have been friendly and competent. Our bed arrived as scheduled and we were able to assemble everything ourselves and sleep on it that night. By the second night, we were hooked! We are both retired, arthritic and have back problems causing much loss of sleep. I was unable to sleep in one position for more than an hour and a half without waking up with pain in my neck, shoulder and hip. I'd change positions and go through the same ritual all night, every night. I researched mattresses on the internet, looking for comfort, durability, affordability, and a product made in the U.S.A. Up popped! I read the reviews on your website, then reviews from an independent site. Honestly, it all looked too good to be true, but after Lisa reassured us the bed could be returned, at no cost to us, we completed the order.

We sleep all night, in one position! This seems like a miracle to me. We are so thankful for your company. The quality is beyond our expectations, the warranty is superb, and the cost is far less than anything even remotely comparable. Thank you seems so inadequate to express our gratitude for a great product that has changed our lives for the better. I tell everyone I can about our bed and how wonderfully we are sleeping. My husband says, laughingly, that next I'll be dragging complete strangers in to tell them about the wonders of! It is so refreshing to find a company that actually lives up to the claims and more. Thank you for a terrific product and great customer service.

We do have one big problem to report - we can't walk into our bedroom without wanting to lie down on our comfy bed. Yeah, I know, tough problem to have.

Barb & Harley Lyttle - Greenville Pa
I received my new mattress yesterday. I had another memory foam mattress that I have used for three years and thought it was great (it cost more than three times what I paid for my bed in a box mattress. Last night I had the best night's sleep I can remember. The only thing that bothers me is I may end up being late for work since I slept until the last rings of my old wind up alarm clock and didn't want to get up then. What a great night's rest, thank you for the great bed
Richard Smith
A representative from called tonight and asked that we send in our thoughts on our recent order number 21466 that was placed on June 14, 2009. We are including the following statement:

Who would buy a mattress set over the internet? At first we refused to even consider the idea, but we knew we had to do something. My husband was logging in more sleep time in the massage chair than on our 10-year-old mattress. His back was hurting him constantly. He was miserable at night and cranky (from lack of sleep) during the day.

Naturally, we started driving around searching for a mattress. We kicked off our shoes and climbed on top of mattresses all over north Alabama. We went to mattress specialty shops, furniture stores, and even a couple of outlet stores, only to find that the cost of a new mattress was going to hurt our bank account more than the springs currently on our bed were hurting our backs. We knew we wanted a foam mattress, but the price tag made us recoil in shock.

That's when we looked at The idea of getting the foam mattress support that we wanted at around half the cost was appealing, but could we put our trust and our money in a mattress without at least touching the thing? The deciding factor was the warranty.

We were so excited when our queen PacDown 11" mattress set arrived! It took us less than 30 minutes to get rid of our old mattress and get our BedInABox set in place. Over a month has passed, and we still love it! We are very pleased with the quality of the foam. My husband hasn't had to sleep in the massage chair since our purchase. His back doesn't hurt anymore, and we had enough money left over in our budget to go on a mini vacation. The funny part about the vacation was that the whole time we were away from home we missed the comfort of our BedInABox!
Tania and Michael Williams - Rogersville, AL
Karin & Randy - Palm Bay, FL Greetings from Palm Bay Florida:

For over one year we have been using our king size Bedinabox memory foam mattress. Did we invest in our comfort? Without a doubt, yes, we sure did. After realizing how important a good night of sleep is, we decided on the Bedinabox memory foam mattress. We compared the different brands on the market and found this product to be made out of the same material but cost only a fraction of the "name brand" mattress. Our advice to buyers that are pondering whether to buy: Don't wait, it'll be the best investment you've ever made.

