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I am pleased to provide a "testimonial" concerning our new bed purchased via your web site. We were a little skeptical at first but after some research we discovered that there were many many many great reviews of your service and quality of product. So, we bit the bullet and ordered.

First, let me say that this has been a virtual "miracle bed" for me. For years I had had lower Back Pain, Pain in my shoulders, and arms, and legs. I had gotten to the point I felt it was just going to be something I had to live with for the remainder of my life. After all, I am in my 50's, and arthritis is common in my age group. Also I do some strenuous work for the company I work for, and felt that muscle Pain is just a part of my life.

Little did I expect the results from the first night of sleeping on my Bed-in-a-box memory foam mattress and foundation set. We have had it for just over a month now, and I have not had Back Pain or shoulder / arm Pain since that first night!!! I go to sleep more easily, rest more than I have in years, and do not get as tired during the day as with my other name brand pillow top mattress set we had before. My wife tells me she believes I do not snore as much as with the previous bed we had.

I would highly recommend this mattress to anyone, and do nearly daily!!! I joke to folks about sleeping in my "blessed" bed and tell them I will gladly let them try it for a night for cash!!! That gets lots of laughs, but to be honest, I do feel blessed and now go through every day with no more of the Pain I used to suffer.
Steve Pratt - Port Orchard, WA
I was having terrible Back Pain until I purchased your product. I was unable to get out of bed by myself. My husband had to help me. Now no problem. My Back feels so much better, and I'm getting a great nights sleep. I didn't find the bed to be hot in the summer. This is the best thing since sliced bread. I'm so glad I found your product on the internet. Before I purchased your bed, I couldn't even turn in bed from the Back Pain and now no problem. I know you can't make medical disclosures but I am a very satisfied customer. My friend purchased the expensive brand and she can't believe the price I paid. Thank you so much for making my life so much better.
Jackie - Berwick, PA
Dear Steve,
I will tell you that I was skeptic about the bed in a box memory foam mattress. A dear friend of mine kept insisting that I order one and promised me that I would certainly feel much better. I was leery of something being such a great product for virtually less money than you could get at the store. I had Back surgery 5 years ago and have suffered with a great deal of Pain in my leg and hip and lower Back. I literally found it more comfortable to sleep on the floor. I had not had a descent night sleep in more than 5 years and had even bought a new mattress before my Back surgery. I will tell you that I don't toss and turn to fall asleep every night. I don't wake up in the middle of the night miserable with Pain and I wake up in the morning with absolutely no Pain. If I had known this would solve my problems I would have done this a long time ago and saved myself a lot of money in chiropractor and doctor visits. Thank you so much for a really heavenly night sleep.

Blessings, Vickie L. Wilkins
Vicki L. Wilkins - Bryan, Texas
I purchased a memory foam mattress fron bedinabox after looking all over the web for one. They had the cheapest price and free shipping. I had to replace the old mattress which was a select comfort air mattress because I kept getting Back aches all the time and restless sleep. I talked to Kim from Bedinabox and he answered all of questions that I had. I told him on what day I needed it delivered,as I was going to be out of town and it was delivered on that exact day too. Since the purchase of this mattress I no longer have had anymore Back trouble. I have had three major Back sugeries and this mattress conforms to my Back and relieves all of the pressure off of my spine....IT IS WONDERFUL to now wake up refreshed and have no more Back Pain. I will never have to buy another mattress that hurts my Back again, becuase I fond the right onethat gives me comfort and a good nites sleep free of Pain.

Patricia Kuehl
Patricia Kuehl - Key Largo, FL
Thank you for the Pacbed Original Mattress. I have been diagnosed with scoliosis and have had Pain in my upper Back for the past 3 years. Since purchasing your mattress, I have not had Pain at all and have been getting better sleep than I have ever had. I have not been changing positions like before in an effort to get comfortable. Now I can just lay down and enjoy my sleep. I actually look forward to going to bed now! Thanks again. You don't know how much this mattress has literally changed my life.
Nathan Scott - Indianapolis, Indiana
I have 2 herniated discs in my lower Back. Before BedinaBox, I woke most morning with Pain in my lower Back and not well rested. The evenly distributed support of this mattress can not be matched with metal springs and padding. Finally a good night's rest - and Pain free in the morning!

