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Thank you so much for the quality product you produce. After 10 years on the Sleep Comfort number system, my wife and I are far more Comfortable. No sagging middle (queen size) and true Comfort. My lower back has not ached since the first night we slept on it.

Thank you,
Jay Ginnow
Jay Ginnow - Redondo Beach, California
Just wanted to touch base with you to let you know that we received both our bed and down cover.

We originally put it on our box springs and were not impressed at all with the Comfort. It was way to soft. Now we have it on a solid base and I can't say enough good words about the Comfort. I go to sleep quicker and don't wake up in the morning and have to spend an hour or more getting the kinks out.

Thank you for making this oh so Comfortable bed affordable to just about anyone. I have already started telling friends and family about Bedinabox. Mary :o)
Mary Werst - Cove, Arkansas
We have had our bed about a year now. We can not be happier. Whenever the subject of beds, mattresses, backaches, etc. comes up I tell people - check out Bed in a Box. I just told a repairman about it today in fact.

I had previously owned the best most expensive inner spring mattress. It was terrible. I kept it tooo long to get my $$ out of it. Big mistake.

Then I researched and researched for my next bed. I had planned to go for the Sleep Comfort, but the reviews raised too many questions. When read about people having mold issues with the Sleep Comfort I said forget about it.

Then I found reviews about Bed in a Box. I was wary at first. But now that I own it - - -IT IS THE BEST.

I get great sleep and no more pain. Thank you.
Gerald Smith - Harrisburg, PA
We ordered Bed in a Box online as we wanted a Memory Foam mattress and could not see paying the prices we found locally. We have had it about 10 days now and are only sorry we didn't order it sooner. The mattress was delivered by UPS and we were able to track it. It came in the three days the order taker had told us. It provides sturdy Comfort, one of us turning over does not disturb the other. The mattress weighs 80 lbs. (ours is a full size, larger or smaller mattresses would have different weights). These mattresses are made for platform beds and do no need a box spring under it. We highly recommend this mattress. My husband has a spastic back and is in more Comfort than he has been in years. We also wake up much more energized.
Lynnevive - Tonawanda, NY
I purchased a memory foam mattress fron bedinabox after looking all over the web for one. They had the cheapest price and free shipping. I had to replace the old mattress which was a select Comfort air mattress because I kept getting back aches all the time and restless sleep. I talked to Kim from Bedinabox and he answered all of questions that I had. I told him on what day I needed it delivered,as I was going to be out of town and it was delivered on that exact day too. Since the purchase of this mattress I no longer have had anymore back trouble. I have had three major back sugeries and this mattress conforms to my back and relieves all of the pressure off of my spine....IT IS WONDERFUL to now wake up refreshed and have no more back pain. I will never have to buy another mattress that hurts my back again, becuase I fond the right onethat gives me Comfort and a good nites sleep free of pain.

Patricia Kuehl
Patricia Kuehl - Key Largo, FL
We just got our new mattress! Arrived as promised in three short days. We had an air mattress for twelve years but had a memory foam pad to help with the Comfort. I have had a bad back in the past and also had a magnet mattress on top of the air bed.

To make a long story short,Our air bed died and it was time for a new bed. I researched for days for a replacement and finally decided on a bed in a box for the memory foam.

I was very impressed with the website and the thorough information about memory foam and all the ins and outs. You answered all my questions in a sea of confusing information about memory foam mattresses. You offer an amazing product for a reasonable price!

The bed arrived in three days, we set it up in no time and have been sleeping in pure Comfort air, no magnets, no sore muscles, no sore back.

You guys are fantastic. Keep up the good work.