Sleep Well
Karin & Randy
Karin & Randy - Palm Bay, FL
We purchased the 17" Natural Silk Elegance Adjustable Memory Foam King Size Mattress a little over a month ago. We purchased the adjustable mattress because my husband and I like different support. If I sleep on too hard of a mattress, my hips hurt. I do not have this problem with this mattress. I chose the silk because of its being cooler in hot weather. I definitely like the price over the cost of Tempurpedic. I like the fact the foam is made in the United States and much more environmentally friendly!! After sleeping on the mattress for almost a month we were out of town for a week. The night we returned it was so wonderful to be able to sleep on our new mattress. Soo comfortable! Thank you!
Linnie Davis - New Mexico, USA
Dear Bed In A Box,
I have to tell you.... I was skeptical about ordering a bed online...a purchase so important that I was not able to actually touch first. The memory beds in the stores felt wonderful but, unfortunately cost thousands of dollars. Bed in a Box, did seem too good to be true, but I took a chance. I got the 11" Queen bed with the down cover for my almost 200 lb. teenage son. He loves it !!! And I agree itis wonderful! It will definitely be the next bed I buy for myself. Lying on this mattress is amazing.

Receiving a bed in a cardboard box was a bit ominous-- carrying what seemed to be a vacuum sealed mattress up a flight of stairs was also odd. However, it was so easy to take out and cut off the plastic and the end result was spectacular.

The customer service was impressive. When placing a call an actual person was reached on the phone. And I received email notices updating me on shipping. I am extremely pleased with my purchase from Bed In A Box.

Finding the Bed in a Box website on the internet is a gift. I highly recommend it !!
P. Strauss - Henderson, Nevada
I bought the PacDown Plus foam mattress with down cover from Bed in a Box a few months ago, and I have been happy as a puppy romping in a field of daisies ever since. Unlike other foam mattresses, including the "space age" foam mattresses that cost way more than this one, I have both cushy comfort and gently firm support each night as I drift off to dream land. According to the website, the mattress I bought has 3" of memory foam and 8" of High Resiliency base foam.Thing is, I wasn't sure how such a mattress could fit into a relatively small duffel. Wow! Was I surprised. When I began to cut away the plastic that covered the rolled up mattress, it immediately inflated to the full 11" thickness and was ready to lie down upon. It was love at first snooze!

I've already recommended this mattress to several friends, one of whom bought his own PacDown mattress a few weeks ago. Keep up the great work, Bed in a Box!
Mikeatle - Erwin, TN
MY WIFE AND I became interested in a memory foam mattress some time ago, but only had heard of Tempurpedic, and after seeing what they cost, we decided it was just not within our budget. After discovering Bedinabox on the internet I called in and was promptly greeted by the company president who was very nice and answered all my questions. I just had a good feeling that this was a good old down home american company. I ordered a king size pack down with the goose down cover (you will want this) and it arrived promptly in 3 days of ordering. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality for such a low price. It was easy to set up, and I can promise you once you try it, you will love it. The BASF company has been around for years and I knew they make good products. I did search the internet and did compare some prices, and no one was close. I give the PACDOWN bed a perfect 10! Thank you BEDINABOX for a wonderful nights sleep.
John V - Taylor, Texas
MrComfort - Marietta, GA No one is more frugal than I (bordering on fanatic), so when my wife and I decided we needed a new mattress, I was very skeptical of the foam types. So, I began my research. I read the specs of every brand, I read the reviews of every brand, I read the company policies of every brand. I exhausted myself (and my wife) with my research. In the end, you still take a bit of a "leap of faith" with regard to purchasing anything unseen. I am so happy to say that our BedinaBox exceeds my expectations. Even if I weren't so frugal and did not know the cost of a particular brand, I still believe BedinaBox is the best foam mattress out there.

The packaging is also very well done. The bed comes very compact and I unwrapped it and got it into place totally by myself. We chose not to purchase a bed frame, but made a simple one from a double-layer of 3/4" plywood. You don't see it since it is essentially the same size as the mattress, and it works great.

So, as a frugal, demanding consumer, I highly recommend this mattress. We've used it for over a year now, and it shows not a bit of wear.
MrComfort - Marietta, GA

I wanted you to know how much I appreciated your customer service staff when my bed did not arrive due to a Fed-ex mistake. They were courteous and immediately made me feel better.

My new bed arrived this week and it is great! During the past three years I had slept on a Tempur-pedic mattress. When I moved recently I was not able to take my bed. After two weeks sleeping on a bed provided as part of my furnished apartment, I realized that I was not getting a good rest at night. After doing some research I found your bed and decided to give it a try.