Foam is taking over the bedding industry - most of the spring mattresses made today are incorporating more foam in their design.

Ordering, delivery and set-up were a breeze. Why would anyone go and buy from a mattress store?
BadBack - Chesapeake, VA
Dear BedinaBox,
I am writing this 1 month after receiving your queen size PacDown product. I Have never in my life had such deep and uninterrupted sleep. A month before I purchased from you, I started to see a chiropractor for lower Back Pain. We both blamed it mostly on my old bed. After 1 night of using your mattress I slept the whole night without tossing/turning, and I woke up with zero Back Pain. Since I spend $50 every time I visit the chiropractor, I figure this is a great investment for me. Since I do not toss/turn anymore during the night I wake up feeling awake instead of very tired.

My Sincerest Thanks
Brandon T. - Bradenton, Florida
May 14, 2009

Earlier this month, I fell and broke my leg. I had surgery at the Johnson City Medical Center, and after four days, I still had some Pain in my leg, but even had more Pain in my Back from sleeping on a mattress that felt like a sack of rags. I was in shock when I learned that I would need to spend another two or three months in a hospital bed at home until I could climb the stairs to the bedroom.

A good friend said "I can help." When the rental hospital bed arrived, he replaced the mattress with a Bed in a Box, memory foam mattress with a down topper and the difference is amazing. It is easy to say that the mattress is more comfortable - it is. What is more important to say is that my need for Pain medication has dropped and there is no doubt that healing is going better. I sleep through the night without tossing and turning which was a major source of Pain.

When I can get around a bit better, I will volunteer to take this mattress to the hospital and demonstrate that this Bed in a Box mattress will help people get better, faster. I can not imagine that any orthopedic patient would ever accept anything else after trying it for even a few minutes.

I am sending a copy of this letter to the management of the Johnson City Medical Center.

Paul H. McMichael
I have suffered for many years with low Back Pain and actually bought two different types of conventional mattresses and eventually had Back surgery. The surgery left me with a lot of low Back, hip, and leg Pain and sometimes sleeping on the floor was the best place for me. My husband prefers a soft mattress and I prefer a firm mattress. A friend of ours recommended the Bedinabox PacBed mattress and so we bought our third mattress. As the saying goes...the third time is a charm. I was no longer sleeping on the floor and the mattress satisfied both our needs for sleep preference. I have recommended it to all our friends and family as we are VERY SATISFIED. In fact we hate to leave home for visits because we can't take our bed with us. We are always grateful to get Back home. When we crawl into our bed my husband always says, "Awe........" You just can't beat this mattress, especially for the price.
littlebutterfly - Bryan, TX
I ordered my PacDown Mattress on Wednesday of last week and received it on Friday.

I ordered the bed to replace a horrible piece of foam that came in our new travel trailer. The short queen size fit our RV perfectly.

At home, I have had a Tempur-Pedic mattress for four years and was satisfied with it. However, I did not want to spend as much money for a mattress for the RV. Although, I did want to get a good mattress since I have four herniated discs and suffer from severe Back Pain. After researching a number of different brands of foam mattresses online, I decided to purchase the PacDown Bed for the RV, even though we were on the road. Mainly because sleeping on the original equipment mattress left me in such Pain that I was unable to enjoy our trip.

After receiving the PacDown Mattress, we promptly installed it and allowed it to expand. I have to admit that after letting the mattress expand, I was a little skeptical about whether it would serve me well with my bad Back because it seemed so soft to the touch. That first evening, when I first laid down, the mattress initially felt very soft and didn't feel like it was going to satisfy me. But, within a minute or so, the mattress reacted to my body heat and was absolutely the most comfortable bed I have ever slept on. I woke up the next morning without the normal Pain that I would have had even on my Tempur-Pedic.

Normally, I would reach for my Pain pills on my night stand prior to getting out of bed. I do not have to do this since I received my PacDown mattress.