SIncerely, a satisfied customer.
Jeanne Besset - Palmetto, Florida
Hello... I just wanted you to know how much I love my King size pac down bed in a box. I sleep so Comfortably and I find myself thinking about my new bed whenever I am tired. Thanks again for such quality and Comfort at such an economical price!!
Felicia Nielson - New London, New Hampshire
Cynthia - Mount Dora, FL Bed in a Box was a wonderful purchase. The Comfort is superior to any other matress that we have owned. The company delivered it quickly to our home. Most of all it was reasonably priced. We were recovering from an automobile accident when we purchased it. This was the only way I could get any restful sleep. Thank you Bed-in-a-Box!
Cynthia - Mount Dora, FL
This bed in a box memory foam mattress from is the most amazing Comfort that I have ever layed my head on. You positively sink into it at night (or nap time). I would spend all day in this bed if I could. I highly recommend it. Enjoy it with someone you love.
mikeswife - Chouteau, OK
Hi, I want to thank you for the quick delivery of my mattress. It was refreshing to receive such great service. I slept on my new bed for the first time last night and was very satisfied with the Comfort. It is a big improvement over my old mattress. Thanks again.
Myron Green - Oxford, Ohio
Ron Watts - Lewisville, TX PacBamboo Plus 11" Memory Foam Mattress - King on an Ergomotion Adjustable Bed Frame

My wife and I were having trouble sleeping on our queen split memory foam mattress. It was too hot, even in winter, and a split queen was just too small. So we went out looking for a king sized adjustable bed. Certainly the Comfort of the memory foam was a factor for us, but we did not want to get another unit that was so hot. Our choices ended up between a Tempur-Pedic and a Select Comfort Air mattress, both of which were very expensive. The Tempur-Pedic was going to be too hot again, and we were not Comfortable with the air pump on the Select Comfort that was likely to go off any time of the night. In desperation we went looking on the web, and after quite a bit of trouble, we found

It was difficult to believe the price, far less than half that of the competition. And the foam density was lower, so we were concerned about the possible stiffness of the mattress, but the cover was hypoallergenic made from a renewable resource, so what the hey, I got out my trusty credit card and ordered the split king and an adjustable platform. You never know...

A short time later two boxes arrived. They were fairly small, and we assumed they were parts for the adjustable bed. Then the adjustable bed arrived. It took two of us to get the unit into the bedroom, but it was absolutely a snap to set up and easier to work with than the European frame we had before. We discovered that the smaller boxes were actually the mattresses, vacuum packed, and when the plastic bag was cut open, each mattress fluffed up to its full size. Wow! That was cool. The overall weight was much less, so the entire bed is easier to move around than our old memory foam queen, and yet the Comfort was even better. The first night's sleep was the best we had had in years! It wasn't hot, and the adjustable base allowed me personally to tilt the mattress a little bit to prevent acid reflus. I will never have another bed without it being adjustable, as this allows me to avoid medications when I sleep. The savings in drugs alone is one incredible benefit.

The adjustable base has more features than we ever expected, up to and including a vibrate mode that can be set to operated for different amounts of time. This, too, is really cool. Nowadays we go to bed, my wife writes in her diary, and I sit up and read for a while. Absolutely fabulous. After about one month, we had one of the control mechanisms go bad due to a factory defect. But a replacement was sent out the same day I called about the problem, and the replacement unit simply snapped into place. It is obvious a lot of thought went into the design of the adjustable base.

We have now been enjoying our bed for eleven months, and have come to the conclusion that will never buy a bed from anywhere else. Bedinabox Rocks!!!
Ron Watts - Lewisville, TX
I was looking around the web for A memory foam mattress and ran across the bed in A box site. After priceing several others I decided to buy from Bed in a box. I made the right choice the shipping was super fast and the mattress quality and Comfort were great. I would recommend this company for sure!
Edward - Richmond,VA
Loving the latex mattress! Ultimate Comfort! Only been a week since i set this up and my back feels wonderful and there's no smell of off gassing odor and no trapped heat coming from the mattress! Fabulous buy!
S. Kang
Hi Kim,