I am very pleased and satisfied with the bed I ordered. It is as comfortable as the Tempur-pedic and far more affordable. The foundation was easy to set up and fit the existing frame just fine. I have rested well every night since it arrived. My hips and back no longer ache as they had been after sleeping on the other mattress.

I will recommend your business and mattresses to everyone I know and hope your business continues to have success. Thanks for making my experience with your business so wonderful and my sleep so restful without the cost of a Tempur-pedic.
Tom Repasky - Mountain View, California
Colin Vaines - West Hollywood, CA I own two Bedinabox mattresses - both 9 inch PacDowns, one a Queen, the other a King.

I used to have a Tempurpedic mattress while living in London - good product, but ridiculously overpriced.

The Bedinabox product is every bit as good, at a fraction of the cost. Unbelievably comfortable, really well made, at a ridiculously great price. And the down covers are just the icing on the cake - I would highly recommend ordering one along with the mattress, as they provide great protection for the mattress, are cool in summer, and warm in winter.

The packaging is brilliant and ingenious. I had to get the delivery sent to my office, and it was so easy to get the box into the back of my car and into my house. Obviously the box is heavy, but two people can easily manage this - in a way you would never be able to do with a conventional, unrolled mattress. And when you open the packaging, the mattress is ready to use immediately!

Delivery was unbelievably rapid, and you get a very personal service from the company - this is no faceless corporate set up. And you are buying an American made product! How great does that make you feel!
Colin Vaines - West Hollywood, CA
I purchased a 9" Bed- In-A-Box with goose down mattress cover & a mattress foundation on 6/7/2007. The next day I received a phone call from Bed-In-A-Box customer service Rep. The customer service rep told me that the 9" mattress was out of stock for a few more days. He apologized for the inconvenience & early 7:23am phone call (time zone difference), but he was trying to get my order shipped that day. He told me that his supervisor had authorized him to upgrade me to an 11" mattress, at no extra cost, if it was ok with me! I couldn't think of one good reason not to accept his offer!

My new bed arrived a couple of days later. My husband & I had a great time putting everything together...When we opened the mattress box and the mattress came oozing out like the Blob, we laughed so hard we had to take a time out!

Anyhoo...I can't begin to tell you how much I am enjoying the sleep I now get with the Bed in a Box mattress! I have several medical conditions which have caused way too many years of sleepless nights! (Osteoarthritis, Osteoparosis & Fibromyalgia) It took about 2 nights to adjust to the new memory foam bed, but now I sleep like a baby! Thanks sooooo much!
Sharon Price-Cayce - Melvin, Texas
brendan82 - Greensboro, NC We bought the PacDown Memory Foam Mattress and foundation through We were skeptical of buying a mattress online and also the quality of it because of the low cost. We received the mattress within 2 days of ordering and the foundation came the very next day after ordering. (We had two separate orders) It arrived vacuum sealed in a tote which was very thoughtful. The foundation was very easy to assemble. When we opened the mattress it gently expanded completely within minutes. It was so comfortable. We knew after the first night's sleep that we'd made the best decision! Our PacDown mattress (in my opinion) is more comfortable than the memory foat mattresses that you pay $3500-5000 for. We no longer suffer from back aches as we did our previous mattress that we bought the year before. We're able to sleep more soundly. Someone could be jumping on the bed beside of you and you would never feel it. After sleeping on the PacDown mattress, we always complain about the beds we sleep in when on vacation.

We recommend to all of our friends. It was definately money well spent. If we ever need to buy another mattress, it will definately be from

Scott Wood and David Ledford Jr, NC
brendan82 - Greensboro, NC
TiisMom - Fairview, OR I spent precious time testing out every memory foam mattress I could get my back onto (as well as dealing with sleazy mattress sales-people!). After spending my last two hours dealing with just such an experience, my frustration led me to some good fortune: an internet search that turned up I researched. I pondered. I flat-out obsessed. And finally I decided to gamble and order my queen-sized mattress.