I can tell you that I will be ordering a PacDown Mattress for my home as soon as we return. The PacDown mattress is so much more comfortable than the Tempur-Pedic and since the PacDown mattress is lighter than the Tempur-Pedic, changing the sheets and bed linens is not nearly the chore that it is with the Tempur-Pedic.

In my opinion, anyone considering the purchase of a Tempur-Pedic Mattress should first try the PacDown Mattress. Not only is the PacDown Mattress more economical, it is just a better mattress. If you have severe Back Pain like I have, I think you will be delightfully surprised at how the PacDown Mattress will help your Back. It does not seem to push Back on your body like the Tempur-Pedic, but it offers just the perfect amount of support to keep a bad Back from hurting. I just don't think anyone could go wrong with the PacDown Mattress. If it helps my bad Back as much as it does, imagine what it will be like if you don't have a bad Back.

Thanks very much for making such a fine product and offering such fast and trouble free delivery.
Les Warren - Crystal River, FL
AaronsMother - Los Alamos, NM I spent years buying and trying different mattresses and mattress "aids." I'm over 50 years old and suffered with chronic lower Back Pain, neck soreness, and sciatica. Every night for as long as I can remember I'd wake up 3 or 4 times, in Pain and/or having a circulation problem in an arm or leg. When morning finally arrived, I'd eagerly and Painfully get out of bed with a stiff neck and my Back hurting, and be grumpy and grouchy. With my BedInABox mattress, my problems steadily improved and I sleep like a baby every night. Now, one year later, the problems are for the most part entirely gone. I cannot wait to crawl into my bed at night, and always have a sigh of gratitude for having such a comfortable place to nestle after a hard day. It sure helps my disposition and productivity the next day.

I have everyone who comes to visit try it out because I want to share with them how great it feels, and they always agree. The BedInABox people are very courteous and helpful, and I am so thankful for their mattress alleviating the Pain I endured for so long. I feared I would have to accept sleeping miserably the rest of my life. I love my bed. Finally!
AaronsMother - Los Alamos, NM
I have had Back problems for years. I have had two surgeries (upper and lower) and still had Pain in the mornings when I woke up. I had bought a set of mattresses less than 5 years ago and this was the worse mattresses I have ever had. In the mean time my wife had started having Back problems she had a neck surgery and then started having low Back Pain. We thought maybe a new mattress would help. I started researching mattresses and had some information emailed to me when I saw a link at the top of my Gmail account. I clicked the link researched the products and selected the PacDown Plus. FedEx delivered the mattress in two to three days. This is the best sleep I have had in years. I have been telling everyone about your company and your products. I think I will save some money and upgrade my mattress to the Bamboo bedding series next go around but THANK YOU for your reasonably priced product. I also found it unusual the way you offer the foundations but say that you can use your good foundation. No hard sales. Thanks for being honest and your products!
Barry Evans - Jackson, Mississippi
I just wanted to write to say how much we enjoy this bed so far. We purchased the 11' Pac Down Queen a few weeks ago and were very skeptical about the quality and mattress. We didn't believe we could get a decent bed for under $2000.00 but we were wrong. It took us about a week to get used to the bed but we've adjusted nicely.

I no longer wake up with Back or leg Pain and my husband who is a very active sleeper no longer wakes me. I had the misfortune to be sick this week and spent the day in bed and, for the first time, didn't have joint Pain after laying down for so long. I'm not sure of the durability or longevity of this product but I certainly like it so far.

Thanks for making a comfortable product at a reasonable price.
Jodi Hedstrom - Candia, New Hampshire
Ellihue Henderson, Jr. Dear Steve,
I sleep on my side and over the last five years I have suffered with a Pain on my side while sleeping in bed. So at night I would toss and turn from one side to the other trying to get a good nights sleep. At the suggestion of my doctor I began to research and check on the cost of foam mattresses. After much research, and after reading numerous reviews, I decided to purchase a bed from

After looking at the various options and the great prices at I decided on purchasing the Bamboo Plus 13" Foam Mattress. I am so glad that I did. The very first night that I sleep in this mattress it was as if I had fallen into a bit of heaven. The mattress equalizes my pressure points while still providing the necessary firm support for my lower Back. In other words it has the perfect balance that absorbs my body in such a manner that I can sleep on my side with no Pain (Yeah). And yet, it provides enough firm support that it does not cause any lower Back Pain that is often caused by a sleeping on a mattress that is too soft.