Randy here. We did receive the bed. It was delivered where and when you said. We love the bed. We were going to buy an air Comfort bed but chose to go with yours. We are glad we did. The bed is as good as the one we have in our home. It is a water bed with tubes and works great. Both beds are very Comfortable. Thanks very much for the great service and fast delivery.
Randy Burrell - Kimball, Michigan
this is what real Comfort is .. one of the best investment i made after much needed Comfortable mattress .. very happy with this purchase .. memory foram mattresses are always better as compared to spring mattresses .. best to own as a first foam mattress
bhenchod - Murray, KY
I have never slept so well as I now can on my new Original PacBed! I have severe osteoarthritis, have had both hips and both knees replaced and was never able to sleep more than an hour without waking from aches and all over pain. Now, thanks to PacBed (which was so easy to unfold and lay on top of the cot frame I had ready for it), I am sleeping for five and six hours at a time in total Comfort. Thank you for your great service and wonderful product!
Bobbi Stoneman - New London, New Hampshire
chiefdixie - Ocala, FL My wife and I purchased a queen size bedinabox for our travel trailer. Without a doubt, the best mattress we have ever owned. We have a king Select Comfort (extremely expensive) for our home - we are replacing it with a bedinabox king. We can honestly say that we have never slept in a bed that is as Comfortable as our bedinabox.
chiefdixie - Ocala, FL
Camden Leeds - Pittsburgh, PA My fiance and I recently purchased a queen size bedinabox after a recommendation from my mother. I previously owned a $700 pillow top but nothing compares to the Comfort of our new bedinabox. We loved it so much that my parents in law took our advice and purchased one for themselves. I can say that everyone is 100% satisfied with this mattress. Any one looking to buy a bed without shelling out tons of money should look no further.


Camden Leeds
Camden Leeds - Pittsburgh, PA
We received a Bed in a Box mattress for Christmas (9" PacDown) and had the best night's sleep we'd had in a very long time. It is firm enough to give adequate support, but yet flexible for Comfort. We used to get up 4 or 5 times during the night, but now only once or twice. That alone makes us wake up much more rested. The best part is that when one of us moves, the other side remains still. I would recommend this mattress to everyone. I wish we would have gotten one years ago.
Bill and Julie Drake - Bristol, TN
We purchased a queen size PacBamboo 9" Memory Foam Mattress to replace an old "tube" waterbed mattress and the Comfort that we have experienced is amazing. I was having problems with pressure points before and that issue is gone now with the PacBamboo. We get great nights rest now. Thank you for a great product!
Paul Jacobson - Johnson City, Tennessee
My husband and I have been looking for a new mattress for the past 6 months price and confusion about coil counts and Comfort levels kept us from making a satisfactory purchase. I really don't know how I happened upon bed in a box but we are THRILLED with our purchase!! Ordered on a Sunday we were sleeping on our new bed by Thursday night. Our kids are jealous! I'll be ordering their new mattress from bed in a box in the future.

Thank you all for simplifying a stressful experience.

The Browns
The Browns - South Ozone Park, New York
"Memory foam mattresses are the cutting edge in bedding. The use of viscoelastic material in the manufacture of mattresses has led to improved sleep Comfort, providing the best support, spine alignment and pressure relief. What follows are reviews of the best rated memory foam mattresses from the market leaders."
babiteex0 - Orlando, FL
I just received my new mattress today, one day earlier than the anticipated arrival. I put it up all by myself and I am 65 yrs. old. I laid on the bed immediately and all I can say is WOW. I just cannot believe how Comfortable it is. I cannot wait to go to sleep tonight. Thank you Sarah for being so helpful and kind to me. Thank you all for making such a fantastic mattress. I am sure that I will have many years of Comfort on this great mattress and rest assured that I will be telling everyone I know about your company and the out of this world Comfortable beds you manufacture. God Bless you all.
Margaret Lorelle
Trish & Bob St. Jean - Brookings, OR Dear Bed In A Box,

From the first night after getting our custom 9 inch PacBed Original, we slept in pure Comfort. The first thing we noticed was, if one of us would arise from the bed, we did not disturb the other.

As long as the mattress will stand up over time we will continue to be happy. It arrived when you said it would. It fit perfectly to our RV custom size bed. We allowed our neighbors to lie on it with good response.