I've had my mattress a year (no nasty smell as one other review mentioned--very initially, it did have a slight chemical odor, but I left it uncovered a while, windows open, and it certainly doesn't have any odor now). I've had the mattress for over a year and it's my "happy place." When I've had back pain, lying on my memory foam mattress has often been my only respite from the pain.

I've been telling everyone who's in search of a mattress to go to My boyfriend bought one. Recent houseguests slept on mine and will be buying one. And my parents will be the next as well.

P.S., Before purchasing my bedinabox memory foam mattress, the last mattress I bought cost more than $3,000 and isn't any more comfortable than my memory foam. Never again!
TiisMom - Fairview, OR
I purchased the pacbamboo style mattress from Bedinabox. I will say that it has been my best mattress purchase to date and will be the only one for the duration. Here's the details: I was a water-bed aficionado for a long time then switched to a regular bed (a good one).It soon became uncomfortable but due to the prices we waited. I had some lower back pain and in an attempt to help my wife finally chose to get a new one and I had the "go ahead". I researched many styles and prices and came down to 2 choices. one was a regular bed and the other was a memory foam. The problem was my wife thought I was crazy but she liked it too. I had previously seen the Bedinabox website but she thought I was crazy. So long story and some research , calls and faith I bought the bed. It was exactly as they stated and they explained the return policy and confirmed my suspicion that "beds just don't cost that much". I received it during our stressful hurricane events and it was a blessing and we haven't looked back. I would not hesitate to get one and i would choose the bamboo type.I have slept comfortable ever-since , this includes the wife, the kids, and my dog. I cant wait to get another. For the reviewers" I am extremely skeptical and pragmatic but I do believe that the Internet can provide us with good deals".
jlgood - Gretna, LA
Ellihue Henderson, Jr. Dear Steve,
I sleep on my side and over the last five years I have suffered with a pain on my side while sleeping in bed. So at night I would toss and turn from one side to the other trying to get a good nights sleep. At the suggestion of my doctor I began to research and check on the cost of foam mattresses. After much research, and after reading numerous reviews, I decided to purchase a bed from

After looking at the various options and the great prices at I decided on purchasing the Bamboo Plus 13" Foam Mattress. I am so glad that I did. The very first night that I sleep in this mattress it was as if I had fallen into a bit of heaven. The mattress equalizes my pressure points while still providing the necessary firm support for my lower back. In other words it has the perfect balance that absorbs my body in such a manner that I can sleep on my side with no pain (Yeah). And yet, it provides enough firm support that it does not cause any lower back pain that is often caused by a sleeping on a mattress that is too soft.

I am totally enjoying my Bamboo Plus 13" Foam Mattress and I have have been recommending it to anyone and everyone who will listen. Great Product!!

Ellihue Henderson, Jr.
The Alexander Family - Paradise, Texas I just wanted to add to the testimonials of very satisfied customers. We had seen Tempurpedic mattresses in a local store and very much wanted to get one. I couldn't bring myself to pay the price they wanted for a mattress though. Our boys were getting bigger and just had thin, flimsy, cheap mattresses much in need of replacement.

I began doing some research to buy them new mattresses for Christmas and came across your website. At first I was very sceptical of buying this type of mattress online. However, after reading the testimonials, reviewing the return policy, and the awesome prices, I decided to go ahead and take a chance. I not only purchased mattresses for the boys, but also took advantage of the great package deal on a queen mattress, cover, and foundation that you had. I got mattresses for all of us for half of what it would have cost to buy one Tempurpedic mattress.

When the mattresses came, we hid the boys mattresses and set ours up immediately. It was so awesome. The boys were very jealous, but we didn't let them in on their Christmas secret. When the boys opened theirs on Christmas morning, they were elated. I can honestly say it was their favorite Christmas present. They talked about them all day and took everyone in to sit or lay on their beds. The customer service was excellent as well. We received the wrong size down cover for our bed. When I called to ask about it, they were prompt to replace it and sent a box with return shipping prepaid to return the wrong one. It was very easy. We would all gladly recommend this company to anyone.
The Alexander Family - Paradise, Texas
The Galvin Family - South Weymouth, MA My husband and I purchased our 11in Memory Foam mattress over a year ago. I was almost 7 months pregnant and it couldn't have come at a better time. We went to a number of the mattress stores but were so turned off by the cars salesmen's like atmosphere we turned to the internet.