I am totally enjoying my Bamboo Plus 13" Foam Mattress and I have have been recommending it to anyone and everyone who will listen. Great Product!!

Ellihue Henderson, Jr.
Your website was great. It gave the best information on memory foam mattresses and answered most questions that I had. I was very impressed when I received a prompt response to a few other questions I emailed.

The best mattress I've ever slept on! I had chronic Pain in my hips and legs and could not sleep through the night. I used to wake up through the night in Pain and soreness and now I sleep through the entire night and wake up feeling refreshed from getting a full night sleep. The greatest part of all is that I don't have anymore soreness or Pain when I wake up in the morning!

Thank you
Marsha Amarni - Topanga, California
AreWeThereYet - Dallas, TX I absolutely LOVE my Bed in a Box Memory Foam mattress. I bought it to relieve shoulder and Back Pain from a car injury. Two years later it is still a dream mattress. I look forward to snuggling into my bed every night and I waking Pain free - so does my husband. In fact, my daughter slept on this mattress one night and decided she had to get one for each of her children. She had just bought a competitor's mattress or she would have purchased one for herself!

You can't go wrong with this mattress. I've recommended it to all my friends and family. It's a great quality mattress, the company is so wonderful, the product is top notch, and the shipping was very fast. I will be purchasing another mattress from this company.... if mine EVER wears out, which doesn't look likely.
AreWeThereYet - Dallas, TX
Hi Kim,

The mattress is great. My husband and I love it a lot. I used to have Back aches with my old mattress so we decided to try something ergonomically friendly to releive my Pain and I must say it's the best decision we've ever made. My Back feels fine now. Thanks for a wonderful product!

Rajnita and Jateen
Rajnita and Jateen Rataan - Lynnwood, Washington
deepnote - Indianapolis, IN I Purchased the PacBed Original and it has been great for my Back. I have a slight case of scoliosis and I can honestly say that the Pain level has decreased since purchasing the PacBed. The Price was very reasonable in comparison to the other beds on the market. I would highly recommend this mattress for anyone who has Back problems.
deepnote - Indianapolis, IN
I am 69 years old and have had many mattresses in my life. All previous mattresses have been uncomfortable and even caused me Pain. I've had my new Bed-In-A-Box queen memory foam mattress for several months and it is like a miracle mattress. I am so comfortable in my bed now that I don't want to get out of bed each morning plus all my Back and even neck Pain is gone. The mattress is super comfortable and allows me to finally get a good night's sleep. Plus it was easy to install with help from my sister to lift the mattress and foundation. I keep telling people about it and they always ask "isn't it hot?" I reply no, not at all. I'm sure they are thinking about negative comments they've heard about other memory foam mattresses. When I tell them the price, which is thousands less money than other memory foam mattresses, they are surprised. Thank you so much for your superior product.
Linda B. - California
leftboom - Jersey City, NJ I am not the kind of person that ever takes the time to write reviews, but I feel compelled to tell everyone how great this bed is! First of all, I live on a 5th floor walkup alone. It's nearly impossible to get a bed up there by myself, when I found out that I could get a high quality mattress delivered to my apartment in a box, I was thrilled.

The shipping was FAST and I was so excited to unpack and lay on my new bed for the first time. And when I did, oh my god, it was bliss. I'm not exaggerating, this is the best bed I've ever slept on.

After having it for over a year, it's still as wonderful as the first day I got it home. I'd buy another one in a heartbeat.

I have scoliosis and was in constant Back Pain, this bed honestly aleviates that Pain and allows me to get a restful nights sleep. My dogs love it, my friends love it. In fact 2 of my friends went and bought one of their own after laying in mine!!!