Thanks again for great service and a great product, plus a good price
Trish & Bob St. Jean - Brookings, OR
The Meadows Family - Simpsonville, SC My wife and I purchased our BedinaBox in June 2007. Prior to that, we spent several months researching various types of mattresses. My wife routinely complained about her hips, neck and back disComfort from our existing mattress. We tried just about all of the conventional mattresses before we began to look at unconventional mattresses such as Select Comfort and Tempur-pedic. I travel quite a bit for work so we were able to spend the night in hotels that offered both the Tempur-pedic and Select Comfort Mattresses. Finally, we agreed that when it was time to purchase, we would most likely get the Tempur-pedic Deluxe. However, that mattress was priced at $2300, which is way more than we wanted to spend on a mattress. Then, while doing additional mattress research, I stumbled upon I looked at their products online, but knew there was no substitute for physically lying on the mattress. So, my wife and I got into the car and drove about 2 hours to their warehouse, where they gladly gave us an opportunity to try out the bed. We were instantly sold. I hadn't planned to actually purchase the mattress that day but couldn't wait to sleep on it. So, I made a trip to the closest ATM and for a little more than $500 we stuck our Queen size BedinaBox (with goose down cover) in the trunk of our small car and headed home! We set it up in our bedroom that night and have enjoyed every night on our B-in-a-B! A few months later, we purchased an adjustable base frame. Consequently, my wife slept very well during her entire pregnancy and getting Comfortable was never an issue. She also loved the adjustable frame for her recovery and midnight nursing! When we travel, we look forward to coming home to our B-in-a-B and have plans to buy one for each of our bedrooms! Thanks Bed in a Box!

The Meadows Family
The Meadows Family - Simpsonville, SC
jstarsshag - Warner Robins, GA I was very skeptical purchacing the Bed in a Box and was fully ready to return it however, this has turned out to be the best purchace I have made this year. It was very easy to move into the room that we wanted it in and was effortless to set up. It did have a chemical smell when we first opened it but after about a week the mattress aired out and no smell at all. We have owned this mattress for about 9 months now and LOVE it! The price was amazing and the Comfort is outstanding. We plan on getting one for each of our kids when they get a bit older. Bottom line is give these guys a chance and you'll be glad you did.
jstarsshag - Warner Robins, GA
carrie7728 It was time for a new mattress and we had decided on a memory foam mattress after testing mattresses in the store. After much internet research, I decided to try the Bed in a Box mattress; their customer testimonials and Better Business Bureau endorsement gave me the Comfort level I needed to make a purchase of this kind via the internet. Wow! I am so glad this was our decision. My achey back is no more. The Comfortable support this mattress provides is everything I had hoped for and more! My only tip would be for the larger sizes of mattresses, have two people available to move the mattress.
My husband and I had a mattress we adored; when it wore out we looked to replace it with the same mattress but could not locate one which was the best thing that could have happened. We searched and searched stores and the Internet and when we read about Bedinabox and its many satisfied customers, we gave it a try. Now we would have no other mattress but Bedinabox. I am very fussy about mattresses due to an accident that happened 25 years ago which left me with lower back problems. Bedinabox delivers Comfort plus ease of movement when I get up each morning. I give Bedinabox my highest recommendations.
DinahMite - Pendleton, SC
Karin & Randy - Palm Bay, FL Greetings from Palm Bay Florida:

For over one year we have been using our king size Bedinabox memory foam mattress. Did we invest in our Comfort? Without a doubt, yes, we sure did. After realizing how important a good night of sleep is, we decided on the Bedinabox memory foam mattress. We compared the different brands on the market and found this product to be made out of the same material but cost only a fraction of the "name brand" mattress. Our advice to buyers that are pondering whether to buy: Don't wait, it'll be the best investment you've ever made.

Sleep Well
Karin & Randy
Karin & Randy - Palm Bay, FL
Customer service was fabulous, they helped me with all my questions. I bought the PacBed original 11" King size with CoolRest gel bead free upgrade. I've been sleeping on it for a week now and I must say it's the best night's sleep I've ever had! Delivery was fast, setup was simple, and there was no horrible smell like I remember from my old memory foam pillow. I use the terry waterproof mattress cover over it and also bought some tencel sheets to ensure cool Comfort. This is my first memory foam bed and I'll never go back to springs! I was looking for a bed that was entirely made In the USA, and I'm so happy to have found Bed in the Box! My advice to anyone trying to decide is...Don't're gonna love it!
L. Adorno
i just have to write you an awesome review. i purchased the pacbed original a few months ago. the easiest transaction ever, super quick processing and delivery. i even got the bed upstairs myself, thanks to your unique packaging! your bed is the most Comfortable bed in my house. 2 years ago i paid $2000.00 for a latex bed and the pacbed surpasses its Comfort!!! i wish i knew then! i always liked the idea of memory foam but when tried another brand i found it too hard. i was a little nervous about not being able to try the bed before i bought it but i knew worse came to worse you had a good return policy. to my great surprise i am amazed by the bed and the price! no smell! all set up in minutes! i cant wait til i have room for another one!!!