The customer service and website information was so helpful. I was nervous in purchasing a mattress online but was reassured. We had recently purchased a platform bed frame which had more than 5in gaps between each slate (for memory foam the gaps should be 5in/less from what I have learned). The woman I spoke to guided me on the best way to (i). preserve the mattress (ii). provided numerous cost effective ideas.

BIB worked with us on delivery timing around the time our bedroom set was to be delivered. I was shocked that they would do that and that delivery was only two days! I also appreciated the email status updates.

The mattress is so comfortable. It contoured to my profile enabling me a good nights rest. Prior to receiving the bed, I could feel every spring in my old mattress leaving me restless and sore through out the work day at 7 months pregnant it was a daily disruption. My husband/I can't feel each other get up in the morning or late at night which is a plus, especially getting up at 4am on travel days.

I am very happy with our selection and would recommend (and have) to friends and family.

The Galvin Family
The Galvin Family - South Weymouth, MA
Scudder - Lookout Mountain, GA I was really stepping out on a limb when I spent a small chunk of change about 18 months ago for a Bedinabox mattress. My wife was 8 months pregnant and uncomfortable and I was having severe neck pain from a soft mattress. I liked the idea of a foam mattress but paying the high dollar was not an option. After a short day of shopping, I happened upon the Bedinabox website and after working the Internet and even tracking down some of the folks from the testimonials page, I plunged in and bought it. I have never looked back and never been happier. I have frequently said that if buying two Bedinabox mattresses would make it even better, I would, but all you need is the one. Even now, a year and a half later, my wife and I still make some comment about the mattress once or twice a week as we melt into bed at night. The quality of the foam and cover is great, the service from Bedinabox is excellent, and the price is the one factor the makes it unbelievable. I have worn out my friends trying to convince them to buy one of these mattresses and they can't believe that something so good could cost so little. When my dad did end up buying one, it was so comfortable he was able to sleep in for the first time in twenty years. The other friend who bought one recently called me to thank me for recommending it. All the information is on the Bedinabox website and from my standpoint, it is reliable and trustworthy. Don't worry about it being too hard or too soft, it conforms perfectly to your body and helps you have a great nights sleep. That is hard to come by.
Scudder - Lookout Mountain, GA
So I saw your testimonials on the web site and thought - "Why would someone write a testimonial about a mattress?"

Well, here is mine.

My wife and I were in the market for a new mattress. She has some health issues with her leg and hip, and I was waking up with a sore back several days a week. We went to the local mattress stores and tried all the different styles of mattresses. I am an engineer by degree, so I always do plenty of research before any major purchases. I had seen so much praise on memory foam mattresses that we decided to include them in our evaluation.

We determined that a memory foam mattress was significantly more comfortable for both of us, and decided that it would be our next mattress. So, again research - this time for price/quality comparisons. The lowest cost I found in a store was near $2000 for a king mattress. I am an avid internet shopper, so I looked into all the internet sources, and came across BedInABox. The staff was helpful, the information was candid, and the price was significantly lower than most others. I ordered on a Friday, and had it by the middle of the following week. We slept on it the first night, and although it was very comfortable, we did not have the peaceful sleep we expected. But by the third night, after a little acclimation, we were sleeping soundly. After about a month now, my wife does not like sleeping at our summer house or on our boat because she misses her mattress. Looks like I will be ordering two more for next summer.

So why does someone write a testimonial about a mattress- Because testimonials are an important tool when researching a mattress, and I wanted to contribute to the next prospective buyer's analysis.
Phil & Shannon - Greensburg, Pennsylvania
I purchased the Pac Down Plus 11inch mattress in July of 2008. I was 3 months pregnant at the time and was already experiencing hip and back pain when I would get out of my old box spring bed. I wanted to try a memory foam mattress but couldn't justify the cost without knowing if I would like it. I purchased from bed in a box because of their 120 day warranty.