If you are looking for a new mattress you cannot find a better quality at a better price.
leftboom - Jersey City, NJ
I am a skeptic, and when I first came across BedinaBox I thought, "not another me-too!". The low price gave me pause, but the reviews looked good, and the scientific basis (not to mention BASF technology) for the product did not seem hyped. What finally sold me was the trial period - I figured, why not? So I ordered my King PacDown and crossed fingers.

I have suffered from lower Back Pain for years, and did a lot of research on what mattress would be best for a Back Pain sufferer. Some of the MF mattress brands kept popping up but I was not willing to pop out over $2000 for a mattress, and thanks to BedinaBox, I got the right product for a reasonable price.

I am as pleased with my mattress as I was the day I received it and finally popped it out of the vacuum pack.

Ordering was easy and delivery was quick - BedinaBox confirmed everything and kept me up to date from when the mattress was packed, shipped, to when I could expect to get it from FedEx. I was able to unwrap the mattress and install it ALONE.

I recommend BedinaBox mattresses highly. My husband and I love the mattress and will certainly be buying more in future for the kids.
OpGirlToo - Newtown, PA
This is the third mattress I have purchased from The first one four years ago was to replace the mattress I was sleeping on which was considered one of the top brands. I am a side sleeper and was waking up every morning with sore shoulders and Back Pain. It got to the point that I dreaded going to bed every night, and just wanted the sun to come up to get the night over with. I had paid a lot of money for the mattress I was using and it was only a few years old. I was worried about buying a new one and it not helping me. Not able to take it any more I started to research what was considered to be all the top brands on the market. I spent weeks and many hours looking for the perfect bed that I could get up in the mornings refreshed with no Pain. I started to buy a mattress on several different occasions, but I wasn't sure and they were expensive.Then I ran across the Bedinabox site on the Internet. I had never heard of this company, but the more I read and compared the more interested I was. I researched the company and their mattresses for several days I literally read hundreds of reviews. When I finally decided to buy from Bedinabox I still didn't know what to expect, I was hoping for the best. My new mattress was delivered in two days it was very easy to unpack and setup, it took maybe a total of ten minutes. I slept on it that night, there was no odor, it conformed perfectly to my body with no pressure points, and I slept like a baby. It was the best nights sleep I have had in years. I woke up the next morning feeling very rested and refreshed with no Pain in my shoulders or Back. Ever since I bought my first mattress from Bedinabox I now look forward to going to bed every night. When my daughter-in-law was pregnant with our first grandbaby, she was complaining about waking up every morning with really bad Back Pain. So I bought her a mattress from Bedinabox and that took care of her Back issues. My son and daughter-in-law both say it is the best bed they have ever slept on. My wife and I travel fairly often and we always look forward to getting home and sleeping on our Bedinabox mattress. We just recently purchased a travel trailer, and the first thing we did was buy a RV queen mattress from Bedinabox for it. Every mattress we have purchased from has arrived within two to three days, has been a breeze to unpack and setup, and has more than met our expectations. This is an excellent product, from a very professional company, at a fair price. I would recommend Bedinabox to anyone who is looking for a quality mattress that will meet your sleeping expectations for years to come.
R. Winans
seickhoff - Kansas City, KS I did a lot of research into memory foam mattresses and finally decided on the pac down plus from bedinabox. I was skeptical because buying a mattress is a big deal and I wouldn't be able to try it out first but decided to go for it because the price was great.

I haven't regretted it since and have even gone Back for a second purchase for our daughters room.