God Bless You and may he greatly prosper you!!
Erin Adragna - Keyport, New Jersey
TVDenver - Denver, CO We love love love our Bedinabox Memory Foam Mattress. It is truly the most Comfortable mattress on which we've ever slept. We say to each other all the time how our backs feel so much better, and that we have less aches and pains in general. Must be the way the memory foam really conforms to your body. Our Memory foam mattress is always the right temperature when you get in at night too! Bedinabox is a great company that honestly represents their mattress product, Comfort and customer service. We can't say enough about what a joy it's been sleeping on the Bedinabox Memory Foam Mattress.
TVDenver - Denver, CO
budjon - Stedman, NC After looking online for days, reading reviews, and comparing prices, I choose the Queen size Bedinabox memory foam mattress and bed set. The mattress and bed exceeded my expectations in every way. Setup was a breeze. Shipping was very fast. I was actually amazed at how fast it got here. I had the entire bed setup in minutes, and have been sleeping good on it ever since. You cannot beat the value on this bed, nor the Comfort. One thing I have noticed that is nice is when it's very cold or warm in the room the bed does not make you unComfortable. The power went out last night in 26 degree weather and the temperature in the house got down to 60 degrees, yet I was completely Comfortable in my bed during the two hour outage.

I would recommend this bed to anyone. Don't pay more on the other brands, you are just paying for their advertising.
budjon - Stedman, NC
Dear BedInABox,
I just wanted to let you know that the PacBamboo-Plus twin bed that I ordered for my mother is wonderful. I ordered it for her to have when she moved in with us in Aug. 2007. We were the first customers to have the newly produced bamboo cover for the bed. The bed is wonderful, as well as the cover. My mother sleeps very well on her bed. She had open-heart surgery in July 2007, so her Comfort was very important to us.

When she moved in and started sleeping on her new bed, she said that she hasn't slept as soundly as she does on her bed. Thank you for informing me about the Bamboo cover. Your staff was great to work with, we appreciate your service. We are making plans to purchase the same bed for our daughter.

Thanks again,
Tammy Busby
Tammy Busbly - Little Rock, California
Steve & Cindy Clark - Hanford, CA If you've owned an RV you know what type of mattress they come with. When Cindy and I pruchased our trailer in 2002 it came with a queen bed and at first the mattress seemed sleepable. After our Oregon coast trip last year Cindy started to complain about not being able to get a full nights rest and having some back aches. Can you imagine waking up on the Oregon coast and not enjoying your favorite cup of coffee and the scenery because of a bad nights sleep.

It wasn't but a couple of months later on a return trip from Arroyo Grande we stopped at a mattress shop to check out their foam mattresses. What a different in Comfort, but the price tag was a little to much, ok way to much. A foam mattress is what we wanted so the search was on.

Cindy and I googled foam mattresses and found a site called Bedinabox. Here we found exactly what we were looking for and after reading several reviews we were convinced. So last April we orderd our RV Queen PacDown 9" with the Goose Down cover. The online ordering was a breeze all the steps were so easy and with a click of a button our mattress was on the way. Orderd on a Tuesday and on Friday it showed up at our front door, a bed in a box just like they promised.

Here comes the fun part I carried the box into the trailer and sat it where a mattress once was. We opened the box and slid the new mattress into place. The next step was to remove the PacDown from its protective cover. Once the mattress was exposed to the air things started to happen. Like a new born taking it's firtst breath of air it began to grow and grow untill it covered the entire sleeping area. This was really cool to watch. Give your PacDown a good part of the day to fully come to life before enjoying the Comfort you've been missing all these years. A foam mattress is nothing like a spring type mattress I can't explain it you'll have to try it for yourself.

Since the purchace of our new PacDown we've made several trips to Arroyo Grande and Santa Cruz along with our annual trip up the Oregon coast line and we can't say enough about our Bedinabox PacDown RV Queen it's a dream come true. We should of done this a lot sooner. Don't wait order yours today you won't regret it, we promise.