The bed arrived and I couldn't wait to open it. I opened the box and the mattress sprung to life and expanded in minutes, I put the water proof cover and the goose down cover on top of that. I was pleasantly surprised by how well made the goose down cover was but disappointed that it was not as thick as I had envisioned. Still the bed felt soft but firm when I laid down on it. I slept that first night and woke up the next day without the debilitating pain in my hips. I was in love. I slept on the bed through the end of my pregnancy. I did end up with hip pain again but not until the last month.

I had planned a home birth but did not plan to give birth on the Pac down plus. I had prepared my old king size box spring bed in the master bedroom with a special cover and several old sheets for the birth. As it turns out I was only in labor for 20 minutes and couldn't move. I ended up birthing on my Pac down plus. I can't say I was particularly worried about the bed when the midwives finally arrived but I was extremely happy when they told me that the mattress was fine. The told me that nothing had even reached the mattress cover and only the goose down cover needed to be washed. I was completely prepared to throw the cover away but after one wash it looked brand new.

I love the bed. I have never seen and indentations in it after sleeping on it all night. I can't think of anything I don't like about it.

Thank you,
Callie Turnbull
rebmoore - Morgantown, WV My husband and I decided that after many years on our regular spring mattress providing worse sleep by the year that we would by a new mattress. We visited 6 different mattress stores and with each visit we became more confused and no one could really give much information on the quality of the mattresses and why some cost more. We laid down on them all, including foam mattresses. Our frustration mounted so I turned to the internet to try to educate us on what we were trying to purchase. It was then that I found Bed in a Box.

The website was informative giving information on the manufacturing and materials. Inportantly, the "frequently asked questions" were right on the money on my questions. But most importantly, because I had never tried a foam mattress the fact that I could try it without any risk was awesome and convinced me to order. With all other stores, you bought it and it was yours regardless of whether you liked it. I knew that if we didn't like it after a good trial we could return it without penalty and that that said to me that they believed they have a good product. I called and talked with the representative who answered all of my questions and was very personable.

We received our 9" PacDown mattress quickly and amazingly in a box! It was very easy to assemble the frame and the mattress became full size quickly and we were able to sleep on it that night. Other manufacturers required that you allow their bed to "reform" for 72 or more hours. That first night was great and we have enjoyed it since. It is firm, yet soft, and the down mattress pad is wonderful. My husband was concerned that with his fast metabolism he would be hot but It sleeps "cool". Also, you do not sink way down in to the mattress and you can turn easily. Lastly, the price was 1/2 of low end foam mattresses and it is made in the USA!

Great mattress, price, service.
rebmoore - Morgantown, WV
Steven & LeAnn Daniels - Arlington, NE When we were looking for a memory bed we did our home work & thought "there has to be a source on the internet". There were 2 and the testimonials of Bed In A Box won our business, so here's just another testimonial for other buyers to read!

Thanks to the testimonials we were well prepared of what to expect upon receiving our new bed but still didn't expect it to arrive within 2 days - we were hopeing, though!!

We were 'off' work for the weekend and planned that time to acclimate to this new sleep system for our existing adjustable base. Within 2 hours the mattress was on our bed... 10 hours later we awoke from the best sleep in years. The PacDown option was a perfect compromise for us as we have always worried about the HEAT of a foam bed and were aware that heat is part of the way the memory foam works.

We paid a 5th of the price it would've cost for a comparable Tempur model and finally have ALL the benefits we were needing and seeking from our current sagging & lumpy mattress.

NOTE: we've bought 3 different beds in the last 8 years before this one... every time doing our best to not have to spend the $1200 - $1800 a second time. Our thinking was "get the right one the 1st time" - but it didn't work that way until now!

I purposely waited to write this testimonial ...IT HAS BEEN OVER 8 MONTHS since we made our purchase!!!!

We love this PacDown from Bed in box. It fit our existing adjustable base perfectly and it's just as good or "fresh" as the first day it arrived!!!