I sleep through the night and am asleep in about 10 minutes. I have no Back Pain and wake refreshed every morning.
seickhoff - Kansas City, KS
Ed-Rebecca - Lamar, MO After trying a twin size pac-down mattress at my home-away-from-home (I am a state representative and spend about 5 months a year at the state capitol), I convinced my wife we should replace our mattress at home with a king size pac-bamboo plus mattress from bed-in-a-box. It has been years since my wife has slept as well as she is sleeping on our new bamboo mattress. We have had the mattress about three months, and she continues to mention how much she loves the new mattress. I was surprised at how attractive the mattress was once it had expanded and been placed on the bed. It looks terrific. For several years I have been forced to sleep mostly on my Back. Various accidents and injuries had resulted in limits to even sleeping on my side. My shoulders or arms would go to sleep or worse. I had accepted that the only way I could sleep comfortable through the night was on my Back. Now I can sleep on either side comfortably and even occasionally on my stomach if I put a small pillow under my mid-section. Both my wife and I have some chronic Back problems, but much of the associated Pain and discomfort has disappeared with the new mattress. I get up in the mornings without that sharp Pain that must be worked out over the first few minutes. Thanks, bedinabox, for a product that has proven to be all you claimed it would be. Thanks for pricing it to sell to the average person. I would not have tried a memory foam mattress at the prices of other brands, but I could not be happier with our choice.
Ed-Rebecca - Lamar, MO
TiisMom - Fairview, OR I spent precious time testing out every memory foam mattress I could get my Back onto (as well as dealing with sleazy mattress sales-people!). After spending my last two hours dealing with just such an experience, my frustration led me to some good fortune: an internet search that turned up I researched. I pondered. I flat-out obsessed. And finally I decided to gamble and order my queen-sized mattress.

I've had my mattress a year (no nasty smell as one other review mentioned--very initially, it did have a slight chemical odor, but I left it uncovered a while, windows open, and it certainly doesn't have any odor now). I've had the mattress for over a year and it's my "happy place." When I've had Back Pain, lying on my memory foam mattress has often been my only respite from the Pain.

I've been telling everyone who's in search of a mattress to go to My boyfriend bought one. Recent houseguests slept on mine and will be buying one. And my parents will be the next as well.

P.S., Before purchasing my bedinabox memory foam mattress, the last mattress I bought cost more than $3,000 and isn't any more comfortable than my memory foam. Never again!
TiisMom - Fairview, OR
I decided to wait awhile before I made a decision, good or bad about your mattress. It eased my Back Pain and I sleep much better. This in my third order. I bought one for my daughter and mom.

Great product and fine support.

Rob Bateman
I wanted to add a testimonial ... this company must have ALL satisfied customers! The teamwork is impressive; as is the merchandise. I have been in chronic Pain for four years ... I purchased the SelectNumber bed (what a waste of money!) ... I purchased a waterbed (had one for 20 years ... couldn't take it any longer, getting in and out) ... this bed has almost conquered my insomnia! The company is just awesome! Each representive, management, and even the owner (on a holiday even!) always go the extra mile to satisfy the customer ... I could go on and on ... saving money up for the adjustable bed ... I have chronic Pain, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, severe inflammation, three spine surgeries ... this bed has made all the difference ... and they helped me pick the RIGHT bed for me ... even a stitch causes terrible Pain, so they sold me the original bed (no stitching) for the smaller amount of money - what an awesome company! I even bought my brother a bed! I would recommend this bed to anyone with sleeping problems or not ... you'd be surprised how these beds improve your sleep patterns and quality of sleep!
Kim G - Woodbridge, VA
I am a salon owner and as a stylist I am on my feet most of the day. I also suffer from chronic fatigue, so between Back and hip Pain and sleep issues, I have long been searching for the "perfect mattress."

I had been looking at the posturepedic brand of mattresses, but we have a king-sized bed and the cost seemed prohibitive, so I took a chance on our BedinaBox mattress. It sounded as if it offered all of the same features at a much lower cost.

My husband was skeptical, but it arrived quickly and he easily put it on the bed. We placed a padded mattess cover over the top of the bed-in-a-box mattress and settled in for our first night's test.

Amazing! Even my skeptical husband has to admit that the form-fitting texture of the BedinaBox mattress gives him uniform support from head to toe. I sleep like a log. I don't experience any Back or sciatic nerve Pain; I'm not tossing and turning all night. Before we had our BedinaBox mattress, I typically had awoken several times during the night trying restlessly to fall Back to sleep. I haven't had that experience nearly so often on my new mattress.

If there is a down side, I suppose the insulating quality of the mattress might be troublesome to some people; it tends to capture your body heat. But I love a warm bed, so this isn't a problem for me.