Steve & Cindy Clark
Steve & Cindy Clark - Hanford, CA
just a note to let you know how much we are enjoying our new mattress(11 inch). it came quickly and was easy to put on our waterbed frame. don't ask how tough it was to move the old waterbed mattress(even drained it weighed a ton!) our own nice mattress topper, some new high thread count sheets, and we are enjoying the best sleep of our lives. we never know if "reviews" are from real people or not, but this one is! price, Comfort and fast service - hard to beat. for reference, we had NO odor sometimes mentioned in foam mattress reviews,and while it was not light it was easy for two people to place it properly.thanks for a great , alternative, solution to those ridiculously overpriced other mattresses. again,thank you.
Mollie & Peter Alberts
Ben V. - Brooklyn, NY As a lifelong savvy New Yorker, I am continually wary of ordering things online. I danced a weeklong dance with the folks at Bedinabox, and received such on the money attention and service from their Vice President (who personally guarenteed my happiness and said he'd take the bed back, if necessary) that I went for it.

First off, the price was so right (I bought the 9" King Memory Foam bed and frame) that I couldn't believe that the theraputic Comfort they claimed could be true. Yet I couldn't wait for the bed to arrive! And it did, 3 days later, like clockwork. And sleep has never been the same! I cannot believe that my sleep could be so remarkably changed for the better, at such a bargain price!

Everyone loves this bed - my girlfriend, my cats and dogs! I have friends that always want to lay on it when they stop by! And I miss it terribly when I travel!

I have several friends (and a mom!) who have since bought BIAB beds due to my experience, and they all love it!

Thanks BED IN A BOX!

Ben V., Brooklyn, NY
Ben V. - Brooklyn, NY
kellythebruce - Brooklyn, NY When I was in the middle of moving and finding a new place, the most inconvenient part was actually finding a good mattress and getting it to my apartment at an hour that I could be there to receive it. With, I didn't have to pay a cent for shipping and I could have it sent to my office in an easily transportable box so I could throw it on a cart and bring it home with me, unlike any other mattress. When I got it home, it was extremely well packaged and easy to set up (ie. put the cover on that I'd purchased as well). This mattress has by far been the most Comfortable thing I've ever slept on. My friends and family are all amazed by it when I have them try it out and I couldn't imagine sleeping on a regular coil spring mattress ever again. I recommend it to all of my friends and tell everyone I can about it. On top of the great delivery and extreme Comfort of the mattress in the first place, the customer sevice has also been incredible, with sales reps emailing me to follow up on the order and check that everything was up to par. Best experience ever.
kellythebruce - Brooklyn, NY
We found Bedinabox via an Internet search, and after reading their material and the reviews we decided it was worth the effort. We also ordered the goose down mattress cover to maximize Comfort. Shipping was free, and quick. The mattress replaced a worn futon mattress that had grown unComfortable after many years, and Comfortable sleep was hard to come by. The boxed mattress was a bit too much for senior citizens to handle (the box could USE some handles) but younger neighbors helped us set it up. The mattress is wonderfully Comfortable and we could not be more pleased. Our 12 year-old grandson tried it out this past, very hot, July and his review was COOL, Gramma. I showed him that the goose down mattress cover was cool even in July, and he tried it and we got another COOL, Gramma. So there's two testimonials for your wonderful product.
I bought the PacDown Plus foam mattress with down cover from Bed in a Box a few months ago, and I have been happy as a puppy romping in a field of daisies ever since. Unlike other foam mattresses, including the "space age" foam mattresses that cost way more than this one, I have both cushy Comfort and gently firm support each night as I drift off to dream land. According to the website, the mattress I bought has 3" of memory foam and 8" of High Resiliency base foam.Thing is, I wasn't sure how such a mattress could fit into a relatively small duffel. Wow! Was I surprised. When I began to cut away the plastic that covered the rolled up mattress, it immediately inflated to the full 11" thickness and was ready to lie down upon. It was love at first snooze!

I've already recommended this mattress to several friends, one of whom bought his own PacDown mattress a few weeks ago. Keep up the great work, Bed in a Box!
Mikeatle - Erwin, TN
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