Like many bed advertisements often speak - we NOW know what it's like to have a GREAT (restful) night's sleep. We've never known that feeling before, even though every one of our last 3 beds advertised we would. We were happy with it after the first nights sleep and it's only gotten better!!!

"Pinch me"!... all the bed we needed for such a great deal...

You should look forward to receiving your bed - you're not taking a chance, you'll get all you were hopeing for and more!... Oh, and yes the staff are very caring and efficient!!

Very Sincerely,
Steven & LeAnn Daniels
Steven & LeAnn Daniels - Arlington, NE
After sleeping in a recliner for over 2 months due to chronic athritis in my back, I had slept on a memory foam mattress at a friend's place and loved it, so I knew I needed to purchase one. Honestly B-I-B folks, you really let your customers know that if you have certain health conditions such as my arthritis, THIS MATTRESS CAN BE PAID FOR WITH FLEXIBLE SPENDING ACCOUNT AND HEALTH SAVINGS ACCOUNTS! I did. I paid and was reimbursed after providing a doctor's prescription. I was in utter shock at the cost of the mattresses in the local retailer and thought I could not afford one. I was never more wrong! I got on line and found Bed in a Box and honestly, I was very nervous about buying a mattress without actually laying on it. But I don't know if I was more shocked after seeing the mattress in the box when it arrived. I thought, "this can't be good". HOW WRONG I WAS!!! This was by far the best money I have ever spent. The cheapest foam mattress I found in the local retailers was $1,800. My king size 13" Pac Bed is my new best friend. I read the testimonials and even called the factory before I placed my order to feel better about such a large purchase. The lady (yes, I spoke with a person, not a machine)whom I spoke with was very nice, willing to help and knew everything about the product without shuffling me around. Reading the testimonials, I kept seeing entries that said, I have trouble getting up in the morning because you sleep so well. This is the truth!!! I still have pain after working and spending time on my feet. But, I was to a point where I couldn't even lay flat on my old mattress. It took me about 1 week to get completely used to it. Now, I don't want to get up. I feel so much better because I can sleep instead of nap at night. Do not spend the thousands on a matttress when you can get the same quality with Bed-In-a Box. I thank God everyday that their is a company out there who are smart enough not to spend all their money on marketing and keep costs affordable for people who really need this sort of mattress. I am SOLD and will NEVER buy another mattress from a retailer again. I plan to purchase another one next year for my guest room. Thanks for making such a great, affordable product.
Donna B. - Columbia, SC
pamsteady - Brunswick, GA Great Sleep, Great Pricetag!

My boyfriend and I purchased the 9" PacBed Original about a year ago. We were in the market for a new mattress because the one we had, a full, was too small. It was an older, regular innerspring mattress and if it didn't already feel small enough, once you got near the edge, it felt like you were going to fall off. It felt like this because the support of the springs didn't extend to the edges. My boyfriend didn't know much about memory foam technology, but once he lay on one, we decided there was no other way to go. It then became a matter of looking for the best value.

As a furniture design major in college, a fellow student and friend of mine was building a platform bed and purchased a much more expensive memory foam mattress. In fact, it was over 5 times the price of the one we purchased from bedinabox. Although his was made of a denser, thicker material, I still feel ours gave us the support we unknowingly needed. Since then, that same friend, who is now in the remodelling business, has purchased 2 mattresses from bedinabox.

Now, after a career change, I am a nurse who works night shifts, so it is so important for me to have the right conditions for sleeping during the day. For me that includes minimum amount of light and sound and a bed that I don't have to toss and turn on in order to get comfortable. I've also noticed that I tend to sleep in the same position for longer periods now than I ever had in the past with regular innerspring mattresses.

The price was right on the PacBed Original for my boyfriend and I. So was the shipping and delivery speed. To our delight, It arrived several days ahead of schedule. The only thing we were nervous about was whether it would meet our expectations of comfort and firmness. I'm pleased to say that although the mattress isn't as firm as expected, we are still satisfied with the product and it is as comfortable as we expected to be, and for a fraction of the cost. My only complaint is that it does take more than one person to move the queen size mattress. In my opinion, that's a small price to pay for such a great product.
pamsteady - Brunswick, GA
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