All in all, I am very happy with my purchase. It is a quality product which has stood up for several months now without losing its shape or texture; it was affordably priced; and best of all, with the addition of my BedinaBox mattress, I finally have the comfortable bed I had always dreamed of-when I could sleep.
nellijean - Mc Cook, NE
I just want to let you know how happy I am with my new bed. I have had Back Pain for years now and have not been able to find a bed for me. I have had at least 4 beds since 2004 and never happy with them. I am so glad that I found BedInABox. I am sure this will not only be my first but not my last bed I purchase form you either. Thanks Again for being the first to make my nights a peaceful and restful one!!!!
Laura Sievert - Manistee, Michigan
Your 120 day home trial is a great offer and after 3 days I want you to know that you're not getting this one Back. This mattress is BY Far THE BEST mattress I have ever slept on. It was 250 dollars less than my last mattress purchased 10 years ago. My lower Back Pain has almost been reduced to a memory. I used to wake up repeatedly all night long. Not anymore. I experience a deeper sleep and I wake to the memory of many dreams. On our other mattress this almost never happened.

You have a customer for life.
Scott & Tazmen Hansen
We had a regular spring mattress for years, but it was getting old and was kind of small (full size). We decided to upgrade. Now I have lower Back Pain, so I wanted a comfortable and supportive mattress. I wasn't sure how I felt about getting a Memory Foam Mattress, but the wife was insistent. We got it and at first it felt kind of stiff, it was a weird sensation. After the first night though, I was sold. I sleep much better and my Back isn't as sore. I really love it.
BJToyzan - Midland, M
I received my mattress yesterday and had the best night sleep in a long time! I had tried out a friend's mattress and fell in love immediately. I have lower Back problems and this morning I awoke without Pain. Thanks for such a great and ecomonical product!
Rosemary Leonard
I purchased the Pac Down Plus 11inch mattress in July of 2008. I was 3 months pregnant at the time and was already experiencing hip and Back Pain when I would get out of my old box spring bed. I wanted to try a memory foam mattress but couldn't justify the cost without knowing if I would like it. I purchased from bed in a box because of their 120 day warranty.

The bed arrived and I couldn't wait to open it. I opened the box and the mattress sprung to life and expanded in minutes, I put the water proof cover and the goose down cover on top of that. I was pleasantly surprised by how well made the goose down cover was but disappointed that it was not as thick as I had envisioned. Still the bed felt soft but firm when I laid down on it. I slept that first night and woke up the next day without the debilitating Pain in my hips. I was in love. I slept on the bed through the end of my pregnancy. I did end up with hip Pain again but not until the last month.

I had planned a home birth but did not plan to give birth on the Pac down plus. I had prepared my old king size box spring bed in the master bedroom with a special cover and several old sheets for the birth. As it turns out I was only in labor for 20 minutes and couldn't move. I ended up birthing on my Pac down plus. I can't say I was particularly worried about the bed when the midwives finally arrived but I was extremely happy when they told me that the mattress was fine. The told me that nothing had even reached the mattress cover and only the goose down cover needed to be washed. I was completely prepared to throw the cover away but after one wash it looked brand new.

I love the bed. I have never seen and indentations in it after sleeping on it all night. I can't think of anything I don't like about it.

Thank you,
Callie Turnbull
Wayne & Judy Perry - Franklin, KY My husband has been dealing with Back Pain and chiropractor's visits for a while and decided that we would try a new mattress. Family members and friends who have memory foam mattresses recommended that we try that route. We had started researching companies that have the memory foam mattresses and were on a camping trip with friends who had just gotten their Bed In A Box mattress and had it in their camper. We were able to see the product and feel it. They were very pleased with the results so we ordered ours on their word. We got it in a very short time, had no trouble adjusting to it and were thrilled with the comfort of it. In fact, instead of having to get up early because of Back discomfort, my husband can stay in bed as long as he likes without a Backache. His Back is better and we are happy to recommend the Bed In A Box Memory Foam mattress to those who are bothered with Back problems or who just want a great night's sleep. Wayne & Judy Perry
Wayne & Judy Perry - Franklin, KY
I am very much in love with my new mattress and am telling everyone I can. About a year ago I developed some joint type Pain and my sleep number mattress didn't allow me to sleep on my side. Every time I did I would wake up after a short amount of time and have to change positions. My constant sleep interruptions made for miserable days. I "Googled" foam mattresses to do research and found Bed in a Box. After reading the info and the reviews I decided to give it a try. I have NO Pain with this mattress. No one can believe I bought this mattress off the Internet, at a great price and that it has worked out so well. My husband is happy too and we plan on purchasing one next year for our RV.
grammam - Lakewood, WA
cofeycat - Citrus Heights, CA I bought the Pacbed Original Plus with no down cover and I just love it. I've suffered with Painful hips and low Back Pain for years and thought this might be the mattress for me, but couldn't make up my mind. I came across the Bedinabox website and made my decision. The price was definitely right. I liked the fact that the mattress was made in the U.S., didn't use chemicals, didn't use a middleman, and much more. This mattress is the first mattress I've ever slept on that actually supports my body, it really does conform to my curves. Lying on my Back, I can't slide my hand beneath the mattress and my lower Back - that says alot to me. I love this mattress. In addition, the delivery was especially speedy and the people at Bedinabox are very helpful and available. The only regret I have is that I didn't get the down cover! One more thing - my little grandson, Oliver, also loves my new bed!
cofeycat - Citrus Heights, CA

I just wanted to let you know that since I have received your bed my life has changed more than I could of imagined. I have adrenal failure and hashimotos thyroid disease and both of these cause severe joint Pain. Before I got this bed I was sleeping on an old spring mattress and when I would wake up it would take over an hour to work out my joint Pain, it was awful. My hip was the worst since I laid on that side all the time and a spring was poking out of the bed. Because of the adrenal failure it took 5 years to diagnose and I was bedridden. Since I have received this bed its amazing to say that I can get right out of bed when I get up. I spend most of my days in bed because of my illness and one thing I can say for sure this bed is amazing. I would also like to say that the owners of this company are amazing people and want to thank them for being so helpful and kind. I just want to thank you for giving me more of a quality life than what I had. Everyone needs to do business with people like you.

Sincerely and Grateful,

Nikki Ward

ps. you can post this as a testimonial if you would like
Nikki Ward - Dayton, Ohio
I received a phone call yesterday regarding my recent purchase of the Bed-in-a-Box inquiring how I liked the bed. Well, I can tell you that I don't wake up with hip Pain from the metal springs like with my old mattress! I have had four (4) Back surgeries and this bed is absolutely the best I've slept on ever! I also would like to commend you on the quick and free delivery I received from Bed-in-a-Box it was truly refreshing to actually get GOOD FAST FREE SERVICE!!

Thanks so much for inquiring about my new mattress.
Vicki Johnson - St. Joseph, MO
Dear Folks,
After months with your wonderful mattress, we are ecstatic to thank you and recommend your products as highly as possible. Every day we notice and rave about the luxurious and healthful rest you have given us with the bed in a box and down topper. For old wounds and beat up old athletes like us, this mattress more than relieves the Pain and discomfort that other mattresses can't. When we went RV'ing, we couldn't wait to come Back home to our Bed in a Box. Mmmmmmmmmmmm!!

Sleep in heavenly peace!

Blessings and thanks. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Karen & Tim Nicholson - Mebane, North Carolina
For so many years, I've tried all different kinds of mattresses and mattress "aids." I'm over 50 years old and have chronic Back and neck soreness and problems, as well as sciatica. Every night for as long as I can remember I'd wake up 3 or 4 or 5 times, in Pain and/or having a circulation problem in an arm or leg, and when finally morning comes, I'd eagerly and Painfully get out of bed with a stiff neck and my Back hurting. With my Bedinabox mattress, I do not have a single one of these problems and cannot wait to go to bed at night, and even lie around on it during the day to read or just relax. I love my bed. I ask anyone who comes over to try it out because I just want to share with them how good it feels. Nothing hurts anymore, and my attitude is much cheerier. Thank you for helping me with a problem I've endured so long. I feared I'd have to live with miserable sleep the rest of my life.
Patricia Califa - Galveston, Texas
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